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  1. Currently finished Fate route in Fate/Stay Night. Somewhere above average,I guess,but not too good. However,I've seen UBW and HF get much more praise so I'll be waiting until I finish them.
  2. I'm going to rank the endings,best to worst. *Spoilers ahead* Routes (favorite to least favorite) - Sachi>Amane>Makina>Michiru>Yumiko Heroines (favorite to least favorite) - Michiru>Sachi>Amane>Yumiko>Makina I'm playing Meikyuu rn by the way
  3. 5.Sara Matsunaga 4.Amane Suou 3.Minagi Tohno 2.Touka Oone 1.Kurisu Makise
  4. There was this time I was reading Grisaia and I went to the bathroom but left the game on at Amane's first H-scene. Then my mom went to check her Facebook or something and I'm rushing like "You can't see it!" and I closed the damn window. And then,awkward silence...
  5. Yep,that was one of the best twists in the game.And probably the only one I liked besides
  6. Today I'm going to talk about a certain visual novel that failed to impress me as much as I thought it would.The title says it,it's one of my two last visual novels of 2016...Killer Queen.A doujin visual novel made in 2006,with a remake in 2008 and sequels in 2011 and 2013.It's one of the earlier visual novels to take on the same theme as 'Battle Royale',and is actually a bit closer to the original.In this visual novel,13 people are abducted and locked inside an abandoned building with explosive collars fitted around their necks.They each have a PDA with a playing card from A to K and each pla
  7. Well,I personally liked Takeshi's two routes better at first,but after Sara's route I changed my mind. I was a bit harsh with the ratings,I must admit. The romance in Sora's route was the best,but I wasn't too hooked on her route.Possibly because I wanted to get to the next route faster. I have a soft spot for characters like Sora.
  8. I don't like tsunderes that much but I liked her regardless. The WM scene was also spoiled for me but I still cried.
  9. I think the experience was ruined for me since I played it as my second route and skipped most of Takeshi's story. I loved the romance and Sora's character but that route was just a stepping stone for me to get to the other ones.Maybe if I played it before Tsugumi's I would realize its full potential.
  10. I'm so sorry.I'm new to this forum and I accidentally pushed enter and this happened
  11. Ever 17 was a visual novel I really wanted to play ever since I began my cruise towards the visual novel world with Umineko. It is the second oldest visual novel I've played,the oldest one being Tsukihime. It fascinated me when I read the synopsis,so after finishing Killer Queen,I tackled it as my first game of 2016. I finished it in 10 days and now I am ready to review it.But before I actually delve into the good and the bad of Ever 17,I need to tell you what I expected of this particular game. - A solid plot - Good writing - Music that doesn't bore you to death - Character developmen
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