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Anime of the Year 1989 - Venus Senki



First of all, with 100 titles after filtering this is getting totally unreadable, so from 1990 I'm moving to coverage per season rather than per year. In 1989 there were quite a few surprises for me as I could call as many as five titles borderline masterpieces Venus Senki , Hoshi Neko Fullhouse , Majo no Takkyuubin , Tezuka Osamu Monogatari: Boku wa Son Gokuu , Assemble Insert with first one turning my personal favorite from this list. 
1. Peter Pan no Bouken Peter Pan & Wendy ピーターパンの冒険 [1989-I] Nippon Animation (Dropped 3/41)
Tags: Adventure, Fantasy
Wendy and her two little brothers are brought to the land of adventures, Neverland, by Peter pan, a boy who will never grow up. In Neverland they encounter exciting events and meet with little fairies, mermaids, Indians, and pirates. Required to act as a mother, Wendy never has a moments peace with all that is happening around her, including breath-taking fights with pirates. Later in the series, they set off to find a buried treasure with a map that they obtain from the pirates.
Just kids stuff , really.  
Overall Rating: 5/10
2. Chinpui チンプイ [1989-I] Shin-Ei Animation (Dropped 3/56)
Tags: Comedy
TV anime show based on the manga by F. Fujio Fujiko.
Chinpui is a mouse-shaped alien, and it's basically Doraemon imitator with girl protagonist and this mascot. Just as in Doraemon, themes are too childish for me already.  
Overall Rating: 5/10
3. Obocchama-kun おぼっちゃまくん [1989-I] Shin-Ei Animation (Finished 3/164)
Tags: Parody Comedy
Based on the children's award winning manga by Kobayashi Yoshinori, serialized in Shogakukan's CoroCoro Comic.
Not translated. And one more Doraemon imitator with small boy protagonist and a new classmate as if from another planet as he does not follow any social norms of behavior. As you can understand, children manga award is given for kids material, although I like to see social norms transgressed, so I'd gladly watch more episodes if they were translated.  
Overall Rating: 6/10
4. Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket 機動戦士ガンダム 0080 ポケットの中の戦争 [1989-I] Sunrise (Finished 6/6)
Tags: Mecha, Military, Space Drama, Sci-Fi
Alfred Izuruha is a 10-year-old who lives in the neutral colony cluster of Side 6 and, like most boys his age, is obsessed with the war between the Earth Federation and the Principality of Zeon. Unbeknownst to him, Al's next-door neighbor, Christina, is the test pilot of a prototype Gundam being developed in secret by the Earth Federation in the colony. A Zeon Special Forces team is assembled and tasked with infiltrating the colony in order to either steal or destroy it.
When a skirmish breaks out between the Federation and infiltrating Zeon forces, the fascinated Alfred stumbles upon a Zaku mobile suit that has been shot down, piloted by Zeon rookie Bernard "Bernie" Wiseman. After this encounter, the two start a mutual friendship, so Alfred can learn more about the war that interests him so much, and Bernie can acquire inside information about the colony to aid his team's mission.
For some reason everything Gundam franchise touches gets worse than it would be without it. It's a good thing that franchise tries to introduce some human emotions even if done through spectator kid, but it's still done in the most conservative, rigid and boring way. I did not give masterpiece even to Gunbuster that is a much better example of human emotional drama in mecha.  
Overall Rating: 6/10
5. Riding Bean ライディング・ビーン [1989-I] AIC (Finished 1/1)
Tags: Seinen Detective, Racing Action
Bean Bandit and his partner Rally Vincent are couriers for hire - transporting clients and delivering goods in his custom sports car "Roadbuster" for a hefty price. But when they are hired to escort a kidnapped girl named Chelsea to her home, they don't realize they're being framed for kidnapping as their former clients Semmerling and Carrie plan their escape with Chelsea's father and the ransom money.
Better action and humor than expected, but not masterpiece material.  
Overall Rating: 6/10
6. Cipher [1989-I] Magic Bus (Finished 1/1)
Tags: Shoujo Drama
Two brothers are in the spotlight: one a movie star making a football movie, the other a musician who occasionally goes to school (to cover for his sibling). What will destiny bring them?
