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  1. 19 minutes ago, flamepaladin said:

    Hello everyone,
    And sorry for not posting any update in a really long time. We've been a bit busy recently, and I couldn't access fuwa for some reason zzz. Other members can access normally, but my internet refused to cooperate with me...

    Now, as for the update, most of the images are edited, so I think we'll be able to release the full patch sometimes soon, hopefully during summer.
    With that said, the text edit may not be finished in time. I'm very sorry about this. We'll at least try to fix as much typos and mistakes as possible before the full patch.
    If we can find the time and make enough progress, we'll update the full patch with the edited text.

    Next is an announcement regarding us. Our group now has a name! (Finally lol)
    We've decided to name our group 'Rhapsody Translation' as a tribute to this game, the game that brought all of us together. We'll mostly be focusing on Eushully's games, though we may do VNs from other companies as well in the future.
    Another news is that we've decided on our next project. This is still KnR thread, so I won't go too deep into it for now. We'll make a proper announcement regarding that another time. Please look forward to it ^^.

    That's about it for now.
    Thank you very much for reading, and see you next time ^^!

    Thanks for the update!!!

    Rhapsody Translation, nice name.

    Wow next project, i hope its still eusully games, i'm really looking forward to it..

  2. Im just on chapter 4 so idk how long is this compared to kamidori but bgm on this VN is easily better than kamidori... like damn... i know this VN is about musics somewhat but i don't expected it to be this level... the battle music is god tier like wtf.. remind me so much on some ys/trail bgm.. last time i hyped so much about bgm in VN is when i read Umineko.. and thats really a long time ago..

    Thats why im very grateful to this team for give me chance to play this awesome game..

  3. 10 hours ago, frontier14th said:

    can we have translation for other eushully games also ? after finishing this game feels empty without new good story games

    Bruh, its already miracle a bunch of people dedicated their times to TL this game...

    Just be thankful for what they did or support them if you can.

    Don't ask anything else. Its disrespectful.

    If you have time, just learn japanese by yourselves and play the game raw.

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