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  1. Anyone going to Anime Expo?

    I'm in America over the summer so I'm thinking about going but still not sure !!
  2. So it might be one of the first two I still can't find that particular CG, but I still don't fill like its the artwork that I remember, the picture I saw was in HD quality that's why I think it should be a fairly recent release like the second one, the second one has almost all that I'm looking for, girl in white uniform and violet/purple hair without any hat. Thanks for all the recommendations I feel like I'm getting close to finding it if it even exists at this point.
  3. I would've done that if I even remembered what the topic was even about, but I can't at all, and I know I'm being too vague about it but that's all I remember, the only thing I can add to my description is that I'm quite sure it was a newer vndb. I'll try looking for it on the forums a bit more, I mean I'm doing it right now but still no luck. Thanks for doing that, I looked through all of them but didn't find what I needed, ill go back to vndb later to try and find it there too.
  4. As my title says, I'm looking for a VN that I saw a picture of here on the forum I think last year, someone made a topic not related to the picture I think. It seemed like it was set up as some kind of high society school or something like that, the girl that was in the picture had purplish hair and I think someone said that it wasn't translated, that's about all I remember of it. Would really appreciate it, if someone could help me find it !!!