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  1. General Information VNDB: http://vndb.org/v4806 Takumi is a normal guy who barely gets by with part-time jobs. One day, he was asked to attend the prestigious private school Rokuroku Gakuen while impersonating a rich student that looks just like him. Although he was hesitant to accept this strange request, circumstances (mainly financial) compelled him to agree to do it. However, he knows nothing about the celeb world. Will he be able to keep his cover? Related Links Official Translation Website Yuzusoft Website Translation Progress Prologue: 784 / 784 (100%) Common: 10,542 / 10,542 (100%) Maya: 10,005 / 10,005 (100%) Hinata: 9,796 / 9,796 (100%) Akari: 8,705 / 8,705 (100%) Shizuru: 8,374 / 8,374 (100%) Sena: 8,381 / 8,381 (100%) Bonus: 1,103 / 1,103 (100%) Total: 57,690 / 57,690 (100%) Downloads COMPLETE Patch Official 1.02 Patch Patching Instructions - If you haven't already, update Noble Works to version 1.02 (see above link) - Copy patch3.xp3 into the main game folder Most Recent News 2015/12/22 - Sena route translation complete 2015/8/24 - Shizuru route translation complete. 2015/6/15 - Hinata route translation complete. 2015/3/27 - Bonus route translation complete. 2015/3/12 - Akari route translation complete. 2015/2/7 - Maya route translation complete. 2014/10/4 - Common route patch released. 2014/7/19 - Project announced. Prologue patch released.
  2. From Studio - Innocenceイノセンス - Check our Steam Page! We have a Demo on the same page too! Hello Everyone! After a couple of years and a lot of love, I'm proud to announce we have launched our visual novel, Last Stanza on steam! Our two-man team, with collaborators from around the world, created this poignant and heartwarming journey through loss and friendship across the most excitingly normal days of school. - Story - December, 2009. On a day in the last week of that month, I realized how slowly dripping tears had a shivering yet uneasy feeling. The coming of winter turned the air thin and cold. The clouds blocked out the sunlight that normally reached the ground making it seem as if the sun was absent.Many days passed and life seemed to return to normal as if nothing had happened. To conceal my anger and confusion and slowly regain control of my thoughts, I opened my heart up to friends old and new to try at any cost to find a new place for myself.But it is in peaceful moments such as these when even a single seemingly inconsequential action can set up a chain reaction like the endless waves of a once calm ocean turned violent, bringing to the shores of my mind the emotions I had thought were long locked away. - Features - Following the point of view of multiple characters, you will revisit past events finding a new perspective Having almost 70.000 words, Last Stanza is a short and impactful story There are more than 12 unique and detailed characters by Sunna [18+] plus 20 beautiful backgrounds and an exclusive soundtrack by Ryuno English and Brazilian Portuguese are our supported languages - Characters and Screenshots - And many more! - Where you can find us - Steam Itch.io Twitter Tumblr - For the People! - If you came this far, I want to thank you for reading my post and I'd like to say it would be lovely to know what you think about Last Stanza! I will be sticking around and it will be a pleasure to answer anything you might want to discuss! Thanks!