It starts as a music clip with some one-line dialogues rarely showing up on the black screen, continues as animated ad, then as interview, then as movie trailer with dialogues on top of music, then again as a music clip, again an inerview, street poll and so on imitating a TV table ... if you think that a good story can be told this way, go ahead and give this a try. Let my score convey my opinion.  
Overall Rating: 4/10
7. Midnight Eye: Gokuu MIDNIGHT EYE ゴクウ [1989-I] Madhouse (Finished 1/1)
Tags: Seinen Action, Mystery, Sci-Fi
Furinji Goku is a detective who has an "eye of god".
While he was investigating the murder case of his colleague when he had been an officer, he was pressured to stop it by the police executives. However, he continue investigating, and he lost his left eye. When he was about to be killed, a mysterious group helped him and transplant an artificial eye. The eye was a super technological device that connected to the whole computer network in the world, and enabled him to control any computers.
Not bad, and I liked many enemy designs and abilities. If Cobra is an epitome of average in the genre, this feels like a better version of it, thus above average.  
Overall Rating: 6/10
8. Kimagure Orange☆Road OVA きまぐれオレンジ☆ロード [1989-I] Pierrot (Finished 8/8)
Tags: School Comedy, Drama, Romance
Shiroi Koibito-tachi
Kyousuke Kasuga and his friends are staying at his grandparent's house over winter break on a skiing trip. Everyone is excited until they hear about a curse that spells doom for couples who go down the mountain together. With a net of relationships and crushes on the line, the group's plans are suddenly upended.
Hawaiian Suspense
Kyousuke and Madoka Ayukawa's trip to Hawaii takes an abrupt turn for the worse when Hikaru Hiyama gets kidnapped! Kyousuke has to find a way to rescue her without revealing his paranormal powers to Madoka.
Wagahai wa Neko de Attari Osakana de Attari
While studying for exams, Kyousuke wishes that he could switch places with his pet cat or fish so he could have an easier life. But when his grandfather arrives with a magic rope that can be used to swap bodies, Kyousuke finds out he might have gotten himself in too deep.
Hurricane! Henshin Shoujo Akane
When Kyousuke's cousin, Akane, comes to visit, she stirs up antics with her ability to cast illusions. Things get even crazier when Akane falls for Madoka and becomes Kyousuke's rival in love.
Koi no Stage=Heart on Fire!
As Kyousuke helps to prepare for a local music festival, a popular idol crashes into him and they switch bodies! Now, Kyousuke must get his body back and prevent his secret from getting out before the show begins.
Omoi Gakenai Situation
Kyousuke has a foreboding dream where Akane attempts to seduce him. Disgusted after having inappropriate thoughts about his cousin, Kyousuke is shocked when she actually asks him to pose as her boyfriend in front of her friends.
Rouge no Dengon
Madoka's father is in Japan for a performance, and she is excited for the rare opportunity to see him. When she sees her father with a strange woman, however, her emotions are thrown into disarray.
Wow, probably first official fan-service spin-off. It has such high level of magic and nonsense that  absolutely can't be taken seriously.  
Overall Rating: 5/10
9. Crusher Joe OVA クラッシャージョウ [1989-I] Sunrise (Finished 2/2)
Tags: Space Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
The galaxy is a strange and dangerous place, and there are times when even the United Space Force can`t help. That`s where the Crushers come in - skilled troubleshooters who will deal with any problem, large or small, for a fee (large only!) And there is no better Crusher than Crusher Joe!
Again an above average show, but lacks humor, so loses to Dirty Pair with similar plots and better humor in this regard. Also can't say I enjoyed it.  
Overall Rating: 6/10
10. Rhea Gall Force レア・ガルフォース [1989-I] AIC (Finished 1/1)
Tags: Mecha, Military Action, Sci-Fi
The Solnoid race is long dead, annihilated along with their enemies in the final battle at Sigma Narse. But their descendants survive on Earth, and have now inherited the sad destiny predicted so many years before.
The year is 2085.
The third world war between East and West has reduced the cities of Earth to mountains of rubble. The mechanical killing machines created by both sides now ruthlessly hunt down the remnants of humanity. Old hatreds between human factions prevent an effective resistance, and the only hope for survival rests in a desperate plan: evacuate the survivors to Mars Base. There they can rebuild and plan the liberation of the home world.
