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Anime of the Year 1990-I Winter - Chibi Maruko-chan



Chibi Maruko-chan is the first anime that gets a flawless masterpiece score from me.
1. Watashi no Ashinaga Ojisan My Daddy Long Legs 私のあしながおじさん  [Nippon Animation] (Dropped 3/40)
Tags: Shoujo Historical, School Comedy, Romance, Slice of Life
Daddy Long Legs is based on the novel of the same name by Jean Webster. It chronicles the adventures of Judy Abbott, an orphan in New York. During a meeting for the superintendent, with other important and rich people in attendance, a scholarship is offered to Judy by a mysterious benefactor. Catching only a glimpse of his tall shadow as he leaves, Judy calls him "Daddy Long Legs" and writes him letters every month as per his request. While studying at the Lincoln Memorial school, she makes many friends and learns about a world she never knew about before.
World Masterpiece Theatre part, probably the best of the series. Still I can't enjoy it no matter what.  
Overall Rating: 6/10
2. Kyattou Ninden Teyandee Samurai Pizza Cats キャッ党忍伝てやんでえ  [Tatsunoko Production] (Dropped 3/54)
Tags: Shounen Anthropomorphic, Mecha, Super Power Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi
In the city of Edoropolis, hundreds of mechanical animals live in harmony alongside each other. However, when Lord Wanko discovers that the shogun's chief advisor, Lord Korn, is plotting to take over the government, he knows that something must be done to preserve the peace. In order to thwart Korn's plans, Wanko forms the Nyankees—an elite ninja team led by the fearless Yattarou, who wields the mystic sword Masamasa. With all this power, the Nyankees seem unstoppable!
But Korn's schemes are not the only thing the team has to worry about. Secretly based out of the popular Pizza Cats restaurant, the Nyankees must keep their operations hidden while delivering piping-hot plates of pizza and justice.
It is a series for kids. As such, I'm absolutely incompatible.  
Overall Rating: 5/10
3. Chibi Maruko-chan ちびまる子ちゃん [Nippon Animation] (Dropped 50/142)
Tags: Shoujo Comedy, Slice of Life 
Momoko Sakura is an elementary school student who likes popular idol Momoe Yamaguchi and mangas. She is often called "Chibi Maruko-chan" due to her young age and small size. She lives together with her parents, her grandparents and her elder sister in a little town. In school, she has many friends with whom she studies and plays together everyday, including her close pal, Tama-chan; the student committee members, Maruo-kun and Migiwa-san; and the B-class trio: 'little master' Hanawa-kun, Hamaji-Bu Taro and Sekiguchi-kun. This is a fun-loving and enjoyable anime that portrays the simple things in life.
This is the only anime that I check translation status every few years. Can't give genius masterpiece score because because concept itself is far from breakthrough. But I can give flawless masterpiece , because all elements fit perfectly here and nothing similar to this experience can repeat anymore - the best SOL anime about elementary school possible.  
Overall Rating: 9/10
4. Dragon Quest: Yuusha Abel Densetsu ドラゴンクエスト~勇者アベル伝説~ [Pierrot, Studio Comet] (Finished 43/43)
Tags: Shounen Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Dragon Quest is loosely based on Dragon Quest III. The names and some of the characters are familar, but the world map is smaller and a very different shape. The two main characters are Abel and Tialah. Tialah receives the legendary Red Stone from the Aliahan Village sage Master Yogi. Soon after, Tialah is kidnapped by the evil Baramos who wants to use the Red Stone to resurrect The Great Dragon and be granted eternal life. Abel swore to rescue Tialah and he is given the Blue Stone, which can only seal the Dragon once it has been released.
Several years ago I really wanted to see the plot of Dragon Quest without playing the games, and series fit nice for it. It was partly amusing, but rather childish and with a lot of repetitions that would make sense for a game and not so much for a story driven anime, like find 6 pillars of different elements. Felt pretty average to me, would be better with more concentration and smaller length.  
Overall Rating: 5/10
5. Yuusha Exkaiser 勇者エクスカイザー [Sunrise] (Dropped 3/48)
Tags: Shounen Mecha Action, Sci-Fi
When aliens plan to invade earth, the young Kouta along with a giant robot from outspace named Exkaiser must team up to save the world and his friends.