  3. Hey guys! I completely forgot to post about it here but I completed my visual novel demo, Relentless! You can play it here for free: https://cloudnovel.net/rambitious/novel/relentless * If you play it and like what you see, please consider supporting the creation of the full game by joining my exclusive Patreon community! Join here: https://www.patreon.com/rambitious and get all the cool perks associated with your tier! *Note: The visual novel demo will not load on browsers other than chrome (though this will be an issue that's fixed in the future)
  4. Before anything else, an exposition of motives for doing this: Recently, SekaiProject released a translation for Chrono Clock. While some people would consider this translation to have been handled relatively well, I would have to disagree with this. Firstly, I mean absolutely no offense to the translator, the translation itself reads well and I'm sure it would have been difficult to localize the puns and jokes to make sense in English, i just disagree on the way it was handled. 1. The amount of slang in the script its so high, most of the time you would be on google searching for definitions instead of playing the game itself. Plus there where a lot of questionable decisions in regards of translating the meaning of some phrases. What does "guernsey" even mean? or "barmy"? Pack it up, "buster"; I sense this "sandman" is "taking the mickey" with us. -"Roger, wilco". 2. Misaki addressing MC with "buster": Buster means criminal as in what a mother would call her misbehaving kid; The logic behind this decision is that Misaki addresses the MC with such reproach as if she were talking to a thug, mostly because she thinks he is one, but also because she's the classical Tsundere. Misaki's mannerism of speech could have been better handled by empathizing this; using more a more "rude" vocabulary rather than using words that people haven't heard in decades. Now, have any of you ever heard "buster" recently used in normal conversation? I sure haven't until a few days ago when the game dropped, but whatever to you, busters. 3. D.D.: Regarding her very character, she can actually speak Japanese fluently, she's just trying to imitate Kongou from Kancolle; It was even explained and referenced in the common route; hence her weird manner of speaking, which uses broken English in Japanese speech. How do you translate this? Not by using broken romanized Japanese in English text, contrary to what one would believe; this just makes it a chore to read. Your average Japanese will understand simple English words with relative ease, on the contrary, your average English-speaking individual will not understand Japanese at all; even the casual Anime watcher/Manga or VN reader has problems to pick up romanized words. Why is this? Because English is Lingua Franca; in Japan alone it is taught from primary school all the way up to University. How else they would have handled this weird manner of speaking then? Using Bold, Italics, or even [brackets] to denote the use of an English word would have been better than the current method of throwing romaji at people. "Douzo, lad" has become quite the meme to reference this game. 4. Some lines makes me believe this was rushed without proper beta testing just to avoid delaying the release date. Particularly, I believe the H-scenes weren't QC'd at all, and that there is a lot of switching between past and present tense in dialogue which makes it even harder to read. For these motives, and because SP hasn't said a word regarding doing a patch to fix these issues, I've taken it upon myself to fix them. EDIT: apparently SP does plan to fix some of these issues; mainly the problem with the H-scenes, but not with the dialogue, so I will still fix this. What I intend to do: Edit the script of the game to a more universal English while re-translating some parts that were translated way too liberally, the pack it in a patch that can be applied over the +18 version of the game. The help I need: a Programmer, or packing tools. I've already unpacked the script files and made some changes as a test of sorts; but now i can't seem to find a way to repack it, as I don't have the tools needed to do it. The formats used for packing the script are purple-software/ps2 for the script files (.ps3) and purple-software/cpz6 for the container itself (.cpz). I found the unpacker source code at this direction, so all that is needed is to reverse engine it to make a repacker. The main problem is that i have close to zero knowledge of programming. Notice that I don't advocate piracy: For all it's faults, I still recommend to buy the game from Nutaku here. It was SP effort that this game was translated at all. If you want to help with this project, post in the thread or message me directly. Any help would be really appreciated.
  5. my first song translation, please go easy on me. そっと記した夢 The dream I peacefully wrote for myself 言い訳ばかりして I was full of excuses ほったらかしにしていた Always alone. 変わるのが怖くて Scared of change 何があるのかも There might be something out there 何が変わるのかも Something might change 行ってみなきゃわからない Only one way to find out, I have to go さあ一歩前に踏み出そう Well, let's begin with one first step 大きな夢を叶えたくて To fulfill this big dream of mine はるか遠く遠く In a place far, far away. 真っ白な世界に残したいな I want to leave it in a pure white world. 最初の足跡 The first few footsteps. 世界の最果てで In the furthest ends of the world. 転がっていく太陽 Where the sun tumbles down 南風はやがて島を越えて髪を揺らす The southern wind passes the island and sways my hair ちっさな夢を叶えたくて To fulfill this small dream of mine. 願った強く強く wishing ever so strongly. 履き慣れたスニーカー putting on my over familiar sneakers 紐をキュット締め直して Tighten them ever so strongly でっかい夢を叶えたくて To fulfill this huge dream of mine. はるか遠く遠く In a place far, far away. 波に揺られてかったふりして Pretending to be shaken by the waves 進んでゆくよ I advance 宇宙(そら)より遠くへ To the furthest place in the universe (Is this the right board? Who knows...)
