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  1. 肉、肉、肉! この世界は肉でできている! われには食べないものはない! 食べるとは愛であり、憎悪であり、そして敬意でもある! われは捕食者の神、弱肉強食の王、すべての世界を食べるものなり! 創造、無限胃袋!

    1. Kaguya


      Oh, so this is where your title comes from. I always thought it was a bit weird, now it's explained.

    2. Clephas


      Mmm... actually, it is more accurate to say that I made that verse from the title. The title is one of the many running jokes when I'm role-playing as 'Clephas'. Basically, I have an infinite number of stomachs and inside them are thousands of universes (including this one) that I ate. The idea for the verse is from Dies Irae's spell-chants, lol.

  2. Blood, cats, and the mysteries of the universe.

  3. My favorite VN types are story-focused and mild-dark (no rape but violence and death are fine) action VNs. However, I have played more than 300 VNs in all, thus showing off that I am incorrigible eroge junkie. I do play moege but I will not touch games focused on the entertainment industry and I tend to use them as 'snack food' in between more interesting games. I do not play nukige.

  4. For various reasons, I am semi-retired from fantranslation and fansubbing (mostly rl reasons). I do occasionally help out, but long-term projects are at present impossible for me. I have four years and thirteen completed anime projects (as well as ten or eleven that didn't work out) under my belt, and I've experienced two failed fantranslation projects (mostly because of sudden vanish...

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