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  1. even if sprite are a bunch of overprotective, xenophobic fucks, this game deserves better than what it has been through on the fan translation front. good luck reaching the promised land
  2. Top favorite Vn developers? Name yours!

    Sage Planets: as long as their core staff remains i will continue to buy anything they spew out. even without Niijima i still very much enjoy their games. Sprite: Aokana is the most fun VN i've played. not the best, just the most fun. Favorite: i like their story-centric, true route games. fantastic soundtracks as well. Marmalade: the one good thing about Marmalade is that their protagonists are always capable and popular. they've carved out a good niche of making games that are borderline nukige. 3rdEye: i'm a chuuni fag lol in that order. kind of allover the place, i know.
  3. What are you playing?

    just finished the MajoKoi trial and it seems very promising. the prologue is much more interesting than Hatsuyuki's and all of the main heroines are likable. it's kind of a shame Konron doesn't play much of a role early on though, she seems like the most interesting character to me. Aya's seiyuu is also back as the resident oddball, so that's another plus if you happened to like her as much as i did
  4. Ah I see, I had no idea it was that simple to find an /h code. Once again, thank you for the all the help. Now I can finally finish the rest of Eternal Heart
  5. Hmm the code isn't working for me. I have an older version of the game that doesn't have the new Chinami voice actor, so that may be why. Oh and btw I really appreciate you helping me out with this. Seems like there aren't many VNR users around here.
  6. Yeah those were the first settings i messed with. Just to make this easy, if you happen to have VNR and either of the Hoshizora games, could you check if the text hooks correctly for you? That way I can know for sure that the problem is on my side.
  7. Nah it's definitely not a necessity. I just find it much more convenient as a whole. It's one of those "once you do this, you can't go back" things. I used translation aggregator prior to VNR so I'm familiar with it.
  8. I was wondering if anyone else has had problems with VNR and the Hoshimemo games? Particularly whenever the game attempts to hook text, like so. It has actually been going on for a while now (around August-September). I had just assumed it was a known bug from one of the big updates that happened around that time since prior to it I was able to connect both of the games to VNR just fine. Every other game I have also works perfectly fine with it, which is what I find the most odd about this. I've also re-downloaded and updated again, but to no avail.