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Silver Colored Faraway Track 8 - Silver Colored Finale



Visual Novel Translation Status (28/04/2024)

For this week title because we have Yuzuki's patch of Ginharu released, I used the title 'Silver Colored Faraway' which obviously the literal translation of Gin'iro Haruka. As for 'Track 8', it's because I used the title for the eight time. Oh yes, obviously I did make the reference to Kanon 2006 episode, with said episode is the episode 23 of it (The Scarlet Red Finale) and for more elaboration I'll explain the title in PS. Anyway, so far this week is obviously very interesting, especially if we see the two releases that we have and also Nekonyan's updates. Other than that, there's also some usual fan translation updates with the new project is happening. With that done, let's see what I can write in regard of this week.

JAST released Paradise, and in there we have a naive man who thought that he'll met cute girls when he won the ticket to the trip to the southern island. Unfortunately since the man is BL VN MC he didn't encounter any cute girls, but instead he encounter a number of handsome men who will have a lot of bonding experience with the MC, and at least the MC manage to have fun with the handsome men quickly. That said, the situation turn ugly quickly on the island with the vacation turned into survival situation, and obviously the MC must do his best if he want to survive. Fell free to get Paradise if you want to play some thriller BL VN, and have fun. Kemco also released Horrific Xanatorium, and no much to say other than it's denpa VN with the MC start to doubt himself with he infected by the virus that cause hallucination and delusion with said virus is become epidemic. Go get it if you're in the mood of denpa VN that similar to Subahibi or Sayooshi, and have fun.

For Nekonyan's updates, first of all we have them announced they'll delay the exact release date of Dracu Riot until they finished with Tenshi Reboot release, which is fine enough in my book although it's too bad because it mean there will be more waiting to anyone else who look forward to it. For their other updates, we have Enki Dekinai is at 99% edited with them waiting the build from the developer, Shinsou Noise's engine work is currently ongoing, Koichoco engine port is almost finished with the QA for it is about to begin, and the 3rd secret project QA work is halfway finished. We also have two very notable progress from Saga Planet VNs, Floral Flowlove and Kakenuke. For Floral Flowlove, currently it is at 70% edited along with its engine porting is ongoing, and for Kakenuke currently it's at 80% translated along with 70% translated and the QA work of it has began (Which according to the site it's at 5% in QA). That's all for Nekonyan's updates.

Besides Yuzuki's patch release which is Daybreak biggest update, they also have updates on both Akagoei, with Akagoei FD is at 70.11% in QA and Akagoei 3 is at 61.45% edited. Rattanman proofread work on Taima Seiko Alice has been caught up with both of translation and editing progress (At 35%), and we have the new project with the goal to translate Miagete Interstellar Focus with Akito will have threesome with both Saya and Hikari in there. For the progress, it's been fully translated along with 89.6% edited and the team decided to release the patch in July 7th later, so let's see if they can release the translation patch at that date later. Shinsou Translation revealed they working on a new project secretly, and currently it's at 3% translated.

I know that Amazing Grace is one of story focused VN from Cabbage Soft, and hence I thought it would be nice if Sekai would be able to localize it instead of Amairo Chocolata. Turned out I was wrong, because Shiravune is more capable to localize and release the VN despite the setback that cause the delay for the release. For the info, initially it was scheduled to be released on December 9th last year, although turned out there's some works need to be dealt with, so Shiravune delay the release until April 26th. Anyway, the VN itself is about the MC Shuu who suffer from the big fire which destroy the city in Christmas got thrown back into December beginning by a girl, Yune. So obviously, Shuu's job here is to prevent the Christmas disaster and find out the truth behind it. From what I see, it has talks about art and Christian mythology, so at least it should be interesting read even if you're not satisfied with the story. Go get Amazing Grace if you've been waiting for it, and have fun.

Last but not the least, we obviously have Yuzuki's patch release courtesy of Daybreak, which mean now we have all of Ginharu fully translated. There's still some final QA work remain for Yuzuki's route, but all in all you can now read Yuzuki's route if you've been waiting for it. For a bit of history, while initially we thought that it would be quick waiting back when Trip started it in 2019, turned out the situation became a bit complicated with Trip decided to have enough when he started to translate Yuzuki's route. Obviously it mean there's no hope to have Ginharu full patch, if not for Daybreak's translator who decided to start with Mizuha's route first before finally steeled himself to finish Yuzuki's route. Anyway for the premise, it's quite simple with Yukito is about to enter junior high school and soon meet his new five female friends, with he'll have a long relationship with one of the female. Go get Yuzuki's patch if you've been holding to play Ginharu waiting for it, and have fun.

That's all for what I can write in regard of this week, and see you next week.

PS - For more elaboration on the title, I should make a reminder that I treat 'Silver Colored Faraway' as the album title, with it has eight tracks. For the eighth track, it has the word 'Finale' because it's the last track (Finale is the last movement in music), with Kanon 2006 also has 23rd episode with the same name 'The Scarlet Red Finale'. With the last time I use the pattern, there's no better time to do the title drop for Ginharu (Gin'iro Haruka), hence the title 'Silver Colored Finale'. For more info, Japanese title of Kanon 2006 23rd episode is 'Akane-iro no Shuukyoku ~finale~', so I'd just change 'Akane-iro' to 'Gin'iro' with the Japanese title for this week VNTS Review would be 'Gin'iro no Shuukyoku ~finale~'.

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