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  1. If my heart had wings route choices issues

    I have looked back at my saves to look at all the answers I could give but none of them say "no, its different"
  2. "Extend the little wings which fly in this sky highly"

  3. Ok so I'm playing "if my heart had wings" right now and I decided I was going to go after ageha first so I got to one of the questions that ask "go together with ageha" "go home together with kotori" or "go to asa" I chose go together with ageha and all seemed fine until it got to the scene where we find out that a teacher has decided to be the advisor of the soaring club. what happens is aoi gets into the glider and takes off and aoi says "we have wings. we're clumsy so there's no way we can fly by our strength alone. But... Let's flap our wings as we head straight froward, chasing our dreams!" and then the screen goes white and brings me back to the title screen. Is this suppose to happen? I am very confused, is this a bug? or did i do something wrong with one of the answers I chose? if someone could help clear this up for me that would be awesome.
  4. I just want my michiru daikumakura already along with all the other stuff that comes with the vns

  5. well I spent 500 dollars to get stuff for grisaia no kajitsu like forever ago

  6. to bad probably everyone on here torrents their Visual novels lmao

  7. Already bought the game lmao just want to play it again now lolol

  8. grisaia no kajitsu download

    Idk if this is the right place to ask and if im allowed to ask but I was wondering if anyone still has the download for grisaia no kajitsu? It would be awesome if I could maybe get a link or something
  9. MUSIC

    I'll be putting all of this into my new work thank you so much for the feedback it means allot
  10. MUSIC