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  1. New here

    Hello :), I'm new here. I really love art, anime and cute things, so that's basically what drew me to the board. Of course there is also my number 1 passion, cute dolls. I make them. I love creating things. I hope that I can contribute to the forum, learn and have fun.
  2. NSFW anime requests here, nowhere else.

    Why not search on exhentai?
  3. Hello All You Beautiful People

  4. What Video Games Are You Playing Right Now?

    Tropica 4. Golden oldie, have a good time :D.
  5. What makes the perfect waifu?

    Yep. Have to go with this one.
  6. Sharing My Music and Sound FX - Over 2000 Tracks

    Thanks for sharing this music with us. Much appreciated.