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  1. Yikes. A double dose of stupid. I have the game on vita. Notice how I said "replay". Not that it matters. Moving on..
  2. Hey guys, using PPSSPP emulator on my android galaxy samsung s10. Had to use an older version of PPSSPP to play Dangaronpa 1 as you can't really click on anything with the newer version. Anywho, played through hours of the game with no problem until I came to about halfway through chapter 5, where I get stuck in an infinite loading screen. Now, if you search for this problem on google, you'll found a forum thread actually from this forum where someone had the same exact problem years ago. Unforutunately, whatever worked for him didn't work for me. Tried using the newer version of PPSSPP, heck, tried using a BUNCH of versions. I even downloaded a save game file and skipped ahead to the class trial of that chapter. Unfortunately, it just got stuck in an infinite loading screen the very next time a loading screen came around. I tried redownloading the game and downloading from a different source, all to no avail. I have the game on vita and played it a while back, but I love being able to replay it at work on my phone. Can anyone help me with this? None of the advice on google seems to help me.
  3. Question about Chaos Head

    Heya. Saw that chaos child came out for vita, so decided to play chaos head on pc first before playing the sequel. My question has to do with the delusion triggers. If i pick either the green or red dot thingies, it plays either a good delusion or a bad one, right? If i pick neither, no delusion happens. Here's my question, if i pick either a good or a bad delusion, do I still see what would happen if i hadn't picked either after the delusion ends? What i mean is, am i missing out on what happens in normal reality if i pick one of the delusions? Or does it still play after? This whole delusion trigger thing is annoying. Would much rather this have been a kinetic novel or something.
  4. Question about Chaos Head

    Branches should be left for trees. I want one story. That's why i loved the wildflower girls vn. Kind of went through each route in one playthrough
  5. Question about Chaos Head

    Thought of that idea but that seems like a bad way to enjoy the game to me
  6. Heya. I don't really think this is a bug or anything so I decided to put the thread here. Anyway, i noticed that when using VNDS on my android phone to play Umineko, there are no names displayed above the text. Granted, a sprite of a character always pops up when they talk, but I'm not sure WHO they are unless someone else says their name. Is this just how Umineko is? No names displayed? Other games in VNDS show names just fine. Lastly, while i was hesitating whether or not to post this in the tech help forum, the choice was taken away from me as it wouldn't let me create a new topic. Still though, I'm not sure this is a glitch or bug.
  7. Curious if Umineko on VNDS should be like this

    Hmm i checked out the pc version and it seems to be the same as fate stay, where the text covers the entire background, including the sprites which are dimmed, if you get what i mean. Still no names. Must be how it is
  8. Level headed/ non-standard MC

    To start off, I know requests like this aren't exactly rare, but you never know what new VNs pop up between the last time something like this was requested and now, so I thought i'd give it a shot. I really love level/cool headed MCs. The Grisaia series are a perfect example. Sharin no kuni is another example, as is... eh.. I forget the japanese name... The Devil on G-string in English though. They're not the boring MC's who get flustered by a girl flirting with them, nor are they incredibly stupid and need everything explained to them like they're idiots. Most of the time that's done for the player's sake, I know, but it just wears me down after a while. Things you instantly pick up as the player the MC doesn't realize until it's spelled out for him on almost a childish level. I'm not a fan of perverted MC's either. Sharin no Kuni had me worried at first, but he turned out to have much more substance than that. Anywho, as always, thank for any and all recommendations! Oh and before I forget..... ENGLISH ONLY PLEASE
  9. Level headed/ non-standard MC

