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  1. 無言の土下座 Orz

    1. TsukiBaka


      Glas to see you around :) *pats back*

  2. I am still here. Just... Give me a bit longer while I muster motivation for the last bit.

    1. Seiso Senshi

      Seiso Senshi

      *kick* Hello? Somebody home? :mare:Your counter stopped moving

  3. If my counter stops moving, you should give me a kick.

  4. Going to China for a week.

  5. カウンターが止まるようだったら尻でもけってくれ。

  6. So apparently Skyspear died without my notice. Not sure if I should continue working on Azumi, if you can call 1 script over a month "work" >_>

  7. I'm getting amazingly little work done. And I'll have my copies of P4D and FE if in about 9 hrs. Ugh. Must keep focus.

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