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VN Review : Ever17 -the out of infinity-


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38 minutes ago, Down said:

Adults these days... What prevents someone from enjoying a romance without relating to it? (or fapping to it, since you seem to reduce it to that aspect alone?) I'm not a very romantically inclined person but I enjoy fictional romances of all kinds, whether they're realistic or not, between kids or adults, heterosexual, homosexual or anything else you can imagine. I don't need to project myself in them as long as they're good.
Besides, trying to apply a criteria of "realism" to romance is kinda... not really relevant?

If you wanna give another try to AI romance in a piece a fiction that gives it more depth, watch the film "Her". It's beautiful.

Who prevent whom? :) That's just my opinion, your opinion is yours. I just think that Sora romance line is overrated here. And romance lines in most VNs are ridiculous.

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