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  1. I guess I'm back to reviving this dead project once again... If I could bring myself together that is...
  2. I can't believe I'm doing this again. I feel like I have to finish off what I started, even if I'm not all that willing to. As the title suggests, this is about the Walkure Romance translation that started in 2013 and was left to indefinite hiatus on 2015. I suppose it's about time I crawl out of my hole and continue on to finish this off. I may or may not be recruiting people for this project. But when the time comes, I will ask around. With that being said, please feel free to DM me about anything, preferably if its just asking about recruitment. I'm officially back in the busi
  3. I'm still alive, lol

  4. Still lurking, hopefully no one finds me :P

  5. I know he's a busy guy, he's very well known and such. In fact he just worked with Minato Carnival for Anekoji just recently
  6. i highly doubt so since they are mostly focusing on Minato Carnival and with a lot of experienced and good members in for Anekoji ( even Takahiro is involved ). So they'll most probably focusing more on Carnival than Soft for now. Expect it to come out next year or in 2 years if they are
  7. Well yeah. . . H scripts are quite long. Even running the game on auto play takes about 45 mins+ of almost every scene
  8. Well I can't reveal what I'm really planning to do yet, but we will do something about it. Care to give a hand?
  9. Well... Dead? I guess? I never got a reply from almosy everyone. So I'm gonna revive this. From with a new group of people. Interested?
  10. Hello everyone You did not hear it wrong. Surely many of you know that currently the group WakarimashitaTL is translating Walkure Romanze and is now rather close to dead. Finally I could get time off the world and get myself typing here. As of now, I have lost contact of all my staff and will do a revival recruitment. I need: -someone that could help me maintain our site -editors -quality checkers I apologize if I was not able to budge at all this whole period. A lot of life drama is tossing me around and the Nation calls me for service (i hope it finally ends or at
  11. I'm Back!!

    1. SoulJustIn


      Welcome back \^o^/

    2. derpigreg


      Thanks for noticing me :)

    3. SoulJustIn


      You're welcome ! \^o^/

  12. Best if you contact me via skype. Will not be active on fuwanovel

  13. Having a very rough life now :(

  14. Been so busy in RL lately, its almost impossible to keep up >.<

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