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  1. Currently finished Fate route in Fate/Stay Night. Somewhere above average,I guess,but not too good. However,I've seen UBW and HF get much more praise so I'll be waiting until I finish them.
  2. I'm going to rank the endings,best to worst. *Spoilers ahead* Routes (favorite to least favorite) - Sachi>Amane>Makina>Michiru>Yumiko Heroines (favorite to least favorite) - Michiru>Sachi>Amane>Yumiko>Makina I'm playing Meikyuu rn by the way
  3. 5.Sara Matsunaga 4.Amane Suou 3.Minagi Tohno 2.Touka Oone 1.Kurisu Makise
  4. There was this time I was reading Grisaia and I went to the bathroom but left the game on at Amane's first H-scene. Then my mom went to check her Facebook or something and I'm rushing like "You can't see it!" and I closed the damn window. And then,awkward silence...
  5. Yep,that was one of the best twists in the game.And probably the only one I liked besides
  6. Today I'm going to talk about a certain visual novel that failed to impress me as much as I thought it would.The title says it,it's one of my two last visual novels of 2016...Killer Queen.A doujin visual novel made in 2006,with a remake in 2008 and sequels in 2011 and 2013.It's one of the earlier visual novels to take on the same theme as 'Battle Royale',and is actually a bit closer to the original.In this visual novel,13 people are abducted and locked inside an abandoned building with explosive collars fitted around their necks.They each have a PDA with a playing card from A to K and each player has a different release condition.If they fulfill their release condition during the 72 hours they are given,they can take off their collar and can get out of the building,and also win a large sum of money.However,if they don't fulfill their condition within the 72 hours,their collars will explode and they will lose. I think that's enough synopsis,so let's get to the actual review. Story (7/10) The story interested me very much.It had some expected twists,and some quite unexpected ones.Many parts of the story caught me by surprise. However,there are two things I very much didn't like in this game.The first thing is that the endings were bad.The first episode ended with a sex scene (something I hate) and the second episode ended with Anybody who has read my Ever 17 review knows how much I hate a good ending in a story where there are lots of depressing parts.Ever 17 was a particular case where I could forgive that,but here...it was too bad.The first ending was a bit better than the second one,but it still was unsatisfying.The second one,as I said,is the reason I didn't get impressed by this game. The second thing I hated in this game was the fact that it was a kinetic novel.Although it was split in two episodes,with the second one being an alternative to the second one,it deserved routes. There were more interesting characters than the four characters who got explored the most,those four characters being Sakumi,Karin and Nagisa in the first episode and Yuki in the second. I won't really talk about this here,but in the 'Characters' section. Art (5/10) The art was lacking.For a visual novel like this,art would be making it much better,since there are many visual novels with better art and a terrible story.I am going to compare the art to the art in 07th Expansion games here,and unlike it,the art in Killer Queen has no emotion to it.However,it gets improved in the remakes. Sound (6/10) The sound was nothing too special.It had some memorable tracks,but most of it was plain boring,shit-tier music.Not to be too harsh on it,but I really didn't like the music.As for the voice acting,it was good for a doujin made in 2006. Characters (6/10) The main issue I had with this game.The characters were a bunch of people you couldn't care about,since they didn't get the character development they should have.Victims of this include Reika,Fumika and Takayama,and possibly Gouda.This happens in both episodes. Reika gets more of it in the second episode,I mean,at least in the first episode we And my favorite character was Yuki.Not because she was interesting,but because I could see a lot of her deal right before it happened. And then there's Nagasawa,the most unlikable character in the game.A wimp who's even worse than Yuki. However,there were three characters I could like.They were Nagisa,Karin and Hazuki,and maybe even Sakumi. Enjoyment (4/10) No,I didn't enjoy it.I wanted Killer Queen to end as fast as it could. Overall (6/10) Although it tackled Battle Royale before 999 and Danganronpa,it was far worse.The characters,especially pissed me off.The story was rushed.Never wanna play it again.
  7. Well,I personally liked Takeshi's two routes better at first,but after Sara's route I changed my mind. I was a bit harsh with the ratings,I must admit. The romance in Sora's route was the best,but I wasn't too hooked on her route.Possibly because I wanted to get to the next route faster. I have a soft spot for characters like Sora.
  8. I don't like tsunderes that much but I liked her regardless. The WM scene was also spoiled for me but I still cried.
  9. I think the experience was ruined for me since I played it as my second route and skipped most of Takeshi's story. I loved the romance and Sora's character but that route was just a stepping stone for me to get to the other ones.Maybe if I played it before Tsugumi's I would realize its full potential.
  10. I'm so sorry.I'm new to this forum and I accidentally pushed enter and this happened
  11. Ever 17 was a visual novel I really wanted to play ever since I began my cruise towards the visual novel world with Umineko. It is the second oldest visual novel I've played,the oldest one being Tsukihime. It fascinated me when I read the synopsis,so after finishing Killer Queen,I tackled it as my first game of 2016. I finished it in 10 days and now I am ready to review it.But before I actually delve into the good and the bad of Ever 17,I need to tell you what I expected of this particular game. - A solid plot - Good writing - Music that doesn't bore you to death - Character development Now let's cut to the chase.What did I think of Ever 17 -the out of infinity- ? Art (8/10) For a visual novel released in the early 2000's,this is impressive.The art had feeling in it,and it had a good style.The only problem I had with the art is how it changes between the sprites and the CG images.The sprites are a bit worse than the CG art,and if it wasn't for the CG art,I would've given the art a 6.5 instead of an 8. Sound (8/10) My expectations were fulfilled with the sound part.The music and the voice acting are very good.For the music,it was no Umineko but it was very emotional and it never failed to make the mood (especially for Karma).The voice acting was also very good.I didn't even expect any voice acting Story (9/10) Plot-wise,Ever 17 was pretty good.It never failed to amuse me or make me cry,which is what not many visual novels can do these days.However,there is one thing that Ever 17 wouldn't be a good story without : The Final Route. When I played the first two routes,for the most time I was bored.I wanted it to finish faster,which is bad.This was filled in with Sara's route,and then Coco's route was a heel-face turn.If there were only three routes : Tsumugi,Sora and You,I would have given the story at most a 4.For the effort,and for Tsugumi. I will now rate the five routes one by one. Tsumugi's Route (7/10) Sora's Route (5/10) Sara's Route (8/10) You's Route (6/10) Coco's Route (10/10) Anyone who has played this game knows how superior the last route is to the other four.However,it could have been better...I expected a much darker ending. Characters (8/10) The characters in this story were very interesting,including the protagonist(s).Tsumugi was my favorite character from the start,and she reminded me of Yumiko from Grisaia.Yeah,she was a slimmer Yumiko with smaller boobs and a lack of scalpel.That ripped my heart out and threw it in the washing machine in question. Then there was Sora.Also very interesting.And You...not so much in my opinion.Sara,she was also interesting,and Coco was my favorite loli/imouto in all visual novels of all time. And of course,let's not forget the Kid and Takeshi.Not too shabby,gets better tho. Enjoyment (10/10) I enjoyed this visual novel,simply put. Overall - 8/10 Why such a 'small' rating? This visual novel must deserve better! Welp,let's go play Sharin no Kuni next
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