  6. Our team at Quester Entertainment is proud to announce the release of our first romance/mystery English visual novel, Sorority Sister Sleuths: London CallingThree recently graduated college co-eds, close friends who lived in the same sorority house at the University of Washington, embark on a summer-long trip across Europe, encountering mystery, intrigue, and romance at every destination. First stop -- London!Sorority Sister Sleuths: London Calling is the first episode in an interactive Visual Novel series featuring: * 3 playable characters times 2 romantic choices equals 6 possible story outcomes! * different dress-up outfit choices throughout the stories * romantic subplots * numerous mini-games * hours of decision making and mystery solving entertainment!Sorority Sister Sleuths: London Calling comes in PC Windows, Mac, and Android versions and is available for purchase ($4.99) and download from:itch: https://quester-entertainment.itch.io/sorority-sister-sleuths-london-callingGame Jolt: https://gamejolt.com/games/Sorority_sister_sleuths/260277Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=sss.qe.vwvHumble Bundle: https://www.humblebundle.com/g/sorority_sister_sleuthsQuester Entertainment: http://questerentertainment.com/sorority-sister-sleuths-2/We hope you'll check it out, and thanks for your support! All the best, The team at Quester Entertainment
  7. The White World was an indiependent project made by hobbyists from Israel. It was written in hebrew and unofficially translated to english. The visual novel tells the story of Tom, a pessimist who wakes up in a hospital, inside a strange snowy world, completely deserted. A world in which time stays still and escaping seems impossible. As he explores the world he finds some other lost souls to talk to as he tries to get out of it alive. READ AT GameJolt: http://gamejolt.com/games/the-white-world/122670
  8. Clicking the banner links to the project page. Instructions for applications for all positions found within the listed .pdf. Translation progress will be noted on a public spreadsheet. Progress will also be tweeted daily/at time of translation. @mdzanime Basic Information The game has 36312 lines. It's a medium length visual novel. It has 5 heroine routes in addition to the common route. The synopsis is as follows: Trailer Recruiting all positions right now. Preview of translation CONTACT INFO Translation Site: http://mdzanime.me/1/1/ Email:[email protected]<script cf-hash='f9e31' type="text/javascript"> /* */</script> IRC: Rizon #koirizo The simplest way to ask a question is via: http://ask.fm/mdzanime It gives the more common, popular questions more exposure, and there's no character limit.
