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  1. I thought i followed the instructions and there is a tiny JP in the corner near the clock, but do you have a link that shows me how to do it again?
  2. First let me state that its not only hoshizora no memoria my visual novels just don't like me anymore. That is what happens when I download hoshizora and this isn't my first vn I have played 3 really long ones with no problems at all. Also did the download come with a setup.exe? because there is not one in there. I just need help because the 3 visual novels I wanna play are Comyu Kuroi Ryuu to Yassahii Oukoku , Hoshizora no memoria , and Grisaia no Kajitsu . I've downloaded Comyu and Hoshizora and neither have worked. My system local is set to Japanese and theres a small JP in the corner. These are my specs. Links just incase they dont work the way I posted them above : http://imgur.com/UrkNpUt http://imgur.com/sARL668
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