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Hatsuyuki Sakura - help with Siglusengine

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I am part of a group of translation that has taken Sakura Hatsuyuki translation into Spanish. Recently, a user of this forum helped to provide us with the necessary tool to encrypt and decrypt the scripts. But we've run into a problem, Siglusengine supports the maximum number of 168 (56 * 3) characters for dialogue and 174 (58 * 3) characters for the story.

We have tried in various ways, but came to the conclusion that the script only serves to insert the text of each line in place on the * .SS. It does not allow us to add lines or change commands.

Every time we spent the maximum number of characters, the program issues a warning of "message overflow" (in Japanese), automatically separating it into two dialogues.

The error looks like this:







We need some way to be able to add new lines since the translation is extensive, and there are fundamental parts (of history) where you can not summarize.

As an option, we need to know if there is any way to stop firing siglusengine warning. That would be enough.

We would be grateful if someone could help with this problem. First of all, Thanks.

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6 hours ago, Matias said:

how about we make more line like put 1 more line in the scrip

i dont think that possible...

but in some game engine (like kirikiri), if we put the string longer than the original, it would be show as next message instead...

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