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Anime of the Year 2015-I Winter - Psycho-Pass Movie



Winter season is traditionally the shortest, and this time could not find anything worthy. If I absolutely had to choose, it would probably be Psycho-Pass Movie even though I see clear borrowings in this movie from Ghost in the Shell movie.
1. Ansatsu Kyoushitsu 暗殺教室  [Lerche] (Finished 4/22)
Tags: Shounen School Action, Comedy
Tucked in the mountains near the elite Kunugigaoka Middle School lies a small derelict building that houses the delinquents and dropouts of Class 3-E. Looked down upon by their peers, the students in this class appear to have little hope in advancing their academic careers. That is, until the national government tasks them with eliminating the greatest threat to their planet: their new teacher.
Having already destroyed the moon, the octopus-like professor—dubbed "Koro-sensei"—has now threatened to destroy the Earth by March of the following year. In light of their mission, the students have found that killing him is easier said than done. Not only can Koro-sensei move at speeds of up to Mach 20, but he can also resist almost every earthly weapon. Ironically, he also proves to be one of the best teachers Class 3-E has ever had. Training the class to excel in both their studies as students and skills as assassins, Koro-sensei is confident that his students' ingenuity and indomitable will could return them to the main campus.
Through trial and error, Nagisa Shiota, as well as the other students of Class 3-E, must figure out Koro-sensei's weaknesses—and fast, for the very fate of the world depends upon it.
I'm not a fan of silly nonsense, and that's all there is.  
Overall Rating: 6/10
2. Tokyo Ghoul √A 東京喰種√A [Pierrot] (Finished 2/12)
Tags: Seinen Gore, Psychological Action, Fantasy, Horror
Ken Kaneki has finally come to accept the monstrous, flesh-craving part of himself that he has feared and despised for so long. After escaping captivity and torture, Kaneki joins Aogiri Tree—the very militant ghoul organization that had abducted him, leading his friends to question his true motive and loyalty.
As tension between the government and the ghouls continues to rise, the Commission of Counter Ghoul, the government's specialized anti-ghoul agency, has intensified their efforts to completely purge Tokyo of ghouls. This threatens the transient peace of Kaneki's friends and former comrades—the ghouls at the Anteiku coffee shop. Aware of the dangerous situation, Kaneki faces several battles that puts his precious fleeting humanity on the line.
Overall Rating: 6/10
3. Death Parade デス・パレード [Madhouse] (Finished 1/12)
Tags: Adult Cast, High Stakes Game, Psychological Drama, Supernatural, Suspense
After death, either Heaven or Hell awaits most humans. But for a select few, death brings them to Quindecim—a bar where only pairs of people who die at the same time can enter. Attending the bar is an enigmatic figure known as Decim, who also acts as the arbiter. He passes judgment on those who wind up at Quindecim by challenging them to a life-threatening game. These games determine if the patron's soul will reincarnate into a new life, or be sent into the void, never to be seen again.
From darts and bowling to fighting games, the true nature of each patron slowly comes to light as they wager their souls. Though his methods remain unchanged, the sudden appearance of a black-haired amnesiac causes Decim to reevaluate his own rulings.
Another wacky game show with death outcomes. This time very narrow-minded.  
Overall Rating: 6/10
4. JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 3: Stardust Crusaders 2nd Season JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders - Battle in Egypt ジョジョの奇妙な冒険 スターダストクルセイダース エジプト編 [David Production] (Finished 1/24)
Tags: Shounen Action, Adventure, Supernatural 
Joutarou Kuujou and his allies have finally made it to Egypt, where the immortal Dio awaits. Upon their arrival, the group gains a new comrade: Iggy, a mutt who wields the Stand "The Fool." It's not all good news however, as standing in their path is a new group of Stand users who serve Dio, each with a Stand representative of an ancient Egyptian god. As their final battle approaches, it is a race against time to break Joutarou's mother free from her curse and end Dio's reign of terror over the Joestar family once and for all.
Overall Rating: 6/10
5. Kuroko no Basket 3rd Season Kuroko's Basketball 3 黒子のバスケ [Production I.G] (Finished 1/25)
Tags: Shounen School, Team Sports Sports
Seirin prepares to face major obstacles on their path to winning the Winter Cup, including the teams each possessing a member of the Generation of Miracles. Kuroko goes head-to-head with his old teammates once more as he attempts to show them that individual skill is not the only way to play basketball. His firm belief that his form of basketball, team play, is the right way to play the sport will clash with the talents of a perfect copy and an absolute authority.
While Kuroko tries to prove that his basketball is "right," he and the rest of Seirin High ultimately have one goal: to win the Winter Cup and overcome the strength of the Generation of Miracles, who have long dominated the scene of middle and high school basketball.
Overall Rating: 6/10
6. Shinmai Maou no Testament The Testament of Sister New Devil 新妹魔王の契約者〈テスタメント〉 [Production IMS] (Finished 3/12)
Tags: Harem, Mythology Action, Fantasy, Romance, Ecchi
