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Evenicle Part 3: Plot in general



A few thoughts on the plot, so far. I've reached the sixth chapter (there are a total of seven), and one thing I've noticed is that this story basically follows the 'theory' of jrpg plot development to the letter (well, the cannibalism, rape, and general horrors are a bit beyond the pale of what is normal, lol). Basically, they give you a world that is somehow 'odd' or feels 'wrong' but is nonetheless more or less peaceful... then they give you the seeds of strife.

As a matter of course, I've been able to read this story's future in general almost since the beginning, to a ridiculous extent. This is born of having played every jrpg that came out for the NES, SNES, Playstation, and Playstation 2... (basically, everything from the 'golden age'). This story is ultimately a jrpg story, told using some VN techniques. Of course, the protagonist being a natural philanderer (though not a forceful one) made the VN into a frequently hilarious experience... at the cost of frequently weakening the more serious elements of the story. This is Alice Soft's bad habit coming out to play once again... rather than using comic relief as a tool to occasionally lighten a more serious mood, Alice Soft tends to use it to utterly shatter even the most serious of atmospheres, which is the main reason I've never come out of a game by this company feeling satisfied.

I don't have much hope that this VN will escape the Alice Soft jinx, but I plan to finish it, nonetheless.


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