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  1. You might want to look up: Comyu (lots of action and modern fantasy, romance is okay in most routes) Fate/ Stay Night (as above, but less focus on romance and hella detailed setting. It's a fairly long VN, but it's one of the best IMO) Dengeki Striker (not really fantasy, lots of fights and romance. Story seems a bit silly in the beginning but gets really damn serious later. A bit rushed in some places but a good read nonetheless.)
  2. After a quick search on google and looking at a few videos, this seems to be normal. I'm not familiar with how VNDS works, but it may be how it adapts Umineko NVL text to ADV on the phone (the original VN has text covering the whole screen with no names, instead of just a box with a nametag on the bottom).
  3. If you decide to read Umineko, I extra reccommend to also play Higurashi. It's not strictly required to do so, but there's a ton of references and connections to it in Umineko. Anyway, I'm glad to be of help and hope that you find a good read.
  4. I see you liked Saya no Uta. Great VN. While I can't think of anything similar to that, I suggest you give the When They Cry games (Higurashi and Umineko) a try. There's more mistery rather than full-blown horror, and Higurashi isn't really fantasy (Umineko can be considered modern fantasy, I guess?) While I haven't read it yet, I heard good things about The House in Fata Morgana, and it's both fantasy and horror if I remember correctly. If you want to go more heavy on the horror side of things, you might want to check out Corpse Party, but 1) It's more of a game than a VN, and 2) It's full-on Japanese horror.
  5. I know that. I played all three, in fact. It's just that I didn't like Blood Drive (the PS Vita game), while I adore BloodCovered Repeated Fear and Book of Shadows (PSP titles)
  6. Oh man, I totally forgot about this game. I loved the two PSP titles, here's hoping that Dead Patient is better than the mess that was Blood Drive.
  7. Holy shit. I loved Hudson in Aliens... may he go on bughunts in the wild blue yonder.
  8. False Next person got traumatized by the BETA in Muv-Luv
  9. I realized that, in fact, the savefile wasn't needed. When I started a new game, the game asked me if i wanted to skip the minigame. Just click yes and do another playthrough later if you want the CGs you'll miss this way.
  10. Can someone share a 100% savefile for the full voice version of Shikkoku no Sharnoth? I'm fed up with that damn minigame.
  11. Thanks, changing the movie settings fixed the problem.
  12. Whenever a video, such as an opening is supposed to start in Rewrite, the game windows turns pitch black until either it ends or I skip it. The strange thing is that I can hear the OP music and stuff, but the screen is totally black.
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