Running into your new stepsister in the bathroom is not the best way to make a good first impression, which Basara Toujou learns the hard way. When his father suddenly brings home two beautiful girls and introduces them as his new siblings, he has no choice but to accept into his family the Naruse sisters: busty redhead Mio and petite silver-haired Maria.
But when these seemingly normal girls reveal themselves as demons—Mio the former Demon Lord's only daughter and Maria her trusted succubus servant—Basara is forced to reveal himself as a former member of a clan of "Heroes," sworn enemies of the demons. However, having begun to care for his new sisters, Basara instead decides to protect them with his powers and forms a master-servant contract with Mio to keep watch over her.
With the Heroes observing his every move and the constant threat of hostile demons, Basara has to do the impossible to protect his new family members. Moreover, the protector himself is hiding his own dark secret that still haunts him to this day...
Absolutely banal ecchi plot as two powerful beings start to live with protagonist. This time there is hardly any semblance of story so that all the time can be devoted purely to ecchi.  
Overall Rating: 5/10
7. Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend 冴えない彼女〈ヒロイン〉の育てかた [A-1 Pictures] (Finished 1/12)
Tags: Harem, Otaku Culture, School Comedy, Romance, Ecchi
Tomoya Aki, an otaku, has been obsessed with collecting anime and light novels for years, attaching himself to various series with captivating stories and characters. Now, he wants to have a chance of providing the same experience for others by creating his own game, but unfortunately, Tomoya cannot do this task by himself.
He successfully recruits childhood friend Eriri Spencer Sawamura to illustrate and literary elitist Utaha Kasumigaoka to write the script for his visual novel, while he directs. Super-group now in hand, Tomoya only needs an inspiration to base his project on, and luckily meets the beautiful, docile Megumi Katou, who he then models his main character after.
Using what knowledge he has, Tomoya creates a new doujin circle with hopes to touch the hearts of those who play their game. What he does not realize, is that to invoke these emotions, the creators have had to experience the same feelings in their own lives.
I usually like such romance titles based around otaku topic, but protagonist here is old boring average type and there's no real direction, so, alas.  
Overall Rating: 6/10
8. Absolute Duo アブソリュート・デュオ  [8bit] (Finished 1/12)
Tags: School Harem, Action, Fantasy, Romance, Ecchi
Individuals who can materialize weapons from their soul are called "Blazers," and they attend Kouryou Academy High School in order to harness their abilities. Each student is required to partner with another, in the hopes that one day, the pair can attain the power of Absolute Duo.
Tooru Kokonoe hopes to attend this academy in order to gain power after his sister and friends were slain by a mysterious man. However, at the opening ceremony, he is forced to duel against the person sitting next to him, with the loser being expelled. As Tooru prepares to give the match his all, it is not a weapon that manifests from his soul, but a shield, an irregularity which catches the attention of a foreign student named Julie Sigtuna.
The premise stays just the premise, and harem ecchi rules the show.  
Overall Rating: 5/10
9. Durarara!!x2 Shou デュラララ!!×2 承 [Shuka] (Finished 1/12)
Tags: Action, Mystery, Supernatural
Although peace has finally returned to Ikebukuro, many of the odd occurrences have become common sights around the city. One such case is the police's constant pursuit of Celty Sturluson, the Headless Rider. Moreover, someone has placed a large bounty on her, igniting the motivation of gang members all over to begin searching for the supernatural creature as well. Meanwhile, Mikado Ryuugamine is approached by Aoba Kuronuma, a mysterious underclassman with unknown intentions, who reveals that he knows Mikado's true identity.
But Ikebukuro's state of tranquility is short-lived, as a new threat appears in the form of a murderer who goes by the pseudonym "Hollywood," known for wearing a different mask each time they commit a crime. As the various events taking place prove to be connected yet again, Ikebukuro is thrown into another conflict that threatens to engulf the entire city in chaos.
Overall Rating: 6/10
10. Kamisama Hajimemashita◎ Kamisama Kiss Season 2 神様はじめました◎ [TMS Entertainment] (Finished 1/12)
Tags: Shoujo Mythology Comedy, Fantasy, Romance
Nanami Momozono and her familiars Tomoe and Mizuki have survived quite a few challenges since Nanami took up the mantle of Mikage Shrine's patron god. Naturally, the wind god Otohiko comes to invite Nanami to the Divine Assembly in Izumo, the home of the gods, and Nanami chooses to take Mizuki with her, leaving Tomoe to pose as her at school. However, she has an ulterior motive for attending the Divine Assembly: to discover the whereabouts of the missing Lord Mikage, the former god of the shrine.
After her adventures in Izumo, Nanami meets Botanmaru, a tengu child looking for someone she knows all too well—tengu turned goth idol Shinjirou Kurama. Botanmaru needs Shinjirou, their prince, to return home to Mount Kurama and stop the tyranny of Jirou, who has taken over the rule of their hometown. However, Nanami soon discovers a force much darker than Jirou is at work on the mountain.
