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Kagura Douchuuki gets Greenlight for Censorship (Op-Ed for LewdGamer.com) and Reader Poll



SFW vs. NSFW articles  

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  1. 1. Do you prefer safe-for-work or NSFW preview and review articles of eroge?

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    • Both!


Fans of my previous safe-for-work blog post, Rogue-like H-RPG Kagura Douchuuki hits Steam Greenlight + First Impression, will be interested to know that I've just released a new and improved NSFW version on ero-gaming news and reviews site LewdGamer.com.

H-RPG Kagura Douchuuki gets Greenlight for Censorship (Op-Ed) [NSFW]

The new version includes a completely new section "Steam: An opportunity and a threat to lewd gaming" that demonstrates how Steam is changing the face of professional eroge localization. HCG from the original Japanese title are also displayed (purely to decry the lamentful squandering of art assets, of course).

It was a pleasure to work with the staff of LewdGamer to bring my article to a wider audience than I could achieve here on my personal blog, and hopefully we'll have opportunity to work together more in the future. Unique among eroge news and reviews sites, LewdGamer caters explicitly to an adult audience. The staff are very passionate about promoting eroge in the West, and I hope I was able to provide useful feedback on their operations, as well as ideas for future coverage. LewdGamer as a site has exploded in popularity recently despite launching mere months ago, so they're definitely a group to keep an eye on.

Do you prefer safe-for-work or NSFW preview and review articles? Let me know!

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For the most part either is fine, but I do rely on NSFW previews when I'm looking to put real money down on primarily adult-centered titles. For more story-centered titles, it doesn't matter to me.

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