Sunrise was a boon for mecha as it guaranteed a certain level of quality, but at the same time it's like their 30th long mecha series or so - and it's hardly possible to make a breakthrough while having such busy production schedules. What we have is yet another simple children oriented mecha with enough personality and humor, but I can't see it anywhere higher than average.  
Overall Rating: 5/10
6. Heisei Tensai Bakabon 平成天才バカボン [Pierrot] (Dropped 3/46)
Tags: Gag Humor Comedy, Slice of Life
A comedy about a former genius who has now become very eccentric and senile. His family deals with all the crazy problems he and his old friends cause around the neighborhood.
Not translated. It's not much different from two previous Bakabon anime, gags are generally too absurd.  
Overall Rating: 5/10
7. Devilman: Yochou Sirene-hen Devilman: The Demon Bird デビルマン 妖鳥シレーヌ編  [Oh! Production] (Finished 1/1)
Tags: Mythology Horror, Sci-Fi, Supernatural
Demons exist and their power is beyond what humans can fathom. In fact they are so strong that humans do not stand a chance against them in a fight.
The only thing strong enough to defeat a demon is another demon and it is trough this logic that Ryo Asuka hatches the plan to have his good-hearted friend Akira Fudo possessed by a demon. If a person is of pure of heart then he might be able to control the demon that posses him and thereby acquire power equal to a demon. After raising some hell in a club the plan works and Akira is possessed by the powerful demon known as Amon.
Now Akira is humanities sole champion of justice against the hidden demon menace that has plagued humanity since the dawn of time.
First movie was retelling of the birth of devilman, this is the first plot development after franchise reboot. It's the last time I'm bringing up Devilman movies as my score can't change and contents remain more or less the same.  
Overall Rating: 6/10
8. 1+2=Paradise 1+2=パラダイス  [J.C.Staff] (Finished 2/2)
Tags: Seinen Harem, Love Polygon Comedy, Romance, Ecchi
Yuusuke Yamamoto has a crippling phobia of women, and understandably so—the twin girls living next door tried to cut off his penis as a child. Unfortunately, Yuusuke's father is a gynecologist and needs him to overcome his fear so he can inherit the family business. To accomplish this, Yuusuke's father offers sanctuary to sisters Rika and Yuka Nakamura in their home while the girls are studying at the nearby college.
In a terrible twist of fate, when Yuusuke realizes that their guest room is too small for two people, he is forced to choose which of the sisters is allowed to stay. Desperate to win his favor, the brazen Yuka and the more reserved Rika are willing to do whatever it takes to impress and eventually sway Yuusuke—even if it means making things physical and personal.
Looks like it's the originator and trendsetter for all the ecchi harem comedy. There's literally nothing else here except fooling around.  
Overall Rating: 4/10
9. Be-Bop Highschool ビー・バップ・ハイスクール [Toei Animation] (Finished 7/7)
Tags: Seinen Delinquents, School Comedy
For the invincible and basically happy punk lads Hiroshi and Toru, what they care about every day is to get a lot of attention from girls and to win the fights against the lads from other schools. Whenever provoked, they just go out fighting and settle the situation no matter what it costs.
A well-done delinquents anime with enough episodical comedy. At the same time there's not much interesting in the genre for me unless it goes full-scale comedy route like Cromartie High School or adds complexity like GTO. It loses even in comparison with Shounan Bakusouzoku that had a lot more variety with different kinds of episodes, while Be-Bop Highschool always has violence in the center and something else that might come up is always episodic. I'm not enjoying it at all. 
Overall Rating: 6/10
10. Umezu Kazuo no Noroi The Curse of Kazuo Umezu 楳図かずおの呪い  [Takahashi Studio] (Finished 1/1)
Tags: Horror
"Do not toy with the supernatural."
Two stories of the consequences that descend upon humans who venture beyond the safe confines of their ordinary worlds.
When a gorgeous girl named Rima transfers into Masami's class, she's not only jealous, but also deathly frightened of her. While the boys in class are tripping all over themselves to get to Rima, Masami's having nightmares of a ghastly visitor and finding scars on her body come morning. She asks a friend to help her get evidence to confirm her suspicions about the new girl. But if a picture is worth a thousand words, a video must be worth far more. The truth can set you free, but it can also be more terrifying than anything you can imagine.