As a fledgling god becoming more accustomed to divinity, Nanami finds herself dealing with a tengu rebellion, her blooming feelings for Tomoe, and a strange man with ties to both Tomoe's past and Nanami's future.
Overall Rating: 5/10
11. Aldnoah.Zero Part 2 Aldnoah.Zero アルドノア・ゼロ(第2クール) [A-1 Pictures, TROYCA] (Finished 1/12)
Tags: Mecha, Space Action, Sci-Fi
The war between the Terrans and the Vers Empire of Mars has ended, allowing humanity to blissfully enjoy their lives in a time of peace. Nineteen months later, however, the Vers princess makes a shocking public declaration: "the Terrans are a foolish race that covets resources, destroys nature, and are devoted to the pursuit of pleasure." And so, to protect their precious Earth, she calls upon her knights to take up arms, and the raging battle between the two civilizations reignites.
Slaine Troyard has found a place among the Martians, giving Earth a short respite from the war against the Vers Empire. However, a peaceful resolution seems inconceivable. The various people who fought desperately for survival in the past now find themselves in the midst of yet another bloody and chaotic conflict, one that will forever alter the fate of humankind.
Overall Rating: 6/10
12. Seiken Tsukai no World Break World Break: Aria of Curse for a Holy Swordsman 聖剣使いの禁呪詠唱〈ワールドブレイク〉 [Diomedéa] (Finished 3/12)
Tags: Harem, Reincarnation, School Action, Fantasy, Romance
Seiken Tsukai no World Break takes place at Akane Private Academy where students who possess memories of their previous lives are being trained to use Ancestral Arts so that they can serve as defenders against monsters, called Metaphysicals, who randomly attack. Known as saviors, the students are broken up into two categories: the kurogane who are able to use their prana to summon offensive weapons and the kuroma who are able to use magic.
The story begins six months prior to the major climax of the series during the opening ceremonies on the first day of the school year. After the ceremony is over, the main character, Moroha Haimura, meets a girl named Satsuki Ranjou who reveals that she was Moroha's little sister in a past life where Moroha was a heroic prince capable of slaying entire armies with his sword skills. Soon afterwards he meets another girl, Shizuno Urushibara, who eventually reveals that she also knew Moroha in an entirely different past life where he was a dark lord capable of using destructive magic but saved her from a life of slavery. Can those whose minds live in both the present and the past truly reach a bright future? Delve into the complex world of Seiken Tsukai no World Break to find out!
Again only crumbs of plot and tons of ecchi.  
Overall Rating: 6/10
13. Kantai Collection: KanColle KanColle: Kantai Collection 艦隊これくしょん -艦これ- [Diomedéa] (Finished 1/12)
Tags: Military, School Action, Sci-Fi
With the seas under constant threat from the hostile "Abyssal Fleet," a specialized naval base is established to counter them. Rather than standard naval weaponry, however, the base is armed with "Kanmusu"—girls who harbor the spirits of Japanese warships—possessing the ability to don weaponized gear that allows them to harness the powerful souls within themselves. Fubuki, a young Destroyer-type Kanmusu, joins the base as a new recruit; unfortunately for her, despite her inexperience and timid nature, she is assigned to the famous Third Torpedo Squadron and quickly thrust into the heat of battle. When she is rescued from near annihilation, the rookie warship resolves to become as strong as the one who saved her.
It tries to be Ars Nova, but feels even worse than Strike Witches.  
Overall Rating: 5/10
14. Juuou Mujin no Fafnir Unlimited Fafnir 銃皇無尽のファフニール [Diomedéa] (Finished 4/12)
Tags: Harem, School Action, Fantasy, Romance
Midgar, all-girl academy, would have been notable just for the action of accepting its first and only male student, Yuu Mononobe. But Midgar stands out for much more than that: it's a school exclusive to a group of girls known as D's. Each of them have extremely powerful abilities in generating dark matter and manipulating it into powerful weaponry.
The D's didn't exist twenty-five years ago, and only appeared after a number of mysterious, destructive monsters known as "Dragons" started appearing around the world. Strangely, just as suddenly as they appeared, they vanished. In their destructive wake, some girls started being born with symbols on their bodies and powers similar in nature to those wielded by the Dragons themselves.
Now the D's attend this school, hoping to harness and utilize their powers against the Dragons. Yuu is their latest member and is extraordinary for being the only known male D in existence. Now he must forge relationships with the girls around him, including his long separated sister who attends the school as well, and work with them to investigate and eliminate the threat of the powerful Dragons.
A typical banal harem wrapped into Norse mythology.  
Overall Rating: 5/10
15. Junketsu no Maria Maria the Virgin Witch 純潔のマリア [Production I.G] (Finished 7/12)
Tags: Seinen Historical Comedy, Fantasy, Romance
