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  1. Currently caught up with Black Butler, which as a whole I'm rather enjoying due to the whole Ciel-Sebastian dynamic. Found some new volumes as of late, and got motivated to pick up the stuff online because stuff was getting real and I couldn't wait. Please tell me there's someone else here reading it who's caught up, I need to know that someone else knows how real stuff is getting right now. The suspense of having to wait is too much.
  2. I'm fairly sure this is one of those things that you're really meant to chalk up to coincidence. And trust me when I say that reality has greater insanity going around in it than someone having a headache whilst a woman is in his shower, and his brother ALSO has a woman in his shower. The fact that Maou disappears in some of the routes where Kyousuke also settles down is just because he ALSO chooses to settle down. Or maybe something goes wrong with his plan, I'm not entirely sure since it's been a while since I read the VN. I like the plot point as a Red Herring at least, a be
  3. Raise your hand if you read that and thought of the old Revenge of the Sith line.
  4. How many fire emblem games have you played and what are they? I have played two, first Awakening and for my sins I played Conquest a good chunk of the way through. Curse that Ancient Wall of Japan level for being too hard for me to lazily finish. Also started Shadows of Valentia before I....lost interest due to a variety of petty reasons. Celica and desert levels ranking highly amongst them. Also dammit Python you're a terrible archer why do you here. Favorite character(s)/Kingdom/music/plot/map/chapter/event/skill/weapon/etc Gotta love Stahl, Kellam and Lon'qu. Also surprise W
  5. Go go Michiru Tsundere! Though the truth is kinda depressing, her idiotic antics somehow really endear her to me. And I legitimately don't know why.
  6. Can I be late to the party and give a shout-out to Monster Hunter World? Man I'm only just getting started after dealing with Zorah Magdaros. Got a healthy backlog of stuff too. FFXV, Dragon Inquisition: Game of the Year Edition, and I should probably start looking back to some FighterZ what with the delicious Bardockoli now available as DLC....and on that green note.
  7. Michiru's route I would say is not quite as sad as Sachi's (also I love Michiru for reasons, shout-out to all you other people). If I can try and outline this in specific terms, Michiru's is more generally depressive but Sachi's route has a distinct moment of concentrated sadness that kinda disperses throughout the rest of the route and provides some sad context. Here's hoping I've helped a bit. Amane's route is kinda sad when you get to the chunk (you'll recognise it) but happy for most of the rest, especially the good ending, and Makina's route is......well let me say this, avoid the ba
  8. Because it's the only trilogy that I've actually played the entirety of, the Galaxy Angels trilogy has to take the place almost by default. Still certainly worth playing through since the gameplay actually required some thought, and does actually get very tough later on in the trilogy. That, and there are some good romances which don't ever go down the H-scene route since I think it's a kid's game (I mean this literally, not in a derogatory way). Just nice to have a game without h-scenes that didn't apparently mean I was missing out on actual story content, though on that note I'm at some poin
  9. Just to come in from a completely blind angle, if you don't mind something a little more.....well, the only word I can think of is childish, but if you don't mind a visual novel for a younger audience and are okay with some gameplay segments, then you might want to give Galaxy Angels a try. The first one's pretty easy, but the gameplay does get harder further into the series. If you want a challenge that'll make you carefully consider your options, you might not find it here, but it is a rather nice visual novel trilogy, if I do say so myself, with a rather nice set of characters and a fairly
  10. I'll give you that one, but given how they're similar but have different takes on the whole 'trapped within a virtual MMO setting', comparisons between the two are inevitable, despite the large number of differences they have when compared to each other. And it is always useful to know about it in case you want to watch something that falls into the category of 'different execution, similar/same premise'. And it is one of the few anime (that I know of at least), that you can actually compare to SAO, the other one seeming to be the DotHack franchise, although i haven't really had a look at that
  11. Just to seemingly spit into the ocean here, here's my view on SAO. It is a good anime. The first arc is nice, and it has its good moments. Kirito as a protagonist though isn't exactly deep. If you're looking for an interesting and flawed character or a Chessmaster and such, look elsewhere. Second arc is decent, although not as good as the first. Basically, if you want a nice anime to kill some time with and like very nice visuals and fight-scenes, as well as a competently written storyline, then SAO should occupy your time. The new season, which covers a new MMO, Gun Gale Online, while sti
  12. I thought it was an alright ending. I agree that Elsie deserved more context as to what the hell she was, that was rushed. I was expecting a Harem ending honestly, what with harem endings being referenced earlier and with Keima being the God of Conquest. I actually don't mind that he picked Chihiro, 'cause let's be honest, if he'd picked one Godess he would have pissed the rest off, and like he said, not choosing someone would have made it go on alot longer. And with the apparent health issues taken into account, I can say that I think it's better to end it like this than to either continu
  13. Thank you and congratulations, first to Tay and then Flutterz. Have fun in Canada. Seriously, good work.
  14. Forgive me for crashing the party here,
  15. Well, I just went and googled some of these, but they are pretty nice quotes. "Accept that your life will be painful, bite back your grief and find the power to stand again" - Nakiami, Bounen no Zamned "Anyone can make a mistake, If you feel bad about it, will that sin disappear?" - Akoes, Casshern Sins "Moping around with sadness and sorrow.......what will come of it? Even dead people can do that. However, I'll live and stand on my own two legs. If we are going to die one day, wouldn't it be better to have no regrets?" - Ciel Phantomhive, Black Butler "It's not possible to
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