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WHY my fuwafabulous skin is GREEN?

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My complaint is that we're getting a bunch of these threads one after another. Mods need to either merge these into a mega bitching thread or combine similar threads. 


Mega-bitching threads would be hard to follow, especially if they ever past a hundred pages. You’d lose all the points in there.


The philosophy to combine similar threads is troublesome and not something to go into without a bit of thought. RPG Codex used to combine similar discussion threads into a single thread, and is now having the problem that the community has grown too large and the threads are getting too big. Because once you have threads of a certain length start emerging all the points start getting lost inside and quality of discussion declines, and then what you’ll get is 50 threads springing up in the Feedback forum demanding the habit stop XD Entertaining as that might be...



Gravity green is the best Theme



Ewwwww :P

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