  9. Lilium x Triangle Translation Project Full Patch Release Plot Summary: Haruka was a succubus who came from the demon world to kiss human girls and suck their energy. However, she didn’t meet a single one in the street until sisters Yuuna and Sana asked her if there was something wrong. Haruka took an immediate interest in them and wanted to immediately drain their energy, but it didn’t go exactly to plan and she just looked like a strange person. In the end, Haruka somehow ended up freeloading at their place and spending a normal life with them. It was something which she wouldn’t have experienced in the demon world, so she thought that it would be nice to be like this forever. However, Sana confessed to her one day and she realized her feelings towards them. She had never fallen in love before, so she was at a loss at what to do. It was a strange love triangle, but the days that they spend together are ones of happiness. Game info: This game is a low budget Yuri title by Petit Pajamas, an imprint company of Pajamas Soft which is a subsidiary of PENCIL (yo dawg, I heard you like subsidiary companies) You can buy a digital copy of the game for 2,700 yen at DMM (Warning: NSFW): http://www.dmm.co.jp/dc/pcgame/-/detail/=/cid=pencil_0023/pencilpro01-001 If you want a physical copy go ask OriginalRen Tiny Lily Staff Translation: Nosebleed Translation Checking: rainsismyfav Hacking: binaryfail Editing: Ryechu Quality Checking: qt panzer Project Info: Hey guys this is a small translation project I decided to start to test my skills. Nothing might even come out of it knowing how lazy I often get, but I figured making a thread will probably give me some motivation. If I end up quitting halfway, you've been warned. As someone who wants to major in translation in college, I've always made it my goal to translate at least one game I like and after playing throw this cute short game I instantly knew this was right up my alley. Hopefully some people enjoy the cuteness as much as I did~ Note: This game is strictly yuri. It's also mostly a nukige. If you're somehow squimmish about that, shame on you don't play it. Q&A: When will the project be done? Soon Why such a short game? Because i like it and because i don't want an overly long and complex project. Will you release a partial? Probably not, the game's pretty short and there's only 2 routes so releasing partials feels kinda pointless. I want to help TLC/Edit/etc! Sorry but i'm not recruiting anyone right now. Will you translate X game? No. Did you even read the game? Of course not. Who would do that. Pfft. I don't think you have the skills necessary to translate something, please stahp. This is just a nukige, please translate something meaningful, why are you ruining the VN world!?
  10. *IMPORTANT!* Any questions/comments regarding the project, go here. For the translation of the original Majikoi, go here. Translation project for Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai! S ( or "Majikoi S," for short.) By Maji Translations We're done! Release blog post ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: To install: Run the installer and navigate to your Maji Koi S folder. If you've used our patch for the first game, you should already know how to do this. Otherwise, follow these steps: 1) Run the installer, probably as administrator 2) If the directory is correct, simply hit next. If it is not, navigate to your Maji Koi S folder, which should contain まじこいS.exe 3) Once the directory is correct, clink install. 4) When it is done, press finish, and you should be ready to play the fully translated game! To Uninstall: 1) Run the uninstaller (delete Update4 and 5 if you have them, though they are not part of the installer and will be uploaded separately). If you had the wairu patch, you'll need to reinstall it if you want to keep it(or just keep update2.pac, as that is the UI), or the game's UI will revert to being untranslated.* *May not apply to everyone ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Team members/People involved in the process: Dowolf - Translator Helvetica Standard - Uncensor Patch Creator and Secondary Image Editor Pseudodiego - Primary/Mass Script Editor Twdarkeh - Secondary Script Editor, Project Leader NhKPaNdA - Installer Creator/Secondary Quality Checker. CryingWestern - Primary Image Editor Kardororororo - Testing MikeRiddle - QC Former Members: Ouraibaa Hjyuraa - Quality Checker, PR guy, and project BOSS leader The dead Wairu Translations have already translated Common route (2nd Year 1st Semester), Kosugi Route, Future with Kosugi Continued, Future without a Relationship, Monshiro Route, Monshiro Route Continued, Future with Monshiro, Kokoro Route, Tsubame Route, Future Where Tsubame Takes the Lead, Future Where Yamato Takes the Lead, Future with Tsubame 1 & 2, Iyo Route, Margit Route, Margit Route Continued, Future with the Maids, Future with Chosokabe, Future with Shima, Another Future with Miyako 1 & 2 & 3, most of the menus, and end skits. Note: Bolded routes are the main routes. All the others are either side routes or extensions of the main routes. Progress Menus and UI: In progress. Done! Childhood/Koyuki Route: 100% translation, 100% QC. Future with Momoyo: 100% translation, 100% QC. Future with Kazuko: 100% translation, 100% QC. Future with Miyako: 100% translation, 100% QC. Future with Chris: 100% translation, 100% QC. Future with Yukie: 100% translation, 100% QC. Agave After: 100% translation, 100% QC. Future with Hermit Crabs/Yumiko route: 100% translation, 100% QC. Future Where You're An Acquaintance of Takae:100% translation, 100% QC. Optional uncensor patch: ?/416 Early uncensor sample (Warning: NSFW): (Uncensor and translation quality will vary. Remember, this is fan made.) Both our English patch and our uncensor patch will be compatible with Wairu's version and the base version of the game.
