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Evenicle Part 2: Technical issues



Yes, I said my next post would be the end of this game, but the game is surprisingly long... especially considering the obscenely high encounter rate on the world map and the fact that if you don't keep your levels up (level 10 at least at the end of chapter 1, 20 at the end of 2, etc) you really are screwed. If nothing else, you won't be able to keep ahead of the regenerative abilities each chapter's main boss (except 1's) seems to possess.

The reason for this? Primarily it is the cost of healing items and the dearth of good healing skills. Lieschu's magic healing skills can only be used once per battle and require a huge BP charge before you can use them, and Cass's healing skill also has relatively high requirements in that area. Healing items actually increase in cost every time you buy them, depending on how many of them you have, which makes flexible use of healing impossible. This pretty much eliminates any strategy other than 'hit as hard and as fast as possible' when fighting bosses.

The upside is that if you do overlevel, it is pretty rare for you to die on the story bosses and getting through normal battles is much easier.

I realize that they were trying to create a balanced system by limiting healing in this way, but in doing so they eliminated most of what makes turn-based rpg battles enjoyable, which is strategizing for survival. Not to mention that since you can't heal yourself along the way, it isn't uncommon to get really low on hp before you even reach a boss, if you aren't careful.

In other words, the substituted tedium for thinking, a common mistake many 'new' jrpgs tend to make...


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So is this basically a grindfest then?  I hate grindfests.  On a scale of Ar tonelico to Agarest War, where would you rate this grind-wise?

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I wouldn't call it a grindfest, at least not on the level of Bunny Black... but it definitely requires you to fight a lot.  Perhaps not as much as an FF game - indeed a lot less - but in exchange, frustration builds up faster due to the limitations on how you can fight.

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