Shy Miko and her more outgoing friend Nanako are enjoying their summer vacation, trying to make the most of their youth. But when horror-movie marathons just aren't thrilling enough, Nanako sets her eyes on a new target: an abandoned mansion at the edge of town, said to be haunted. With two other friends in tow, a reluctant Miko and a gung-ho Nanako enter the mansion. Soon, everything that can go wrong starts going wrong. Only luck or a miracle will allow them manage to escape the mansion with their lives, their sanity, and even their sense of reality.
There's no reason to watch it if you don't like horror, as there's nothing besides it.  
Overall Rating: 5/10
11. Sol Bianca SOL BIANCA (ソル·ビアンカ) [AIC] (Finished 2/2)
Tags: Space Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi 
Five female pirates pilot the Sol Bianca, a starship with a higher level of technology than any other known. With it, they seek out riches, such as the Gnosis, an legendary item of power, and pasha, the most valuable mineral in the galaxy. Along the way, they must consider a stowaway's quest to save the one he loves, and seek revenge against those that have wronged them.
A nice small amusing Sci-Fi OVA. Far from masterpiece though.  
Overall Rating: 6/10
12. Dirty Pair: Bouryaku no 005-bin Original Dirty Pair: Flight 005 Conspiracy ダーティペア 謀略の005便 [Sunrise] (Finished 1/1)
Tags: Detective Action, Adventure, Comedy, Sci-Fi
It's Chief Gooley's worst nightmare come true. The Lovely Angels are back on the job, but this time the 3WA's Central Computer has assigned them two cases at the same time: investigate a space liner explosion in which three hundred people died, but no one`s come forward to claim any insurance money; and find a missing scientist and his family.
Could the two cases be connected? Only the Central Computer knows and it's not talking. So it's up the Dirty Pair to get down and dirty and solve the puzzle before time runs out for a grieving grandfather, his family and the universe!
Just action/detective with a lot of convenience. Since there's very little humor or funny conversations, 5 is all it can hope for. It does not feel like a plot made for Dirty Pair, more like a plot for *insert any sci-fi franchise with 2+ protagonists*.  
Overall Rating: 5/10
13. Ankoku Shinwa 暗黒神話 [Ajia-Do] (Finished 1/1)
Tags: Mythology, Psychological Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Supernatural
Long ago there were fierce gods of legends who shook the earth to its foundation with their power. There are now prehistoric rivals from the primitive times in Japan, that fought to protect their secrets in the present day. The God of Darkness Susanoah-oh is now sleeping in the shadows of the underworld waiting for his rebirth. However his coming hasn't gone unoticed. There are agents from the Kikuchi Clan (descendants of Japans first inhabitants) who have seen the warning signs of the spreading of darkness's bringing. These investigators are armed with ancient knowledge and artifacts who are willingly prepared to face the God of Darkness. Now they must fight the assembled spirits of hell to find the one young boy who is chosen by fate to grasp the chaotic might of the deadly Gods.
Below average horror, thus not recommended even within the genre.  
Overall Rating: 4/10
14. Ankoku Shindenshou Takegami Guardian of Darkness 暗黒神伝承 武神 (Takegami) [J.C.Staff] (Finished 3/3)
Tags: Action, Drama, Sci-Fi, Supernatural
A trio of diabolical dragons stirs from eons of slumber deep within the earth. Charging to the surface, they launch a bloody rampage against humanity, feasting on the weak and gaining strength from their hapless victims' souls. It will take the power of ancient god Takegami, the Guardian of Darkness, to vanquish the evil serpent forces. But alas, the mortal body Takegami inhabits belongs to a host reluctant to fight.
Another example of average gory horror with a chosen warrior, but now this averageness lasts for two full hours...  
Overall Rating: 5/10
15. Eguchi Hisashi no Nantoka Narudesho! 江口寿史のNANTOKA [Madhouse] (Finished 1/1)
Tags: Shoujo Parody Comedy, Horror, Supernatural
Part anime, part live action, and part puppet show. This MAL entry duration will reflect the anime segment only. Nantoka Narudesho is a series of seemingly unrelated sketches. Viewer-be-warned, some sketches have not aged well and would be found extremely offensive due to racism, sexual depravity, and homophobia.
