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Muv Luv FAQ

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Muv Luv FAQ


Alternate Bad Installs


Make sure that your antivirus has not caught any of the files related to the VN and quarantined them. You may have to add them to an exception list.


Errors on Windows 8

(If you've managed to start it up)


Crashes reportedly occur in 2 places:

 - on Sumika's date following the food contest

 - on Sumika's route at the ending credits


This poses a game-breaking obstacle to unlocking Unlimited.

Here are the steps I took to get the game working on multiple machines:


0. Prepare your save just before the crash.

1. Navigate to the Muv Luv Plugins folder.

ex. C:\age\マブラヴ11\Plugins

2. Move the mlhookv2.rpo file (cut, no copying) to another location; say, the Desktop.

3. Return to the C:\age\マブラヴ11\ directory and rightclick on the マブラヴ11.exe application, then navigate to the Compatibility tab.

4. Set the following options:

 - Run in Compatibility mode for Windows XP SP3

 - Disable display scaling on high DPI settings

 - Reduced color mode, and set to 16-bit (65536 color)

5. Run the game - it will be in Japanese now. Fret not. Select the second option from the top, and load your save.

6. You might crash occasionially. This is somewhat expected. Fight on until you navigate to the scene when Takeru, Sumika, and the snot-nosed kid watch the power rangers show at the amusement park.

7. You should be able to navigate successfully past the part where the camera pans upwards to see the fighters standing on the sign. YOU MAY HAVE TO DO THE FOLLOWING:

 - set it to auto

 - CTRL-skip

 - simply click

8. STOP advancing the story once the power rangers appear and save the game.

9. Replace the mlhookv2.rpo back in the Plugins folder.

10. Restart the game (returned to English) and load your latest save.

11. Voila! You may proceed.


-Courtesy of threepwood007
Edited by Mr Poltroon
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