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Curious if Umineko on VNDS should be like this

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Heya. I don't really think this is a bug or anything so  I decided to put the thread here. 


Anyway,  i noticed that when using VNDS on my android phone to play Umineko, there are no names displayed above the text.  Granted,  a sprite of a character always pops up when they talk, but I'm not sure WHO they are unless someone else says their name.   


Is this just how Umineko is? No names displayed?  Other games in VNDS show names just fine. 


Lastly,  while i was hesitating whether or not to post this in the tech help forum,  the choice was taken away from me as it wouldn't let me create a new topic. 


Still  though,  I'm not sure this is a glitch or bug. 

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After a quick search on google and looking at a few videos, this seems to be normal. I'm not familiar with how VNDS works, but it may be how it adapts Umineko NVL text to ADV on the phone (the original VN has text covering the whole screen with no names, instead of just a box with a nametag on the bottom).

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Hmm i checked out the pc version and it seems to be the same as fate stay,  where the text covers the entire background,  including the sprites which are dimmed,  if you get what i mean.  Still no names.  Must be how it is

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