Offensive disgusting gags.  
Overall Rating: 3/10
16. Carol  [animate Film, Magic Bus] (Finished 1/1)
Tags: Shoujo Fantasy
Carol is the tale of a teenage girl whose life seems normal enough until she notices music disappearing from all around her, such as the sound of Big Ben, her father`s cello-playing, and the concert of her favorite band, Gaball Screen. After hearing some mysterious voices, Carol is transported to a fantastic world where she must fight against the evil monsters who are stealing the music from Earth. She meets and is assisted by three dashing heroes: Clark, Tico, and Flash.
A crazy immature variant of Alice in the wonderland.  
Overall Rating: 4/10
17. Gdleen ガデュリン [Ashi Productions] (Finished 1/1)
Tags: Fantasy, Sci-Fi 
Due to spacecraft failure earthlings Ryu with computer robot "MOS" landed on self-navigated planet Gdleen. There Ryu meets a cute Euradonian fairy Fana. At that time, the planet was in the midst of a dispute over a Gavana temple. Self proclaimed God Gavana captured Fana for a sacrifice. Would they be able to escape? And what the identity of Gavana?!
A short OVA that tells no decent story and just leaves viewer confused.  
Overall Rating: 4/10
18. Satsujin Kippu wa Heart-iro 殺人切符はハート色 [Deck] (Finished 1/1)
Tags: Shoujo Mystery
A detective story about a murder on a train based on a series of young-adult novels for women by Yamaura Hiroyasu. Seiko, while suspended from school (she has been bullied) goes to Nagasaki, where she finds herself involved in a murder mystery.
Romance detective mystery in just 50 mins? Its one of my hated genres, but from what I see they failed at everything here.  
Overall Rating: 4/10
19. Hana no Asukagumi! 2: Lonely Cats Battle Royale 花のあすか組! 2 ロンリーキャッツ・バトルロイヤル [Toei Animation] (Finished 1/1)
Tags: Shoujo Delinquents Adventure, Drama
Second OVA of "Hana no Asukagumi!". Asuka is a delinquent school girl. Her parents one day decide to give her a gold coin to use just case anything bad happened. Asuka decides to use this coin as a weapon to fight, for no actual reason. One day a club forms that starts a battle royale between a bunch of different gangs or individuals. Asuka is put in to the battle without her knowledge.
First part was really violent and featured dozens of characters. It is indeed battle royale, so naturally there's plenty of action. I see no reason in watching this series, maybe just because it's the only female delinquents anime I know.  
Overall Rating: 4/10
20. Super Real Mahjong: Kasumi Miki Shouko no Hajimemashite スーパーリアル麻雀 ミキ・カスミ・ショーコのはじめまして (スーパーリアル麻雀/かすみ・ミキ・ショー子のはじめまして)  [Datam Polystar] (Finished 1/1)
Tags: Strategy Game Comedy, Ecchi
An anime based on characters from the strip mahjong arcade game "Super Real Mahjong 2".
Just introduction of characters, some fanservice, some music, some cuteness. One big advertisement for the game.  
Overall Rating: 4/10
21. Kimama ni Idol 気ままにアイドル [Toei Animation] (Finished 1/1)
Tags: Idols (Female), Music, Showbiz
Three pretty girls want to make it big as pop stars, but it's tough on their way to the top. Based on a manga in Comic Burger by Kenichi Koya, it was distinguished by a marketing gimmick that had the three lead voice actresses taking to the stage for real in an early attempt at multimedia promotion.
Not translated. Seiyu to idol is a lucrative female career path. Lots of stamps, music and just silliness. Conclusion is so horrible that it nullifies all previous positive efforts .  
Overall Rating: 4/10
22. Hidari no O'Clock!! 左のオクロック!! [Toei Animation] (Finished 2/2)
Tags: Drama 
Yuu Shinozaki is fed up with living according to the clock, the clock that always turns right. His liberal thinking gets him in bad terms with his parents, teachers and childhood friend Aoi, with only his biker sister Moe to understand him. One day, after an exceptionally upsetting day at school, Yuu jumps on his motorbike and - with some help from Moe's friend Tetsuo - leaves home to have a taste of a different way of life, like making the clock turn left for a change.
