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  1. Bit of a stupid question, but is the discord server still active?
  2. Shhhh, don't go killing my dreams. I need all the hope I can get with the new semester and MCAT coming up. Lol that actually has a pretty good ring to it, might have to adopt that. I've never been one for physical goods, but it looks like there's an exception for everything. I'm most definitely interested, that'd be great! Edit: I haven't gotten around to playing the Cookie route in A-2 yet, what'd you guys think of it?
  3. Ugh I need those Seiso/Hedgemon ones. Finally finished her route last night and she's far and away my favorite character ;_; Seiso/Hedgemon after story where?
  4. Hey guys! Been a while since I last posted on this thread, so I hope you're all doing well. Also awesome to see all the A-2 progress. I haven't even gotten a chance to read A-1 yet. Planning on doing a complete replay of the entire series over winter break. Will probably pop in the discord channel at some point after my next round of exams. Cheers!
  5. Best girl Margit hype! (Seriously, I'm praying they didn't butcher her route like they did in S) Really good news. Though RIP in pizza my wallet.
  6. Mucho gracias for the update. Though I'm incredibly glad you didn't go through with the April Fools joke (I still have April Fools PTSD from when my family gave me one of those fake scratch tickets and the standard "I'm pregnant" joke from my girlfriend. April Fools is fucking evil man.). On another note, seeing those event mode titles has me wicked hyped. Keep up the awesome work!
  7. Yeah, no I agree, A is a good stopping point. (And likely the stopping point.) I guess I just worded my last post wrong. I'm just saying, theoretically, and with proper writing, there's still a lot they could with the series if they decided to keep going. When I mentioned S, I meant more the S format of a quasi-sequel as opposed to the A format of having 3 routes/title in more of a fan-disc fashion. But yeah, I'd much rather they end it here than revert back to S.
  8. Yeah I agree to an extent. The A "series" is pretty much played out, but with some good writing, there's still so much they could do with the Majikoi world in the same vein as S (except, you know, better). Though I do think they're probably done. I'd just like to see more of Minatosoft's titles get translated -- I'm still hoping for a TL of that butler one (completely forget the name). Eagerly awaiting Front Wing's new project tho.
  9. Damn, I thought that was a Muv-Luv pic -- I was wondering what Margit was doing there at first lol. You got my hopes up with the Siegrun clip. I thought she was a new girl for a second which meant A-6 ;_;
  10. Lol I didn't even realize S was censored until reading this
  11. Woke up this morning to the news about the Aokana translation and now I'm just sad. Makes me glad we have you guys as the team working on the Majikoi project though.
  12. Lol I never really doubted them (I've been following along since the S translation started) -- it's just that I assume Storyteller's return speeds up the process. The quicker I get to read best girls Benkei's and Seiso's routes the better. :^)
  13. This is awesome news regardless. Hype levels are over 9000
  14. Yeah I really don't see it happening anytime soon. As someone else said, the biggest problem is the regional restrictions since Steam is an international company. That said, I do think we'll be seeing more VNs in general on Steam, people will just have to patch it externally. Alternatively, it wouldn't surprise me if another 3rd party distributor lioe Steam, but solely for VNs sprouted up somewhere down the line if VNs keep gaining speed.
  15. Lol I'm pretty sure anything is going to be better than Margit's route in S. (inb4 I jinx it) Man, I have so many VNs to buy. The A package, Grisaia, Tsukihime (when the remake comes out) not to mention a new Fender Strat and college loans ;_; RIP in pizza my wallet.
  16. I'm just hyped for Benkei. And Azumi. And Cookie. And Yoshitsune. And Margit. And Rinchou. You get the idea. Lol. Seriously though, I'm wicked excited for Seiso and Margit's routes. Power hungry dictators with split personalities make good romcom material. Really want to see Margit again after how they butchered her in S. ;_;
  17. Damn, I got my hopes up just to have them crushed ;_; I feel the same way. If this is true, I'm heartbroken I'll never get my Koyuki route 2.0. Out of curiosity, has anyone had any luck struggling through a VN with basic Japanese with the help of translation tools? I remember seeing an article on some sub-reddit about it a while back. So many good untranslated VNs out there and I'm looking to add another language to my repertoire.
  18. Yeah I have no idea how well the games are selling, but if the money's there I wouldn't doubt a continuation. Honestly as long as the quality's there, I wouldn't mind if it kept going.
  19. Hype train engaged I know it's early, but is there any news on whether that's it for the series as far as new games go?
  20. Edit: I can't format to save my life and have class in a bit.
  21. I dunno, as long as it sells well, they might as well keep milking the series. (Not that I'd complain) No idea on what the sales figures are, but we can hope. That Koyuki voice clip just made me sad about her route all over again :-( I keep hoping wondering if they'll pull a Muv-Luv on us and make a sequel/spin off where everything's serious and dramatic as all hell. Momoyo vs an alien invasion? Yes pls.
  22. Not to beat a dead horse or anything, but I finally got around to reading Koyuki's route in S last night. Was anybody else disappointed with it? I thought the actual war/rebellion was pretty cool but the relationship with Koyuki seemed so damn abrupt and shallow. It's a shame too because she's such a fascinating character. Majikoi A-6 Koyuki remake pls? (I can dream.) Keep up the good work with A-1/A-2! The scene in Koyuki's route with Benkei just made me want to read A-1 even more now. Lol.
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