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The Nameless Braves: Heaven (Fantasy/Kinetic) + Episode 1 of 4 Released


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The Nameless Braves is a kinetic-style Visual Novel. A linear story that will be updated in "Episodes" and "Books".


An "Episode" is a release, essentially. Episode 1 is approximately a 3-5 hour read depending on your speed. A "Book" is the equivalent of a show season. Episodes 1-4 can be considered Acts or Parts of a singular story chunk.



Set in the fantasy continent of Ankh-Seah during a dour era referred to as "The Dark Age", one young man strives through trials and heartbreak to accomplish his dream of becoming a hero.

You will follow the story of Elijah, a rookie member of a mercenary organization known as "The Braves". The lands of Ankh-Seah are wrought with dangers both human and inhuman.

Elijah and his allies will be pit against the various threats that creep in the shadows of Ankh-Seah, uncovering secrets while being forced to confront harsh truths about their world and even themselves.










Progress Log

Episode 1 of Book 1 ("Heaven") is released! It can be downloaded and played for free from my itch.io page or from patreon!

As of the initial creation of this post, I am:

-Currently writing Chapter 6/11(?) for Episode 2 of Book 1

-Planning out what commissioned art will be required as additions for Episode 2

-Expected release month for Episode 2: October/November











While written and coded by myself, I cannot claim credit for the art. I commissioned a few artists to do the character art and cgs, bgs, and the logo.

Character Art and CGs - @terebozu92 on Twitter

Commissioned Background Art -thinhnguyen91 on Fiverr

Ankh-Seah Map - cloudcrow on Fiverr

Logo - dr_design96 on Fiverr


Some other bg assets, as well as my music, are all licensed and credited in-game.



itch.io page: https://arssanctum.itch.io/the-nameless-braves

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TNBraveOfficial



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