Not translated. Translation would be welcome, because it's a high quality OVA about coming of age and breaking stereotypes of life according to timetable.  
Overall Rating: 6/10
23. Kizu darake no Tenshi-tachi Heartbroken Angels 傷だらけの天使たち [-] (Dropped 0/1)
Tags: Seinen Parody Comedy, Ecchi
Thirty-one stories based on the fourpanel manga strips drawn by Masahiko Kikuni for Young Sunday magazine make up this anime that mixes animation and live action (18 animated stories, 13 live-action stories).
Not found.  
Overall Rating: 0/10
24. Kentoushi 拳闘士  [Miyuki Production] (Finished 3/3)
Tags: Seinen Sports
Anime adaptation of the same name sports manga by Kurashina Ryou.
The above average boxer story, but my hate for spokons is too big to really like it.  
Overall Rating: 6/10
25. Maji 本気(マジ)! [Nippon Animation] (Finished 3/3)
Tags: Shounen Organized Crime Drama
Maji is a young hood in the Nagisa criminal organization whose name is synonymous with loyalty and truth. While driving away thugs, he meets and falls for local high school girl, Kumiko; however, complications ensue when he and his group run into the rival Kikuchi gang looking for trouble. Based on the first four volumes of the gang chivalry manga by Ayumi Tachihara.
Not translated. Yakuza advancement story. Believable, but violent and offensive, so can't find a reason to recommend it.  
Overall Rating: 4/10
26. Mashin Eiyuuden Wataru: Soukaizan Eiyuu Densetsu 魔神英雄伝ワタル 創界山英雄伝説 [Sunrise] (Dropped 0/1)
Tags: Shounen Mecha Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Compilation of the Mashin Eiyuuden Wataru series.
Not found.  
Overall Rating: 0/10
27. Dragon Ball Z Movie 02: Kono Yo de Ichiban Tsuyoi Yatsu Dragon Ball Z: The World's Strongest ドラゴンボールZ この世で一番強いヤツ  [Toei Animation] (Finished 1/1)
Tags: Shounen Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
In his laboratory, biotechnology expert Dr. Kochin gathers the dragon balls intending to free his master Dr. Uirou, a mad scientist hellbent on ruling the world, forever frozen in the never-melting ice of the Tsurumai-Tsuburi Mountains. Attempting to locate the dragon balls, Gohan Son and Oolong arrive at the scene and are ambushed by several creatures known as "Bio-Men." Training nearby, Piccolo attempts to save them but is then attacked by three mysterious warriors. When the ice beneath them breaks, it cuts their altercation short, burying Gohan and Oolong within.
After regaining consciousness, they return home to Kame House only to encounter Bio-Men, demanding Muten-Roushi to follow them. Refusing, he easily defeats the creatures, piquing Dr. Kochin's interest. Under the impression of Muten-Roushi being the strongest man in the world, Dr. Kochin takes Bulma hostage, forcing Roushi's agreement to accompany him in mysterious plans involving his master. Who are Dr. Kochin and Dr. Uirou? What even is their purpose?
Movie is so aimless and senseless that it puts a question why to watch Dragon Ball Z movies at all, so won't be listing any more movies from this franchise to not waste time on it.  
Overall Rating: 5/10
28. Maroko MAROKO 麿子 [Pierrot] (Finished 1/1)
Tags: Psychological Comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi 
Summary for the Gosenzosama Banbanzai! OVA.
Well, finally this thing is watchable now, six if you can stand all the absurdist gags.  
Overall Rating: 6/10
29. Mahoutsukai Sally (Movie) 魔法使いサリー  [Toei Animation] (Finished 1/1)
Tags: Shoujo Comedy 
This short movie tells the story of Sally, a teenage witch that came to Earth from the Magical Kingdom.
For some mysterious reason, spring has not started yet. Sally and her friends have to find the cause and fix the problem.
I'd rather see remake of the first 1966 series... this one is more childish.  
Overall Rating: 5/10
30. Tistou Midori no Oyayubi Tistou the Green Thumb チスト みどりのおやゆび  [Production I.G] (Dropped 0/1)
Tags: Historical
When eight-year-old Tistou is sent home from school after being unable to stop falling asleep at lessons, his father decides that he will continue his education by learning from observation of real life, and where better to start than in the garden!