Maria is a powerful young witch living with her two familiars in medieval France during the Hundred Years' War against England. As the war rages on and the innocent get caught in its destruction, Maria becomes fed up with the situation and begins using her magic to try and prevent further conflict in hopes of maintaining peace. However, her constant intervention soon attracts the attention of the heavens, and the archangel Michael is sent to keep her from meddling in human affairs. The divine being confronts Maria, and he forbids her from using her powers, issuing a decree that her magic will be taken if she loses her virginity. Though she is now labeled a heretic, Maria adamantly refuses to heed Michael's warning and continues to disrupt the war between the two nations. But as the Church begins plotting to take away the witch's power and put a stop to Maria's interference once and for all, her peacemaking may soon come to an end.
Witch wants to stop wars and to lose virginity to gain more power... and most others are ok with the wars going on. And everything whirls around these two pesky conflicts. It's a mess, but most importantly it's void on the inside.  
Overall Rating: 6/10
16. Isuca ISUCA [イスカ]  [Arms] (Finished 3/10)
Tags: Seinen Harem, Mythology, School Action, Comedy, Romance, Supernatural, Ecchi
Poor Shinichirou Asano has the worst of luck. His parents abandoned him and ran off to Europe. If that isn't bad enough on its own, they barely left him any money to take care of himself. In order to pay rent and keep a roof over his head, he has to work. Unfortunately, he was just fired from his last job and as a high school student, he doesn't have many other prospects.
One evening, he's attacked by a centipede monster on his way home. Shinichirou is saved by a mysterious girl with a bow and arrow, who he later discovers is Sakuya Shimazu, a beautiful student who attends his school. But when he later helps an injured girl, he discovers two things. First, the injured girl isn't human at all but rather a nekomata, a two-tailed demon cat. And second, Sakuya comes from a family of exorcists, who've protected humanity from rogue monsters and spirits for generations. Because Shinichirou was responsible for releasing the nekomata, Sakuya enlists his help in recapturing the demon, but that's just the beginning of Shinichirou's relationship with Sakuya. It turns out the Shimazu family needs a housekeeper and it just so happens that Shinichirou excels at cooking and likes to clean! It may not be his dream job, but if it pays the rent and puts food on the table...
Shana imitation, but with full harem.  
Overall Rating: 5/10
17. Yuri Kuma Arashi ユリ熊嵐 [SILVER LINK.] (Finished 4/12)
Tags: Anthropomorphic, Psychological, School Avant Garde, Drama, Fantasy, Girls Love, Ecchi
In the past, humanoid bears coexisted with humans. However, a meteor shower that fell onto Earth had a strange effect on bears throughout the world: they suddenly became violent and hungry for human flesh, spurring an endless cycle of bloodshed in which bear ate man and man shot bear, forgetting the lively relationship they once had. The "Wall of Severance" was thus built, separating the two civilizations and keeping peace.
Kureha Tsubaki and Sumika Izumino are two lovers attending Arashigaoka Academy, who, upon the arrival of two bears that have sneaked through the Wall of Severance and infiltrated the academy, find their relationship under a grave threat. The hungering yet affectionate bears, Ginko Yurishiro and Lulu Yurigasaki, seem to see the bear-hating Kureha as more than just another meal, and in getting closer to her, trigger an unraveling of secrets that Kureha may not be able to bear.
When their relationships provoke the Invisible Storm, a group that keeps order within the ideological school, the girls must stand on trial with their love, embarking on a journey of self-discovery en route to attaining true love's "promised kiss."
It's literally episodic nonsense. It challenges my sanity and gives nothing in return.  
Overall Rating: 5/10
18. Rolling☆Girls The Rolling Girls ローリング☆ガールズ [Wit Studio] (Finished 5/12)
Tags: CGDCT, Super Power Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
In a dystopian future where Japan's political organization has crumbled after the Great Tokyo War, Japan is broken up into 10 independent nations, with each nation controlled by a gang led by a "Best," a human-proclaimed prophet with destructive superpowers. Nozomi Moritomo is a "Rest"—a normal girl that has just started out as a rookie in the local gang. She wants to help the Best Masami Utoku, her childhood friend and role model, in the ongoing territorial dispute.
When Masami becomes severely injured and unable to fight, Nozomi decides to go on a mission to complete the requests sent to Masami from all over Japan. Along the way, she meets Yukina Kosaka, a shy girl with no sense of direction; Ai Hibiki, an upbeat girl who loves eating; and Chiaya Misono, a quiet and mysterious girl that wears a gas mask. Together, the four girls travel all over the country on their motorcycles while getting involved in territorial wars, disagreements, and even suspicious conspiracies.
CGDCT says it all, but this time also road movie instead of school or home.  
Overall Rating: 6/10
19. Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu LOVE! Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! 美男高校地球防衛部LOVE! [Diomedéa] (Finished 1/12)
Tags: Parody, School Comedy
Why should girls get to have all the fun? These magical boys are here to save the world from the loveless... at least that's what the pink wombat who gives them their magical powers wants them to do.
In Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Love!, the main characters are the members of the "Earth Defense Club" at the Binan High School, though all they really want to do is hang out, goof off, and relax at the nearby Kurotama Bath. One fateful day, though, a pink wombat appears out of nowhere and forces these five high school students to become "Battle Lovers" and protect Earth from a trio of villains who are taking orders from a green hedgehog. Over the course of the series, the Battle Lovers will take on a variety of fiends, including the chikuwabu monster, a chopstick phantom, a monster remote control, and plenty more strange enemies!
Will the heirs to the throne of love be able to protect Earth from those who want to destroy love? Or will the Earth Conquest Club fill the world with hate?
As expected, cringe squared.  
Overall Rating: 5/10
20. Koufuku Graffiti Gourmet Girl Graffiti 幸腹グラフィティ [Shaft] (Finished 2/12)
Tags: Seinen CGDCT Comedy, Gourmet, Slice of Life
The path to becoming a fine wife begins with being an accomplished cook—at least, that is what Ryou Machiko's late grandmother had led her to believe. For a middle schooler, Ryou's cooking skills are incomparable; but recently, though Ryou's food looks appetizing and smells inviting, the taste has not been delicious. Just when the dejected art student comes to terms with the possibility that she might continue living alone for the rest of her life, her aunt tells her that Kirin Morino—Ryou's second cousin—will begin staying with her every weekend since the younger girl has joined a cram school in Tokyo and aims to attend the same school as Ryou.
Surprisingly, with her cousin's arrival, Ryou finds that her cooking has vastly improved—apparently, it is not her prowess in the kitchen, but the sharing of the experience with those closest to her that seems to make the flavors shine.
Gourmet SOL is the worst kind of SOL.  
Overall Rating: 5/10
21. The iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls アイドルマスター シンデレラガールズ [A-1 Pictures] (Finished 1/13)
Tags: Idols (Female), Music Comedy, Drama
Uzuki Shimamura is an aspiring student who dreams of being an idol. After failing her first audition, a producer from 346 Productions tells Uzuki that she has been chosen for the "Cinderella Project," a new idol group. The project, however, still lacks two other members, so the producer needs to scout suitable candidates.
The producer's eyes fall upon Rin Shibuya, who is in the midst of an incident with an upset crowd. As the imposing producer defends her, the two of them are taken in for interrogation by the police, and released after some explanation. Taking this opportunity, he scouts Rin for the Cinderella Project, only to be rejected. Will the producer be able to find two more members for his idol group?
Overall Rating: 5/10
22. Dog Days'' ドッグデイズ'' [Seven Arcs Pictures] (Finished 1/12)
Tags: Isekai Action, Adventure, Fantasy 
Cinque Izumi, Nanami Takatsuki, and Rebecca Anderson must once again embark on a journey to the continent of Flonyard and participate in the friendly war games of the three allied nations: Biscotti Republic, Galette, and Pastilage. Cinque is Biscotti’s hero, who also happens to be the cousin of Galette’s hero Nanami. Rebecca is Pastillage’s hero and a dear friend of Cinque.
Dog Days'' begins in the human world. Rebecca prepares her things for her journey back to Pastilage from Japan. Meanwhile, Cinque and Nanami set out to travel to Biscotti and Galette, respectively, all the way from England, when suddenly, a freakish streak of bad luck—in the form of lightning, of course—sends them off course. They soon find themselves in the great Dragon Forest, protected by a Dragon Priestess named Sharu. The Dragon Priestess informs them that demons threaten to invade the forest, as well as the whole continent of Flonyard!
It looks like a real war is about to begin in Dog Days''. Can these three heroes save the whole continent from these evil beings?
Overall Rating: 5/10
23. Yoru no Yatterman Yatterman Night 夜ノヤッターマン [Tatsunoko Production] (Finished 1/12)
Tags: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama 
Several generations after the original Yatterman series, Leopard lives with her mother and guardians, Dorothy, Voltkatze, and Elephantus, just outside the prosperous Yatter Kingdom. She lives a happy if impoverished life, unaware of her ancestral ties to the infamous Doronbow Gang, until she discovers a mural of Doronjo, Boyacky, and Tonzura in a sealed off area of her home. It turns out that Dorothy, Voltkatze, and Elephantus are descendants of the villainous gangsters, which is why they have been forbidden from entering the hero Yatterman's Kingdom!
At first, Leopard vows to never engage in villainous actions like her ancestors, but new circumstances may mean that she must go back on her word, donning the identity of villain in search of true justice.
Overall Rating: 5/10
24. Sengoku Musou Samurai Warriors 戦国無双 [Tezuka Productions, TYO Animations] (Finished 12/12)
Tags: Historical, Samurai Action
Toyotomi Hideyoshi is on the verge of unifying the realm, and all that remains is the Odawara Castle protected by the "Lion of Sagami" Ujiyasu Houjou. Hideyoshi's personally trained generals—Ishida Mitsunari, Katou Kiyomasa, and Fukushima Masanori—as well as Ootani Yoshitsugu, Shima Sakon, and Naoe Kanetsugu are all on the frontline of the battle. Amidst the battle formation are the two young warriors of the Sanada household: older brother Nobuyuki and younger brother Yukimura. As the stalemate begins to break down, Sanada Yukimura rides on a lone horse into the fray. His brother follows him right after.
