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  1. Point me in the right direction?

    Thanks, I appreciate the help and direction.
  2. Point me in the right direction?

    How can I find out what engine was used? The archive file has no file format name. It's just a blank extension. Just, archive. Not archive.xxx or anything, just 'archive'.
  3. Point me in the right direction?

    Fair point. It isn't really a VN, but I was hoping the same principles would apply. It's an adult brothel management game, Bifrost's Brothel of Mamono.
  4. I know nothing about game design, coding, programming, it Japanese, but I wanted to try my hand at translating a game to get better at all of the above. My problem is I don't even know where to start. I have the game, and the archive files are right there, but they arent in any format. They're just blank. I have no idea where to even start, if this is even the right place to start. Help? Or just a nudge? Anything is better than the blind fumbling I'm doing now.