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  1. The Sekai Project convention page does not include Anime Boston on their list of conventions for the year, so it is just MangaGamer. However, both MangaGamer and Sekai Project will participate at Sakuracon in mid April.
  2. I wouldn't buy too much into the Purplesoft situation, there are plenty of reasons Purple Software could have chosen two different publishers which aren't related to how they think Sekai has been doing. The most simple explanations being either Sekai didn't want Hapymaher and MangaGamer did, Sekai didn't want to do two titles from the publisher at a time, or Purplesoft wanted try out two different publishers to see how they comparatively do. There hardly is a reason to lock into exclusivity when there are a number of active localization companies, each with a large work load.
  3. I am thinking the Nutaku partnership is for the exact same reason they have been lukewarm to 18+ releases in the past. Or in short, it is all about the money, and Nutaku's new platform just presented an opportunity to get enough money for 18+ releases to be more worth it. The timing of the appearance of Nutaku's downloadable market worked out great for them though. As to Dovac though, regardless of if any of his particular rants had an effect on the bottom line or not, having your public face being someone who could easily have public meltdowns is not a good long term strategy, a
  4. Well yes that is true not every line is true, but it should help locate where everything except potentially single line unvoiced observations by the protag.
  5. " re-translating portions of text they censored, including sex-related jokes and other adult text." Just going to quote from the /jp/ thread, as this stuff should be fairly easy to find if you can identify the same way, just by identifying where these are in scripts
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