It started well, but went into flashy mythologems and ended with Sengoku being just competition for the title of strongest warrior, pretty stupid 
Overall Rating: 6/10
25. Soukyuu no Fafner: Dead Aggressor - Exodus 蒼穹のファフナー Dead Aggressor EXODUS [Xebec, I.Gzwei] (Finished 3/13)
Tags: Mecha, Military Action, Drama, Sci-Fi
2150 AD. The battle against the silicon-based Festums from outer space reaches a new phase. Fragments of the North Pole Mir were scattered throughout the world. Eventually, they began to act on their own as independent Mirs. Most hated humanity and attacked them, but some chose to coexist with mankind. Some with the same way of thinking existed within the human race, as well: those who were both human and Festum. They added to the chaos of the battle and brought about even more hatred.
Same messy mecha as movie and with much more fillers, obviously, but story is morally old for me, plus, no decent characters spotted.  
Overall Rating: 6/10
26. Go! Princess Precure Go! Princess Pretty Cure Go! プリンセスプリキュア [Toei Animation] (Finished 1/50)
Tags: Mahou Shoujo, School Action, Comedy, Fantasy
Ever since she was young, Haruka Haruno has always aspired to become a princess. Despite being mocked for this seemingly childish wish, Haruka perseveres to make her dream a reality, ultimately culminating in her acceptance into the prestigious Noble Academy—the birthplace of people's fantasies.
When Haruka arrives at her new school, a chance encounter with a pair of magical creatures influences a series of unbelievable events, and Haruka awakens as "Cure Flora," the princess of blooming flowers. After two of Haruka's classmates also transform into legendary princesses, a story of self-discovery unfolds as the newfound team "Princess Precure" carries the responsibility of protecting everyone's dreams. Engaged in a battle between hope and despair, Haruka may find the key toward becoming the princess she has always dreamed to be.
Overall Rating: 6/10
27. Tantei Kageki Milky Holmes TD 探偵歌劇ミルキィホームズTD [J.C.Staff, Nomad] (Finished 1/12)
Tags: Super Power Comedy, Mystery
There have been many cases of stolen songs happening among the idols in Yokohama District recently. Even super idol Marine Amagi's hit song "Kiseki no Uta" was taken away. At the request of Marine, the Milky Holmes team starts investigating the case.
Overall Rating: 6/10
28. Shounen Hollywood: Holly Stage for 50 少年ハリウッド-HOLLY STAGE FOR 50- [Zexcs] (Finished 1/13)
Tags: Idols (Male), Music, Performing Arts
Second Season of Shounen Hollywood: Holly Stage for 49.
Overall Rating: 5/10
29. Na Sa Er Ding 那萨尔丁 [-] (Finished 1/100)
Tags: Mythology Adventure, Fantasy
In the depths of a vast western desert exists a terrible sand devil. He is bent on turning the forests, rivers, grasslands, and oases of the Western Regions into barren deserts under his rule. In order to save the inhabitants and prevent desertification, a group of young adventurers sets out to the Kunlun Mountains to find the legendary Hu Poplar King and curb the spread of sand.
Not translated Chinese anime for kids.  
Overall Rating: 5/10
30. Yong Zhe Da Maoxian 勇者大冒险 [CG Year] (Finished 1/26)
Tags: Adventure, Fantasy 
Scattered throughout the world is proof of an advanced prehistoric civilization. There exist those who desperately want to learn more about these ancient people. The series follows people who set out on an adventure to uncover the truth.
Not translated Chinese fully CGH half-length series. Basically, road movie with several protagonists who encounter different demons and deal with them, usually in a humorous way. All for the sake of antics, no real direction here.  
Overall Rating: 5/10
31. Kidou Senshi Gundam: The Origin Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin 機動戦士ガンダムTHE ORIGIN [Sunrise] (Finished 6/6)
Tags: Shounen Mecha, Military, Space Action, Sci-Fi
In the year 0068 of the Universal Century, Casval Rem Deikun's life is thrown into chaotic disarray after the assassination of his father, a prolific figure in the crusade towards civil rights for people who live away from the Earth's surface. Casval and his sister Artesia receive aid from soldiers who were loyal to their father, and the siblings are whisked away from their home, separated, and thrown into a twisted fate that sees them come into their own as soldiers and adults.
Years before stealing the name Char Aznable or his "Red Comet" moniker, Casval must contend with the rise of a militarized version of his father's ideology and his own vengeful nature as intergalactic war molds him into a legendary mobile suit pilot.
Prequel was an excellent opportunity to craft a complex story full of intrigues. But there was not enough complexity for me, especially in personalities. Everything is either white or black with very rare grades. It's still the best Gundam I've seen and it should be a treat for fans.  
Overall Rating: 6/10
32. Psycho-Pass Movie Psycho-Pass: The Movie 劇場版 サイコパス [Production I.G] (Finished 1/1)
Tags: Adult Cast, Detective, Military Action, Sci-Fi
Due to the incredible success of the Sibyl System, Japan has begun exporting the technology to other countries with the hope that it will one day be used all around the world. In order to test its effectiveness in a foreign location, the war-torn state of the South East Asian Union (SEAUn) decides to implement the system, hoping to bring peace and stability to the town of Shambala Float and keep the population in check.
