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Getting My Feet Wet



As some may or may not know, a long time ago (in a galaxy far, far away - New Jersey and New Hampshire) I was a writer/editor for sports sections of some different newspapers. I loved it, because I've always loved writing. And I've managed to profit off of it (let's not discuss high school where I wrote papers for money). But newspapers are an industry practically on its deathbed and my last job feel through. With sports, it's hard to get in, as it's a great job and those who bet them stay until the bitter end. Can't say I blame them - you get paid to watch a game and then write about it.

So I've fallen in love with the visual novel format this year, and have been looking for ways to get in on projects. Frankly, I miss writing for an audience. I'm not even looking for payment - I just want to write and have someone read it. So I'm pretty stoked that I'm working on a project. Now I have to get used to writing in more of a VN format as opposed to prose. I'll keep everyone updated on the project as it goes along.


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Is that so. Incidentally, I know (and work on) a project that will be looking for writers on a very near future. If you ever want to get knee-deep in it as opposed to getting your feet wet, you know who you can talk to.

Awesome. I'm always interested. When the time comes around send me a message. I should be able to send samples of things (I have a project I've slowly developed as well).

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Is this, perhaps, related to Zodai's project?

Also, are you sure it's your feet getting wet?

No, with Zodai's I've mostly been line editing, though I don't think he was quite ready for that. Lately it's been bouncing ideas. He's the writer, I've just been trying to help clean it up and all. He's got a pretty good plot going on.

And it looks like my socks are all wet, ew...

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Oh well, good to know, what kind of music u gonna use? I m a beginner music producer, i might help you if i can (or at least try to)

I can check but it's not my project, I was just recruited to it. If I get around to finishing my project I'll definitely need music, as the plot pretty much hinges on it.

Good to know. You really are getting busy.

Also, you should really check for other spots that are wet too. :sachi: 

I'm actually really happy, though. And once I learn the secret of getting GNK pics in my post I'll be even happier.

I need some towels...

Very nice~ I'll keep you informed.

Looking forward to it!

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