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Original VN Projects - Thread Guidelines


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OVN Thread Guidelines

How should I Format the Thread?

No specific formatting style; just follow these Minimum Formatting Guidelines to include a proper thread title, project introduction, and progress: 


Thread Title

Your thread title should be of this type: VN/Project Title + (Latest Update)*

*(Latest Update) is optional, use it for your most recent released update ie. (Common Route Patch Released)

If for any reason you feel the need to make the title follow any different standard, contact a mod and explain your reasons. Exceptions/changes can be made.


Project Introduction

Introduce your project team, the project you are working on, and any relevant info such as the Visual Novel's name, a VNDB link (if available), your website, recruiting status, etc.



Outline the current progress made in your project.

Keep this up-to-date. You should have this section even if you haven't made any progress yet.


Beyond the Minimum Formatting, you can also take a look at this sample guide of a typical thread's contents:


Project Introduction

You should include team name, Visual Novel name and the VNDB link


Visual Novel information

You can give information about the game you're making. Openings, images or videos are all options. Describing the game or posting a small introduction would also do.


Staff or Team Members

The members of your staff. Preferably include their Fuwanovel profile link if they have any.



Outline the current progress on your project and keep it updated.



If you're looking for people, mention it on your post along with instructions on how to apply.
Consider making a thread in the recruitment subsection dedicated specifically to recruitment.


Extra relevant information

Websites, walkthroughs, contact info and other relevant project information.


Extra notes:

  • It is not necessary to write about your life history; that will just clutter your post. Consider putting it in a spoiler tag if you want to include such information.
  • 'Meaningful' updates are not always necessary; simply informing people that you are alive and still working on the project is fine. 
  • Once the project has finished, it'll be moved to the released subsection.


Where does my Thread go?

If you are looking to start a VN project or already have one underway, you can simply make a thread following the already detailed guidelines in the Original VN Projects forum.

If you are currently recruiting members, consider making a thread recruiting over in the Recruitment subforum.
Note that this is separate from your main project thread where you give updates and people comment.

Once work on the project has finished and the project is complete, it'll be moved to the Released subforum.

Finally, be aware that inactive projects will be moved to the Archives. A project is considered inactive if it goes without any updates for over a year. Additionally, recruitment threads will be removed from the Recruitment subforum after 6 months of no updates on the main thread.

Do not worry too much if you end up making your thread in the wrong section. A staff member is likely to move it to the correct place.

I'm Recruiting - What should I do to get more People?

If your project is recruiting here are some various things you could try:

  1. Add [Recruiting] and prefix it to your thread title.

  2. If you are currently recruiting members, consider making a thread recruiting over in the Recruitment subforum.

  3. Take advantage of the forum's development blogs! More info how to access dev blogs here.

  4. You could check various external places and websites: {/r/visualnovelsAarinfantasy; LemmaSoft}

  5. Make your own Website/Thread and have it linked to VNDB. People who come across said game will all be redirected towards your efforts.

  6. You could try to look through our Fan Translator Skills Registration thread in order to find the right people.

  7. For more PR methods, check this thread, where you can learn how to make Recruitment Blog Posts or how to promote your Project. 

  8. Check this thread for member suggestions!


Additional Rules & Posting Guidelines

Posts which violate the general Forum Rules will be moderated as usual.

However, this board will be more strictly moderated than the other boards.

Multiple Short Projects
If you are promoting multiple short (<2 hours) projects in the same series (such as episodic or chapter-based projects), they should all be covered in a single thread, so as to not dilute and fragment visibility, views, and discussion.

Hiding Posts
Due to the nature of the board, irrelevant chatter is discouraged. However, support, feedback, and relevant discussion is very much welcome in their respective threads.
Posts which WILL be hidden include:

  • Off-topic chatter*
  • Excessively harsh criticism**

*Posts that do not in any way involve or are relevant to the project team, their project, or the product they are working on.
**Keep the criticism constructive. Criticism that begins to berate, belittle, or outright harass a project's efforts will be hidden.
Posts which WON'T be hidden include:

  • Feedback
  • "Good luck!" posts.
  • "I'm looking forward to this!" posts.
  • "Thank you very much!" posts.
  • Questions regarding the translation, the team, or the progress.
  • Discussion regarding the translation or the team.
  • Discussion about the game in question (In the eventuality of a final release, these will be split into a new topic for discussion over in VN Talk forums).

If a post of yours is hidden and you wish to contest, please PM a moderator for further inquiry.

Do NOT contest moderation decisions publicly - these posts will be hidden. Keep it to PMs.


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