However, a group of anti-Sibyl terrorists arrive in Japan, and the Ministry of Welfare's Public Safety Bureau discovers significant evidence that the invaders are being aided by Shinya Kougami, a former Enforcer who went rogue. Because of their past relationship, Akane Tsunemori is sent to SEAUn to bring him back, but with their last meeting years in the past, their reunion might not go quite as planned.
Overall Rating: 6/10
33. Hana to Alice: Satsujin Jiken The Case of Hana & Alice 花とアリス 殺人事件 [Steve N' Steven, Rockwell Eyes] (Finished 1/1)
Tags: Award Winning, Drama, Mystery 
After transferring to Ishinomori Middle School, Tetsuko "Alice" Arisugawa overhears her classmates discussing a strange rumor. The previous occupant of her seat, a nondescript "Judas," is missing and presumed murdered—poisoned by one of his four wives. Amidst dealing with her mother's undesired meddling in her affairs and warding off her classmates' bullying, the troubled Alice starts to investigate the mystery surrounding Judas' disappearance.
The trail of clues leads her to the house of her next-door neighbor, the quirky and reclusive Hana Arai. After an awkward introduction, Hana agrees to help Alice and formulates a plan that may lead them to the answers they seek. The two girls embark on a journey to uncover what happened to Judas, and perhaps a friendship may start to blossom between the two along the way.
Motion capture seems to be used, so animations are nice, but content is rather boring and leading nowhere, so should be only considered for something ephemeral as emotions.  
Overall Rating: 6/10
34. Aki no Kanade アキの奏で [J.C.Staff] (Finished 1/1)
Tags: Music, School Slice of Life
Aki Miyagawa moved to Tokyo to pursue her dream to be a taiko drummer, but had a hard time balancing her strict training regimen with her part-time job. Now, after 15 years, she's returning to coach others for a taiko festival.
There was already anime about Kyoto dancers for a festival, now about traditional drummers for a festival... too boring and too short.  
Overall Rating: 6/10
35. Appleseed Alpha  [Sola Digital Arts] (Finished 1/1)
Tags: Seinen Detective, Mecha, Military Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Set in a different series of events, this story does not follow the previous Appleseed movie canon (despite being directed by the same director of the previous movies); it is an alternate story to their beginnings. Briareos is already a cyborg and did not become separated from Deunan to be later reunited in Olympus to join ESWAT.
Appleseed Alpha depicts the early days of Deunan Knute and Briareos in the 22nd century, as they embark on a journey throughout dystopic ruins of New York in search of the city of Olympus. They are hired by Two Horns, the warlord of the ruined city, to eliminate bipedal combat machines. During the fight, they encounter Iris and Olson, both on a mission. Deunan and Briareos befriend them and decide to join their mission.
Iris is tasked with preventing the malevolent cyborg Talos from capturing a secret weapon humans were building. Talos uses Iris to activate the gigantic war machine.
Great CGI, action and worldbuilding, but there's not much for the seinen story. So, very nice, but not super enjoyable, and definitely not mandatory.  
Overall Rating: 6/10
36. Saenggakboda Markeun Clearer Than You Think 생각보다 맑은 [-] (Finished 1/1)
Tags: Drama, Slice of Life
Our lives in the real world stand at the crossroads of countless decisions. The characters of this film—Maro and Crow, the department chief Ms. Kim, Sweet Potato and Titi, Ye-mi and Gang-bo—live in an imaginary animated world, but they face the real life concerns that confront all of us. This story takes a funny yet bittersweet look at the vast gulf between the reality and ideals of our lives at different moments—before we make a choice, during the process of choosing, and after a choice has been made.
Not translated. Drawing is very simplistic. Feels like some kind of psychedelics.  
Overall Rating: 5/10
37. Yi Wan Nian Yi Hou 10000 Years Later 天籁之一萬年以后 [Yili Animation Studio] (Finished 1/1)
Tags: Fantasy
Hundreds of thousands of years after the collapse of civilization, the world is a post-tech wasteland, and is inhabited by humanoid tribes. The Peace held between them is threatened by the return of Wushen, an evil shape-shifting ghost of modern technology. Wushen threatens to enslave the world population. Zhuma, a ten-year-old girl is the heroine of the story, accompanied by Zhanggong, her lion-like Tibetan Mastiff dog. Chosen, and helped by a ethereal goddess she must assemble a band of allies from the surviving tribes to fight Wushen, and stop him from gaining control over an ancient power.
Full CGI. Very eclectic world as if the aim was to make everything different from normal no matter the reason. Grotesque, disgusting, shallow.  
Overall Rating: 5/10
38. Shi Wan Ge Leng Xiaohua Movie 1 One Hundred Thousand Bad Jokes 十万个冷笑话; 十万个冷笑话 大电影 [L²Studio] (Finished 1/1)
Tags: Parody Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy
The film adaptation of the One Hundred Thousand Bad Jokes web manhua.
Nonsense parody with CGI usage. Some jokes are not exactly bad, but nonsensical, so so it's was chore to sit it through for me.  
Overall Rating: 5/10