    Felt the same way. Surprisingly wanted more "Christina" as well. The chemistry between the two were great. Really hope there's a third that takes place after.
  10. I can't stand this way of making decisions... If I raise the MC's SSS rating during a decision... Is he going to be brave and jump into the fire?... or is he going to be wise and not jump in?... If someone is disagreeing with the MC but makes a good and rational point, will raising both the MC's and the person who's arguing's bar make the MC accept and admire that decision?.. Will raising only the arguer's bar and dropping the MC's make it so he ignores the arguer and makes a bad choice? Or does it mean he'll back down timidly? Same questions if I raise the MC's bar and drop the arguer's... >_< I'm all for trying something different but this system makes absolutely NO sense, no pun intended. ANYWAY, now that I've blown off some steam, the real reason why I'm here. I just got the good ending in the "After" story. I haven't even begun the "Before" story because a lot of people told me I should definitely do the "After" story first or I'll be spoiled a lot. The thing I'm confused about though, is that at the end of the "After" story in the good ending, it ends with a big cliff hanger... Doesn't the "Before" story take place BEFORE the "After" story, if that makes sense? In other words, am I not going to see what happens next in the "After" story"? It might sound silly, but if I get no more information about what happens next in the "After" story, then I really don't want to even bother playing "Before". Just in case your memory is fuzzy about what happens in the good ending of the "After" story, it ends with the MC and the young man he saved (and most likely shot?) locked inside area N, with the MC's squad mates and the researcher going nuts outside trying to kill him (I'm guessing due to the particles from the machine) and the young man's friend, a girl, slowly bleeding out somewhere (I've never seen her in the "After" story, though I'm sure she's in the "Before" story) Anyway, if it's left like that as a cliff hanger even after playing the "Before" story, I don't want to waste my time. Can someone tell me, without spoiling anything, if I DO get to find out what happens next from playing the "Before" story? Or if maybe I somehow missed more content in the "After" story? I can't believe they'd let the story end like that..
  11. Level headed/ non-standard MC

    Loved it. Not so much the second game, to be honest.
  12. Splashtop Remote quirk

    Heya folks. I'm not sure if this should fall under the game tech forum as its not for any specific game but for like half the visual novels out there. Anyway, i like to use splash top remote 2 to play vns that are running on my computer from my phone. Normally besides a little sound delay sometimes, it works almost perfectly. However, for some reason, some games just don't want to react to a simple left click or tap from ny phone like other games do. To make it work, i have to hold down on the virtual left click button until it stays indented, then click it again to make it so its no longer indented. Really a pain in the butt to do that just to go to the next line of text. Another method is that i can quickly tap once then give a short swipe, and for some reason that seems to work as well. Still, both of these are a pain in the button when all i normally have to do is tap once to make the text move forward. So my question is, does anyone know why this happens in some games but not others? Is there a way to fix it? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Oh, doesn't matter if it's in full screen our windowed mode either. Same result.
  13. Most underrated VN of all time?

    How's the first game? Calamity trigger I think.
  14. Karenai Sekai to Owaru Hana Translation Project

    I'm confused by the "when will this be done" Q and A. So this isn't a fan translation, but a translation you're doing but only going to sell to the company who made the game, instead of releasing it to the public? Why even bother making this thread then? Seems like you wanted the attention and glory of a fan translation project without actually doing what they do, which is releasing it for free after. Unless I misunderstood the Q and A, of course
  15. MC with super powers / abilities

    Heya folks, I'm looking for a good VN where the MC has special abilities of some kind that they've kept hidden from everyone else. A good example would be Rewrite, and maybe Dengeki Stryker (I'm not sure as I've literally just started the VN while posting this thread). If that request is too specific, then for back up I'd like something where the MC has a past that he hides from others. A good example would be The Fruits of Grisaia, or maybe sharin.. no something? The sunflower girls. Pretty much where the MC is actually well trained and extremely capable, yet has a dark past he doesn't like to share. Stuff like that. I know you see it a lot in anime and manga, but I'm still fairly new to VNs so I'm not sure how well that genre does. Action must be a bit tougher in VNs I suppose. Anyway, thank you for any and all recommendations in advance!!
  16. MC with super powers / abilities

    Damn you for being able to read Japanish... I'm jealous.
  17. Level headed/ non-standard MC

