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Converting .bcs script files to .csv/plain text (Rune - Tanuki Soft Engine)

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Hello, I'm attempting to translate some Tanuki Soft games, the game I'm testing right now is Shoukoujo. So far I've been able to extract all the files using Garbro and since the game reads files from folders inside the installation folder without needing to repackage them I've also been able to insert edited images.

The problem I'm having is with the .bcs script files, I took a look at the script files from Hatsukoi by Rune and I noticed they seem to share the same engine, both games use .bcs script files and if I open the files on a hex editor they seem to have the same header. Given how Hatsukoi has a fan translation where the .bcs files were converted to plain text saved as .csv, I believe doing the same for the script files of Tanuki Soft games would allow me to translate them.

My question is if there's anyone who can point me to where I could learn how to decrypt the .bcs files into plain text, maybe a way to reverse engineer the encryption given I have the original and decrypted files from the Hatsukoi patch, I would also like to know if there's anyone here from the Hatsukoi translation team, or anyone that knows what tools they could have used, that could maybe help me out.


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Hey I'm new to this all decrypting business, but I have been trying to deal with .bcs files of RUNE games recently myself. The fact that there is a fan translation of one of their games gives me hope that my task is not insurmountable. But I have been hitting some bumps along the way. If you could link me to where I could download the original and the decrypted script of Hatsukoi I might be able to get a better understanding of whats going on there. Or at least narrow the possibilities.

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Here: https://mega.nz/#!4Lg3WCaQ!QDJhGXoo4qQIuwhxkR6XIbSqIxzS95028_yt79PXpkg

I also included some script files for the Tanuki Soft game, you can see how similar they are, like the 5 separate numbers in the header and the repeating pairs of data like EB FB during the beginning, the only difference is the Tanuki Soft script starts with the string TSV as opposed to BCS like in Hatsukoi, yet the files themselves still are .bcs.

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