Recommended Comments

Ansatsu Kyoushitsu- I enjoyed it and it is massively popular.  However, I'm sure some people hate on it.

Shinmai Maou-  Ecchi fantasy in the modern era.  All the seasons of this anime are devoted to giving us blue balls.

Seiken Tsukai no World Break- For chuuni fans, this anime is pure delicious delicious junk food.  For everyone else it is meh, lol.

Absolute duo- One of several 'modern-day fantasy' anime that came out during this season and one of many during this particular three year period.  It is completely average, unfortunately... though I still enjoyed it.

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I see that we start to get the anime that I recognize here. Anyway, let's see what I can comment on Winter 2015 anime here.

Assassination Classroom - It's about the thing who is about to destroy the world within a year and said thing somehow want to be killed by the group of outcast students with the thing decided to become the teacher for the students. Of course there'll be more of it besides the premise, so long story short I'll just say that it has some focus on assassination. Ultimately though, this is the story about a badass teacher helping the students (Something like Nube or Onizuka) even with unusual premise.

GPPC - I admit that I posted the image song for each Precure at each of their birthday in here. Anyway compared to last two Precure (DDPC and HapCha), this is the series that manage to unify the people in which almost everyone find that it has good character and fighting animation, although it definitely help that both DDPC and HapCha are very divisive amongst Precure fans. Naturally with such good Precure series, the expectation on how Precure series should be is become ridiculous so much that few people hope for the GPPC sequel (Nevermind that Toei already gave up on the sequel after YPC5GG). Anyway the premise is about Haruka (Or as I called Haruharu) met a prince who tell her to keep fighting on dream, and from there she work very hard to enter Noble Academy which is the same school name in Kirikoi. Obviously, she'll become Precure who would fight against the group of baddies, which in this case it's Dysdark that has the goal to plunge people into despair.

Saekano - After successful with WA2, Maruto decided to move on to the new media, which in this case it's light novel. For Saekano, it's more or less about has the story about the VN making (Something that Maruto should know a lot seeing that he wrote several VNs besides WA2), and for VN making story coincidentally we have another anime with the same focus on this year (16-Bit Sensation).

Yuri Kuma Arashi - The anime that focused on LGBT, or rather on GL issue with the symbolic stuffs that came from the director Kunihiko Ikuhara who also direct old GL anime Utena. It would be too long if I talk about on how it represent the issue revolving around GL, so I'll just mention that the artist drawing is quite cute as shown in several GL manga that she made.

Koufuku Grafitti - It's CGDCT featuring cousin with they enjoying good food, and Shaft surely could make good drawing of the food so much that it could give the audience Food Porn with the characters have become very expressive whenever they eat delicious food.

Yoru no Yatterman - I guess the staffs are more or less treat Doronjo as the main character with the titular Yatterman as the side character lol. Anyway, in here Doronjo trio find themselves fighting against Yatterman with Yatterman themselves is the one who took the role of the villain here, and that's all for what I can say while avoiding the spoiler.

That's all for what I can write in regard of Winter 2015 anime here.

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