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  1. So I used the torrent link right from this site for Cross Channel (it looks kinda like Katawa Shoujo). Well anyways, as soon as I download it and try to launch it, my Norton Antivirus quarantines something called CChook.dll. But then the VN won't launch because it says it needs it? I tried to look it up online and people are saying that it's a virus. Is this true? Somebody help
  2. Wow that lexicon was really helpful!! And I have no problem buying the VNs, provided that they are high quality and decent in length.
  3. Wow thank you for all the suggestions! g senjou no maou, A Drug That Makes You Dream, Sharin no Kuni, Grisaia no Kajitsu, all sound like ones I would be interested in How do I get these? Do I have to buy them or can I download them right from the site like with Katawa Shoujo? I torrented IMHHW after buying it from steam, but I ended up getting some malware that was annoying to get rid of. Any advice? Thanks! Also, what is utsuge and nakige?
  4. Russanon please hear my cry :(

  5. My first ever VN was Go Go Nippon, which got me hungry for more VNs, especially Eroges (I think that's the term, I'm new). I played Katawa Shoujo and it was literally the best thing in my life ever, and I was wondering if anybody new of any more VNs like Katawa Shoujo. Preferably in English. I loved the story, I loved how I could choose between girls, which I believe is common in dating sims, but I'm not sure yet. I bought If My Heart Had Wings off of steam but it's horribly censored and the engrish is bad. I tried to install the patch, didn't work, I torrented the game and tried to patch that
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