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Problem getting a CG in Kara no Shoujo and something else

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I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, I checked and it seemed the most appropriate place to post it.

Might be better if people that havent played/read it to not read ahead:



I just finished all the routes on Kara no Shoujo following the walkthrough here, but I couldnt get the one where I think Reiji is in the floor with Hatsune hugging him and crying, not really sure how to get it.


The other thing is I never got really clear what the evidence against Orihime was pointing that she was the leader of Schism, they explain all the reasons why it started, but not how he found out about it.




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Yeah, that walkthrough is just to get endings, not CGs, damn :nervous: 

I think that particular CG you need is obtained by uhh


That's Shugo that Hatsune is kneeling over with btw.

As Reiji, visit Hatsune and be nice to her as much as you can, then get the bad end where Kazuna dies, and I think you'll get that CG.

If that doesn't work, try not visiting Hatsune at all and/or being mean to her and getting that bad end.

As for Orihime, huh, maybe you're right, I don't remember exactly how Reiji finds that out, been months since I played, but I'm thinking he was able to deduce it based on how guilty and remorseful she was acting?


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Thanks for the answer, will try to get the CG that way.

As for Orihime i think you are right it might have been for the way she was acting


EDIT: Got the scene just like you said 


It can be done by following hatsunes route but calling for the patrol car instead of a taxi


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What? :)


Orihime confirmed that she is the leader herself in her bad end :) Reiji wanted to find in her room not the evidences about the Schisma, but about the killer.

If you speak about his initial suspections - if you met with Orihime in park she almost told you that behind the lines. And all gets quite clear after talk with Tojiko:


"I heard from a first-year student that you can't get a black egg unless you become part of the 'Schisma.'"

"Schisma...? The split in the Christian church?"

"I don't know what it really means. It sounds like this Schisma even includes students at other schools, but I get the feeling that they're not around anymore."

Most likely... Our murder victims.

"...Did you learn any details about what this Schisma did?"

"Yeah... Rounding up delinquents, they called it."

"Delinquents... for prostitution?"

"...Most likely. Nishizono-san and Imamura-san were probably... Forced into it."

I'd suspected this was the case, but hearing it confirmed is----

"On top of that, it's said that they used drugs."

"...Who's the ringleader?"

"Now that... I couldn't get them to tell me."

Tojiko's tone suddenly changes.

She's sharp enough to have figured it out.

All signs point to one girl.

Who else have enough wealth (to have enough drugs) and popularity between the girls? Only Orihime. Also she scolded a girl in school who was making a fuss (Reiji saw that). So this really points to her.


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