  11. Here are the 3 character development episodes I have made using Ren'py. I figured I should put them in the same thread since they go together, but you don't really have to read them in any order. I am working on the main conflict episode, which I may need help programing but I will make a thread for that later after I at least get the ruff draft done. I tagged it "Sexual Content" but it doesn't actually have any sex in it. It's just the has strong sexual styled comedy. On Ren'py I had labeled it +16 because of this, but there is no nudity or anything in the visual novels. Summary: Devil Corp is holding tournaments to test out their new nanobots known as REN. These nanobots can protect users from harm, spawn weapons, and even give them supernatural powers. These are the character development episodes that happen before the tournaments. Moe Wars: Crimson Salmon Summary: Hannah gets a free paid vacation to the tournaments. To make it better her best friend Maria, who she hasn’t seen in a long time, joins her. [5,255 words / Ages 16+] Download Links (ZIP / Mediafire) http://www.mediafire.com/download/iwwn399iijb62zh/MoeWarsCD1-1.2-all.zip (RAR / Ge.tt) Part 1: http://ge.tt/2Y2FBnB2/v/0 Part 2: http://ge.tt/2Y2FBnB2/v/1 Ren'Py Listing: http://games.renpy.org/game/moe-wars-crimson-salmon Download Links on Moe Wars: http://moewars.icyboards.net/showthread.php?tid=2253 Moe Wars: Golden Daisy Summary: Nina gets a job offer from them to be a guard while they hold the tournaments. The pay is good, but she’s not sure if she wants to leave her best friend June. What if something happens to her? [6,375 words / Ages 16+] Download Links (ZIP / Mediafire) http://www.mediafire.com/download/vhtlakv30pmquyf/MoeWarsCD2-1.2-all.zip (RAR / Ge.tt) Part 1: http://ge.tt/9qkfLF62/v/2 Part 2: http://ge.tt/9qkfLF62/v/3 Ren'Py Listing: http://games.renpy.org/game/moe-wars-golden-daisy Download Links on Moe Wars: http://moewars.icyboards.net/showthread.php?tid=1949 Moe Wars: Party Possums Summary: After a horrible event, Alice falls into a deep depression. But that isn't going to stop Lilly from trying to cheer her up. [4,087 words / Ages 16+] Download Links (ZIP / Mediafire) http://www.mediafire.com/download/w2q1izlxjg4aa8v/MoeWarsCD3-1.4-all.zip (7ZIP / Ge.tt) Part 1: http://ge.tt/8GAprjJ2/v/0 Part 2: http://ge.tt/8GAprjJ2/v/1 Ren'Py Listing: http://games.renpy.org/game/moe-wars-party-possums Download Links on Moe Wars: http://moewars.icyboards.net/showthread.php?tid=2632 Wow this thread too a while to make... I hope you enjoy my visual novels. If you interested in the Moe Wars universe you can find more information about it here: http://moewars.icyboards.net/showthread.php?tid=2288
  12. Blue* Translation Project Project Finished! Download Here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MqvoN1eV0E Game Information Story Progress - June 28 Project Finished and Released on June 14th Porting to O2: In progress Full re-edit: In progress Kuoee - Our Group
  13. General Information - Visual Novel (Short Story) / Otome Game (Doujin) Sakuya by Tetrascope - Free Version (no hentai) http://youtu.be/eJtGCoFsl9U ------------------------------------------------------------- Current Progress ------------------------------------------------------------- Current Team -------------------------------------------------------------- I'm focused on translating the Free Version (no hentai) first since I haven't even read the 18+ version yet. After completion, we will be uploading the script onto VNR community subtitles for others to play along with it (subtitles will be under username sakusora project).
