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  1. God I wish some TL group would pick this series up. It seems to have a cult following, so why do other crappy nukige's keep getting picked up instead with just as long/many H scenes?
  2. I've been wondering, does the team have a translator at all. If so, and the project is on hold because you guys don't have programmers, editor, testers, ect. Then couldn't you guys just upload community made subs via the visual novel reader program?
  3. I was looking for a good romantic series with an interracial romance. I've already read Majikoi, My Girlfriend is the President, Princess Waltz, and Dracu-Riot.
  4. hello everyone, I'm kind of a newbie in the community. I was wondering why there are a lack of english fan uploaded translations for popular VN series. When I use visual novel reader there are no community subtitles. Series like Walkure Romanze and Majikoi are popular, but the translation groups are always on hiatus. Why don't people just upload translations via the community subtitle feature on VNR? This process seems like it would be relatively easy.
  5. Hey OP here, sorry for the confusion, but I'm not in charge of any translation project. If you want to discuss a possible Walkure Romanze project try contacting REtransInternational, they might be looking for help.
  6. I'm also glad to see people taking interest in this VN. I'm so exited :3
  7. Hey guys, just as the title says. I was just wondering if there was anyone/group willing to do a translation for this game. I've been waiting for years for a translation. I've used machine translator, but it's just utter gibberish, and my Japanese is very limited. Walkure Romanze http://vndb.org/v4041 Koikishi Purely ☆ Kiss http://vndb.org/v7260
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