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    I've read Byzantine history and about the glories of Spanish armies. Basked on the delightful madness of El Quixote and the introspection of the Kharamazov Brothers. Amazed at the logic of Jhon Stuart Mill and the schematics or Khant. Soared through heavens on Bach's music and shared human emotions on Wagner's music.


    I'm now on transition.
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  1. Can you turn off the H in this game? or do you have to forcefull watch the H scenes?
  2. Tsundere. I'm like.. too classical for this kind of stuff.
  3. The date of the event hasn't been confirmed but you probably have one or 2 months to hoard as much resources and bukets as you can. There are exclusive drops and rewards for a limited time, that's why you need to be prepared for it as much as you can.
  4. How are you faring with your preparations for Midway?
  5. 2 days of no liveing and reacing lvl 79 and still no Hiryuu. Should I cut my ear and offer it as a sacrifice to the RNG gods?
  6. Aldred, please... http://kancolle.wikia.com/wiki/Kancolle_Wiki and yeah, the green planes.
  7. You'll start crying when you meet Nu and Wo Kai flagships which will shoot down all those planes. You need to put somthing to defend dive bombers and torpedo planes. That's why fiighters exist.
  8. CVLs are very good for resource optimization. You get a arrier that can bring 55-60 planes with halve the consumption of ammo and fuel than a normal CV. That plane count is enough in most cases if you have Reppus to get air superiority and let the rest of the fleet take care of the damage in the shelling phase with much less posibilities of being critted by Wo and Nu carriers planes. Chiyoda and Chitose and closely Ryuujou (all on Kai Ni) are the best CVLs.
  9. They could actually make this an stable franchise if they transition it into a handheld game. At least, I hope they make a real SRPG out of the Vita game they are planning and not an straight port. Something like Super robot wars with all th extra aspects included in Kancolle would be quite nice.
  10. That' why I'm telling you is a resource sink. Don't bother with Max and Leber unless you want to caft Bismarck, which you won't be doing in a long time.
  11. A little advice. You usually put your carriers on the last. slot, specially if you are using it only for getting air supremacy because they are one of the ships that deal less damage on the shelling phase and, if you have to enter night battle, they won't do anything.
  12. Z1 and Z3 are rare destroyers. They should be craftable with a rare destroyers recipe. I wouldn't try it though, since it will be a drainage of your resources.
  13. Just modernize your ships then, you don't need a great fleet to clear till 2-4. 2-4 is a bitch in which you'll need at least one BB though. Oh, but that IS the problem.
  14. First of all, do you have another CA? Tatsuta as well as Tenryuu aree great CLs but oly for doing expeditions gven they consume less resources that any other CL. Maya is a great CA when you are starting because she can remodel at level 18 and get a huge improvement on her stats. I'd recomend you to get another CA: Haguro, Tone, Chikuma or Kinugasa are good options because all of then have Kai Ni remodels. Mogami is also a good choice but I doubt you have her given you have a low admiral level. There is an important condition that will make you hit more and harder and make the other fle
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