With the gardener Mr. Moustache, Tistou discovers he has a remarkable gift—the green thumbs: everything he touches grows into beautiful plants. His next lesson is with the stern Mr. Turnbull, manager of his father's armament factory who takes Tistou to visit the town to learn about "order."
Over the course of the next few days Tistou learns many new things as he visits the town prison, the slums, and the hospital, and everywhere he tries to change the world into a better place with his new extraordinary power. Finally, he learns about war, and upon visiting his father's factory, he finds out that they supply the two countries at war with their weapons...
Not found.  
Overall Rating: 0/10
31. Ojisan Kaizou Kouza おじさん改造講座  [Pony Canyon] (Finished 1/1)
Tags: Comedy
Adapted from Shimizu Chinami and Furuya Yoshi's popular manga in Weekly Bunshun.
Not translated. Basically, a parody on old male workers that make up majority of workers. It would be really great to have this translated, at least for the opening remade song from Alps not shoujo Heidi, but sung by jeezers in ballet clothes. Some parts have female narrator, as females suffer from narrow-minded sexist jeezers at work the most.  
Overall Rating: 6/10
32. Umi Da! Funade Da! Nikoniko, Pun 海だ! 船出だ! にこにこ, ぷん  [Oh! Production] (Finished 1/1)
Tags: Comedy, Fantasy 
Animation movie by Hirata Toshio. This is Smiley Island, a planet very similar to Earth, located beyond the universe. One day, a letter from his mother arrives to Porori, a mouse boy. It is about the birth of his younger brother. Porori takes Jajamaru, a wildcat boy and Piccolo, a penguin girl, to visit his brother. However, the sailing ship carrying the party comes across a whale, and as a result is swept away to there Pirate Island. There, three fearsome pirates have been fighting over treasure for years...
Not translated. It is definitely work for kids. Thus not recommended.  
Overall Rating: 4/10
33. Kumo no You ni Kaze no You ni 雲のように風のように  [Pierrot] (Finished 1/1)
Tags: Historical Adventure, Drama, Romance 
Ginga, a small town girl sets out to become the Emperors Seihi, highest ranked wife, undaunted by the many other women who seek the same title. Her energetic and eccentric ways aid in her in meeting new people, training to be a Lady of the Emperor and dealing with the drama that ensues.
Tried to play in Ghibli with a distant and dim history piece. And it might be fine without history references, but those make the story rather unattractive. Nice overall, but I absolutely don't see it as a masterpiece .  
Overall Rating: 6/10
34. Warau Salesman Dai SP-banashi 笑ゥせぇるすまん 第SP話 [Shin-Ei Animation] (Dropped 2/8)
Tags: Seinen Adult Cast, Psychological Comedy, Drama, Supernatural
Specials of Warau Salesman broadcasted intermittently during the main show not included in the episode count of the main show. They are 3 times the length of a normal episode and fill a half hour time-slot.
I blocked series for formal reasons as episodes were just 10 minutes length. There seem to be only two translated episodes of specials that are each 30 minutes. Laughing Salesman is basically Mephisto who provides means to achieve one's heart desire with some condition and huge payback on violation. During this course usually worst character traits are revealed. Such concept is not close to me as well as realization, but it may be toyed with. Guess will see in the remake version that has normal length episodes.  
Overall Rating: 5/10

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Recommended Comments

I only recognize Maruko here, so may as well just comment on it. Anyway it's the work from the late Momoko Sakura in that it's the name of the MC, so yes basically this is the story of the author herself when she was in the elementary school (ie 3rd grade), or rather some of the stories are based on the late author herself. Maruko here is aired in Indonesia as well on Sunday morning and it become one of well known anime in here, although of course not as well known in Japan in that it's still aired until today even after the author's passing. By the way unlike Sazae-san in which it's not available in the other media beside direct broadcasting because of the author's wish, at least Maruko here has Blu-Ray even with some of missing episodes because of rights issue.

That's all for my comment in regard of 1990 anime, and nice to see that you like Maruko to a degree here.

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Damn, anime is and was still kinda trash. I only recognize Maruko, Devilman and Mashin Eiyuuden due to it's video game connection



Just goes to show that only 1% of these stand the test of time.

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