  14. Project completed and patch released! *IMPORTANT!* Any questions/comments regarding the project and/or patch/translation bugs/problems reports, go here. Translation project for Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai!( or "Majikoi," for short.) By Maji Translations Team members/People involved in the process: Dowolf - Translator Ouraibaa Hjyuraa - Quality Checker, PR guy, and project BOSS leader. Helvetica Standard - Image Editor Slaves: Pseudodiego Twdarkeh NhKPaNdA CryingWestern Former members: Kosuna Maru - Original translator. Azengar - Original Programmer The dead Yandere Translations have already translated Common route, Yukie route, Yukie After Story, Kazuko route, Kazuko After story, Momoyo route, Momoyo After Story, Chris route, Chris After Story, Teacher side route, all the menus, end skits, as well as some of the Miyako route and the Kazama side-route. All of Yandere's work (Except crack) has been included in the patch. Progress Agave route: 100% translation, 100% QC. Released. Miyako route: 100%, 100% QC. Released. Miyako After Story: 100%, 100% QC. Released. Kazama side-route: 100% translation, 100% QC. Released. Chika side-rotue: 100% translation, 100% QC. Released. Mayo side-route: 100% translation, 100% QC. Released. Moro side-route: 100% translation, 100% QC. Released. Gakuto side-route: 100% translation, 100% QC. Released Optional uncensor patch: 100%. Released. Uncensor samples (Warning: NSFW): (Uncensor quality will vary. Remember, this is fan made. Don't expect premium quality.) Patch is completely compatible with both Yandere's version of the game, and base version of the game. Link to old thread/Random Talk. (Useful now only as a random chatter thread) Walkthrough link (Only for Yandere's work. I'm writing this as I'm about the release the patch, so there obviously isn't any walkthroughs for the non-Yandere routes yet.) Download links and instructions Buy the game: http://www.getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=559705 http://www.jlist.com/product/PCG2361 Note: Fuwanovel doesn't allow us to post a download link for an illegal version of the game. You'll either have to find a pirated version by yourself, or buy it. Note 2: Fuwanovel doesn't allow torrents anymore, so you'll have to make do with file-sharing websites. At least from us. Someone else might make a torrent and upload that somewhere like Kickass or Nyaa. Patch links (Choose whichever link you prefer): 1. http://www.mediafire.com/download/44p5yy5x50ng5za/Majikoi_English_Patch.exe 2. https://mega.co.nz/#!3Ys1UJBa!ZPt1fibDq45jO_g7xxVt3KRRxa-cvyrdZANelOF3jN8 3. http://www.4shared.com/file/POweZxSRba/Majikoi_English_Patch.html 4. http://www42.zippyshare.com/v/NK6yGLUM/file.html Install Instructions: 1. Open the "Majikoi English Patch." (Preferably as administrator.) 2. Click "next." (Duh.) 3. If you don't have Majikoi installed in the default directory, or don't have Japanese locale, navigate to the game location with the "Browse" button. Choose whatever folder has the まじこい.exe. If you don't have it, then re-install the game. Note: Sometimes, because of Windows pathfinder being stupid, even if you have it installed in the default directory and the locale is set to Japanese, the "next" button will still be gray. If that happens, just click "Browse," and then "open folder" without choosing anything. That should fix it. If not, just navigate to where the game is installed. 4. Choose what to install. The English Patch contains all of Yandere's work (minus crack), and, of course, our own translations. "Uncensored Images" will replace all the adult images that contain censorship with fan-made uncensored versions, courtesy of Helvetica Standard. These can vary in quality. 5. Click "install." Wait for it to install. 6. Click "Finish." Aaaaand you're done. Congratulations, you now have a completely English translated version of Majikoi! Important! In order to make a non-legit copy of the game work, a cracked .exe is needed. Fuwanovel doesn't allow cracks because of legal issues, however. If you want to play the game with a pirated version, you'll have to find a crack for the game somewhere else. For anyone with a Yandere-patched version of the game, this is not important, as yours is already cracked and our patch doesn't overwrite the crack. For anyone else, try finding Yandere's version on torrent sites, or wait for an independent crack to be posted on websites such as Erogedownload. Un-install instructions (Useful if you don't like the uncensored images): 1. Open "Majikoi English Patch Uninstall" in the folder you installed the patch to, aka your Majikoi folder. 2. Click "next." (Duh.) 3. Choose what content to install. 4. Click "uninstall." Done. Please note that the uninstaller simply restores the game to the state it was in before you patched it. So if you had Yandere's version before, and you installed both the English Patch and the uncensored images, and then uninstall them both, the game would revert back to just being Yandere's version. Majikoi S We are are now working on Majikoi S. Go here for further details.
