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  1. You are right about that, it was my mistake sorry. In short things are not like that at here for sure, we have lots of brothels, bars etc and at least 30-40% of the teenagers are not muslims anyway. Well its still a pretty shitty place, but at least not that much.
  2. Nope dude what the fuck, its definitely not that bad. Its more like opening more religious schools etc, there isn't any force like that for sure. We are not arabs mate, its just that erdogan is using islam for getting votes from the muslim people, there isn't any influence at the normal life.
  3. Man there're so many misinformation in this thread that I had to register for sharing some true ones. First of all, the military DIDN'T backed up this coup attempt, it didn't happen for getting rid of the erdogan and making a new democratic president etc. It wasn't some classic coup attempt for democracy, it was more like a terrorist attack which is trying to change the president with an even more Islamist extremist than erdogan with force, using their last connections at the air & armored forces. Land and the naval forces definitely didn't backed up this coup and had no idea what the fuck is happening, but they couldn't act immediately because they took commander of the turkish armed forces as a hostage and this broke all the order and command chain for a while. This is why the "all" country tried to stop this shit, even the anti-erdogan folks were at the street last night. I hate erdogan as much as you guys, but if this coup was succesful turkey would be Iran in just a week so there wasn't any more favourable ending in this shit. Well this country is already doomed, but considering the other outcome this was slightly better for the turkish people.
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