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  1. when there is a twist in the vn that was present since the beginning. and after the big reveal you watch the flashback containing some of the hints to it and think to yourself "how the f%$% did i miss that"
  2. "on every planet, the underworld is neighbors with high society, and the fence is frighteningly low." Cannon Ball ~Neko Neko Machine Rage Race!~
  3. that is what i did. i jest thought id tell someone
  4. http://i.imgur.com/OKp7nBR.png
  5. how exactly do you do that?
  6. on the otomege page on the main site after it finishes loading a blank sheet blocks halve the page. the problem seems to be this <div class="col2" style="height: 100%;"> in the page elements.
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