  15. For the fans of the anime Guilty Crown, I have fan translated this short (less than 4 hours) visual novel and uploaded it to YT for your viewing pleasure! edit: If you don't automatically see captions please watch on youtube's site and click the caption option at the bottom right hand corner of the video. Description Takes place during the “Lost Christmas” incident, ten years before the setting for the Guilty Crown anime. In 2029, an experimental subject codenamed ‘Scrooge’ escaped from a certain research facility. He was a powered up version of a past failed work and used the ‘powers’ which he was given to eliminate those that were chasing after him. During his escape, he met a strange girl named Carol who was also an experimental subject. Surrounded by his pursuers, the three ‘ghosts’ Present, Past and Yet to Come, Carol told him to ‘use her until she’s about to break’ and took his right hand and thrust it into her chest. There was a bright light and a strange weapon came out of her body. What hidden power lies within Scrooge’s right hand? VNDB Link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SvojYiKqiRY&list=PLMjWrtftxMTz5EeQfOblg9jYk7sCgPKkW
  16. http://tlwiki.org/index.php?title=Fate/Hollow_Ataraxia Progress: V1.00 released. To everyone who has helped so far over these past months, and those willing to keep helping in this final stretch, thanks. Team: DA - Project lead, translation, tech EDreamer - Translation mewarmo990 - Translation sushimonster - Image editing Quibi - Programming And then a lot of Special Thanks (See TLWiki for full credits - will update list after QA)
  17. OP and Second Posts updated. Look forward to the next patch in the very near future!
  18. Edit: It's done! Completed! Common Route, All the individual routes! 18518 lines (not words) translated into English! Hello everyone! After playing through Steins;Gate I decided to have a go at translating the fan-disc Steins;Gate Hiyoku Renri No Darling which as far as I know has not been translated by anyone so far and is probably not going to be translated officially. Wiki link: http://steins-gate.wikia.com/wiki/Steins;Gate_-_Darling_of_Loving_Vows Vndb link: http://vndb.org/v6618 You can check out the first episode here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S8n7jqZ5GZI These episodes will be relatively longer than usual because I figured that if you've read through the 30+ hours of the original Steins;Gate you can probably deal with (or you might even want) longer episodes rather than breaking them down into 10-20 minute chunks. Anyway I hope you enjoy the video and come back for more!
  19. Hello Fuwanovel peeps! Long time lurker, second time poster. Just thought I'd shamelessly plug myself in the Introduce Yourself forum and hope that it's not too spammy for you guys. I've translated the entire game (33 episodes) of Time Travelers (about 10 hours worth of gameplay). The story is one of the most enjoyable stories I have ever come across in a game. Game stories usually involve very little imagination and could be summed in up a sentence or two. This game could be adapted into a TV show similar to Lost/Flash forward very easily and be successful. 33 episode playlist: If you can't see the captions please watch on youtube's site and click the *captions icon @ the bottom right Feel free to leave any comments or feedback!
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