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  1. Rest assured that the crash issue is not caused by any patch. It is a bug in MG's release which they have yet to fix. Just because it is not crashing now does not mean that the problem is fixed. There is no known solution for it and it is very likely to come back. They are allegedly working on it - https://twitter.com/The_Doddler/status/1091998793585676288
  2. Script Extraction Thread

    I was having problems with repacking (and extraction too, for that matter - some files were corrupted), but not anymore thanks to GARbro. Everything is working fine now. Thanks for your effort though, sorry I wasted it.
  3. Script Extraction Thread

    Yes, I got krkrextract to work (though it could only repack 9 files for each archive). However, it wasn't encrypting and decrypting properly, which resulted in bugs. GARbro is working flawlessly. Thanks.
  4. Script Extraction Thread

    Step-by-step: I open krkrextract.exe, drag sakusaku.exe on it to open the ui, select the data.xp3 for original pack, drag the to-be-repacked folder (now called "test" to prevent any file overwrite) on the ui window, which automatically fills in directories for folder and output pack, I click make package, the thing crashes on the first file. But I also tried to select the folder and output path (even a different one) manually. It still crashes. I have other tools which can repack it, though it leads to the text encoding issue. I just don't know when is the moment where things go wrong. Or even what exactly goes wrong. It would really help me if someone else tried to extract+repack the script and tell me whether I am completely stupid.
  5. Script Extraction Thread

    Well, I tried it just now on several simple nukige (which I could edit with xp3viewer+xp3tools) without success, and it seems other people have the issue too in the issues section of the repo. You mean repacking works for you just fine? I could possibly try it on another PC (but both are win7 x64). I could even do it on a virtual OS of winXP. I just would like some confirmation that this build is not broken. I spent 7 hours on this, and it's kind of frustrating without any progress whatsoever.
  6. Script Extraction Thread

    I extracted it again just now, repacked without opening the extraction folder or any of the files, and I still get the error. As for repacking with krkrextract, like I said, the whole program crashes after I click "make package". This is with default settings on the latest version (your link) https://imgur.com/a/4BRdV
  7. Script Extraction Thread

    Hi, I'm trying to make changes to the script of the English release of 恋がさくころ桜どき. I extracted patch.xp3 with xp3viewer (original xp3 here - https://mega.nz/#!6s8y3CyK!PjMofn8mni9XcWsNFJwxj24ho01V9j2vbg1dk0LHGMY, extracted xp3 (xp3viewer) here - https://mega.nz/#!Hh0RRC5B!d7LquAOW7g-5CtrnO7TEz2qsoBmDU1vyJ3IeYgn1Rao). After checking that the scenario files are not encrypted, I repacked the whole thing without making any changes (to test it) with xp3tools, but the game won't start (error - https://imgur.com/a/FheeG). In case it was a repacking issue so I tried using Kirikiri2 (tool krkrrel.exe) - same issue as with xp3tools. Also same issue when using AE. I also tried kikiriki, but that didn't work at all for extraction or repacking. It doesn't like the English version .exe - https://imgur.com/a/gByeo). Then I tried repacking with krkrExtract, but that crashes during patch creation. I tried converting all the text files to UCS-2 LE BOM, but that didn't quite work out. As I was out of options, I thought something went wrong during extraction. Apparently, the ideal tool for this game is xp3dumper 0.2.1. I used it (the gui), but it keeps crashing when extracting the 93rd file (the first 92 files are extracted just fine, I can see the contents and everything). Crage produces mumbojumbo; KrkrExtract was the same good yet unrepackable result as xp3viewer. In the end, I tried 5 extracting tools and 5 repacking tools, yet I still don't know how to pack the script without breaking everything. I don't care about fancy image editing or anything. All I want to do is to change the character name tags/display names (and also change the names in all lines they appear in, obviously). Any help with this is appreciated. Thanks for your reply.