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  1. I was poking around with Natsu no Ame. Thankfully csxtools used with Yosuga no Sora & Haruka na Sora work perfectly. Now the issue is there seems to be a 25-26 character limit (spaces included) after which it does a line break. It might be enough for japanese however in English it takes 4 lines for writing a simple sentence and only covers half the screen. It doesn't matter if I don't use a "new line". Is this one of those things which requires an executable modification? Also, I got Koichoco HR. GARBRo tools works perfectly and I can browse all archives perfectly. But
  2. Yosuga no Sora - 66843KB Haruka na Sora - 96542KB Natsu no Ame - 80255KB They're not really very big.
  3. Hi everyone. I'm trying to extract the opening/ending "image sequence" or raw file from the games, Yosuga no Sora, Haruka na Sora, Natsu no Ame. It seems the opening is stored in the opening.mei file (the file name kinda gives it away). By using GARbro I am able to see a stream of images inside, however its not able to extract it in png format. Is there any tool which can deal with this? A quick google led me to believe this is Entis/ERI format, but literally no pointers to how I can get something out of it.
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