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  1. More important is quality not speed
  2. This is one the most irritating things i ever saw , good work
  3. What happened to VNTS and Tay ?

    I really hope he is alright.i hope he see this and give i sign of life to us
  4. Hello, how i unmark the chinese dlc , it doesnt appear on my dlc bar?
  5. Hello I would like to know if everything is all right with Tay , as we dont have any news the last 2 weeks. Sorry if i posted on the wrong subforum i didnt know a better one.
  6. Discussion about Key

    or from what i heard tomoyo after , I dont read games with only bad endings, my problem isnt with the ending but with no explanation or foreshadowing
  7. Discussion about Key

    I understand but it pass the impression of hand waving or lazy writing even so i like all this games so...
  8. Discussion about Key

    Little busters i agree but on clannad and kanon i dont , on lb i had foreshadowing about the "magic" but on the others it was more of a hand wave then anything else.It cause strange things like
  9. Discussion about Key

    Interesting comment on steam discussion: Opnions?
  10. Discussion about Key

    i on the other hand dont have any will to read tomoyo after , after knowing how it ends I simply ignore it
  11. Discussion about Key

    so probably you are going to like the other routes more, i liked kyou route too try it.
  12. Discussion about Key

    I didnt codemn refrain as lazy written i said that create at least 3 games with almost the same magic system if on different universes is lazy writtten as seem here: I am going to read the article .Ps i like little busters kanon and clanand , i am only making a point of the end of tomoyo after and the magic
  13. Discussion about Key

    Never played rewrite so cant say . for what i read only place that i can see another part that is lazy writing is ayu route and the end of tomoyo after, the last one didnt read but by the coments the
  14. Discussion about Key

    I liked her route but i think for what people said nagisa is better . why didnt you like her route?