    In the Majikoi series, is the MC a bad ass too? I ask because I just started it, but I'm kind of worried he seems a little plain. Maybe it's because I just went through the Grisaia VNs, so I currently have a low tolerance for wimpy/passive MCs. You said he fends off an obsessive girl. I'm pretty sure I know who that is based off playing for a bit, but by fending her off, do you mean how he just continues to reject her? I guess I'm pretty much asking how part of the story goes, but I don't want to bother playing if it only amounts to something like that.
  18. Level headed/ non-standard MC

    Comyu started out decent, but every time his childhood friend opens her mouth, he turns into the blubbering whining flustered MC. Got sick of it and dropped it
  19. MC with super powers / abilities

    I feel like I've watched an anime called this, but I can't recall. I'll check it out for sure though. So it seems like there really aren't that many out there in this genre eh? At least not many that have been translated. Thought Dengeki Stryker might be like it, but it's starting to feel more like a gag anime/manga/vn than anything serious. Like a child's cartoon. Granted I'm only at the beginning, maybe it gets better later.
  20. MC with super powers / abilities

    WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIT! Are these in English? edit: Sigh.... they're not... -_- ...Every time.... I know you mean well, but you've gotta stop assuming people who post here can read Japanese. It's an English site, after all. Gets my hopes up every time you throw a list like this out there, only to find out I can't play any of them.
  21. So I'm in the middle of playing Rewrite, but I thought I'd ask so I could line up another VN for after. I really liked the zero escape series. The thing I loved most was that things you did in other routes, the MC actually rememebered them. Are there any other VNs like that out there? Where the memories of what happened in one route transfers over to the next route, letting you either progress or get a better ending? It's just always felt weird that when you have to sometimes play through one route to unlock another route, new options appear in the second route that weren't there until you beat the first route. However in "reality", your MC didn't do anything different, nor did he remember anything from the other routes. Somehow that new choice is simply there without any explanation as to why. Sooo anyway... Are there any good VNs out there with memories that can be transferred from route to route?
  22. So, here are the VNs I've played so far. Steins;Gate Steins;Gate 0 Root Double If My Heart Had Wings Katawa Shoujo Never 7 Rewrite (currently playing) Zero Escape Series (kind of a VN) Danganronpa (Kind of a VN) However, I HAVE seen these anime, so I currently don't want to play the VNs for them, even if they differ a little or a lot.. All the KEY ones (Clannad, Air, Kanon, Rewrite, Little Busters, etc) Fate/Stay (I know there are like three different games, but let's just leave them out for now) Damn... I'm blanking on any others right now, but I'll make sure to point it out if they come up. I might be missing one or two, but I'm pretty sure that's most of them. The best thing about being new to form of entertainment is that I have yet to play all the masterpieces and classics. Could you guys throw a bunch my way? Oh also, english only please. Long games are absolutely fine, as are complex ones. I don't have anything against romance based games, but I'd like some that are more focused on interesting things.. By that for example, I mean stories like Steins;Gate, Root Double, Zero escape, etc., where while there is romance in it, and even different routes for different girls, it isn't the main focus, if you get my drift. EDIT: English patched games are fine too of course.
  23. Pretty new to VNs. Drag me down deeper into the abyss.

    Heh heh, already have it in the library, good sir.
  24. Pretty new to VNs. Drag me down deeper into the abyss.

    Off topic but, I noticed that with a lot of these games, you either have the choice of fullscreen display, or a teeny weeny window mode. I like using window mode normally, but some of these are just tiny boxes! Is there a way to resize these?
  25. Muv-luv error on startup

    So I double click on "muvluv16.exe" to start up the game and I get... "RuntimeError(1006); [muvluv_v16_eng]" followed by Japanese characters, so I'm not entirely sure what the end of the error is. Muv luv just wont start up at all, not even a flicker. Instead I get that error. Any ideas? edit: ;_; .... Turns out I/O won't run for me either... I made sure to install the registry stuff, but the error I get from that is "???????" ..... They don't even give me words!! Just errors! I downloaded all these games based on recommendations, but one after another isn't working!!! edit 2: I/O is working now due to changing my system locale to Japenese. Still no luck on muvluv though.