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  1. Actually, the problem was that since support was dropped for Windows Server 2003 a graphics driver was turned off with that update which caused some games not to run. However, the solution is to simply turn it back on and then your games will work. Now, here's the instructions that somebody who encountered the same problem e-mailed me: Open the device manager Under View, check Show hidden devices. Then, click on Non-Plug and Play Drivers. Double click Security Driver. And on the Driver tab, click on Start. Thank goodness for that. Stupid Microsoft.
  2. Well, it ran at first so I'm baffled as to what the problem truly is. Would re-installing applocale or that sort of stuff make it run? Because it prompts it before attempting to load the game. Tried that there now, but sadly, it still didn't load. Though everything else on my PC works fine including JP games, so I'm glad it's not the latter.
  3. Okay, I've been getting this error for some reason and I don't know what's causing the problem. I installed the game and it work for the first few days at first, but then it suddenly stopped and always prompts this error: It says, "管理者権限でログインして,再実行して下さい= Login with administrator privileges, and please try again." You see, it's weird because it worked perfectly at first but then suddenly stopped. Anyone have any idea on how to get the game running again, or if there's anything that I should do? I was already running in admin before and after and have tried various things, so pleas
  4. Hee hee hee. Exactamundo. Though, I'm not a hacker so I have no clue how to access the games script to make changes. And I'm also unsure if this game has security or compression stopping people from doing just that. Derp. I didn't even consider that. Works fine now. Thanks a lot.
  5. I wasn't sure where to put this, so I guess here will do. That said, I've been trying to get a kinda old game from 2001 running correctly but I've been having a problem. The first game is BitterSweet Fools. Now, it installs fine but I'm not hearing any music in the game. Did anyone else run into this problem? Any solutions? P.S. - I'm running the game on a Windows 7 PC.
  6. I've known about this site for quite a while, but I have never actually used it before. That said, I'm a translator of Japanese games and I'm currently translating Evangelion Girlfriend of Steel 2 for the PC. I hope to enjoy my stay here. RomHacking Profile Personal Blog Twitter
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