Among them, one young woman carries the guilt of her father`s hand in the destruction of civilization. Unknown to her, she also carries the key to a possible salvation. As destiny draws new friends and allies to her, a new Gall Force is born to rise up against the coming destruction...
A lively action due to a great ground battle happening during the whole episode, but next ones are supposed to be in space again.  
Overall Rating: 6/10
11. Kasei Yakyoku Nightsong of Splendor 華星夜曲 [1989-I] Magic Bus (Finished 4/4)
Tags: Historical Drama, Romance
The story takes place in old Tokyo, the Tokyo of August-September 1923 (Showa 12). At this moment in time, the city is a mixture of extremes... past and present, rich and poor, good and bad. This is a city where we see both horsecarts and motorcars, swords and pistols, lords and businessmen.
A wealthy woman from an upper-class family finds herself attracted to a handsome young man, Taka. He and his younger brother seem to be allied, perhaps not entirely willingly, with some of the city's criminal underground (Yakuza). The lady's lovely young maidservant, Sara, meets him too, and a conflict ensues which can only lead to tragedy, passion, and dishonor. But, as events move on, and the days pass, the viewer sees a terrible date coming closer... that unforgettable day of September 1, 1923, at 11:58, when the Great Kanto Earthquake and tidal wave struck Tokyo, causing the death of almost 100,000 people, one of the greatest disasters in human history.
The first josei ? Anyway, it's a pretty boring story about rich noble ladies in trouble and a defender gangster all in white fighting typical gangsters ... Of course every episode represents vivid example of cliche on notorious woman logic which means absolutely stupid actions because she loves a gangster - like attempt to kill the same gangster or immediately getting married to another man. Await all kinds of romance stamps. There's just nothing for me to like here.  
Overall Rating: 5/10
12. Kyomu Senshi Miroku 虚無戦史MIROKU [1989-I] J.C.Staff (Finished 6/6)
Tags: Historical, Mythology, Samurai Action, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Supernatural
A psychic ninja fantasy suggesting that the assassins did not die out during the Sengoku era but burrowed under Japan, where they fought a new war against the alien occupants of a crashed spaceship that has lain undisturbed for several millennia.
Just a normal youkai action with more gore than usual. Nothing stands out here.  
Overall Rating: 5/10
13. Yankee Reppuu-tai ヤンキー烈風隊 [1989-I] Toei Animation (Finished 6/6)
Tags: Shounen Delinquents Adventure, Drama
Impossibly tough and hairsprayed biker boys and girls fight turf wars in the streets, with much revving of motors and "you killed my buddy, prepare to die" dialogue. Based on the Shonen Magazine manga by Masahide Hashimoto, whose hero was so tough that he transferred schools 20 times. Only a Japanese tough guy would continue to go at all!
Not translated. Biker wars on their own aren't particularly interesting without a heavy focus on humor and characters.  
Overall Rating: 5/10
14. Bakusou Circuit Roman Twin 爆走サーキット·ロマン TWIN [1989-I] Japan Home Video (Finished 1/1)
Tags: Racing
This OVA centers on a boy named Hyou, who is constantly trying to kill himself for the first half of the show, and Hibiki, a rich, lonely girl who initially wants to commit suicide just because she saw a guy she likes kiss another girl. She ends up running into Hyou, falls in love at first sight, and makes it her mission to basically stalk him and prevent him from killing himself.
Not translated. Mentally unstable people do stupid things. The End.  
Overall Rating: 3/10
15. Venus Senki Venus Wars ヴィナス戦記 [1989-I] Triangle Staff (Finished 1/1)
Tags: Space Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
In the 21st century, mankind lives on two worlds. Following the collision of an ice asteroid, massive terraforming has made Venus a planet now capable of supporting life. Colonists from Earth tamed the hostile world and have thrived for four generations. But they also brought the darker side of humanity. Venus is about to get hostile again.
Hiro Seno, a hotshot motorcycle jockey, witnesses the first strike against his country Aphrodia, by the rival nation of Ishtar. Huge battletanks and warplanes quickly lay waste to the city. The Aphrodian army is quick to mobilize and retaliate... and despite his opposition to warfare, Hiro finds himself fighting for his life on the front lines.
I don't like racing, real life footage and opening endings. This anime has it all, and I still enjoyed it a lot to the point that I absolutely want to highlight it. It was not clear where it was going at all, so I was anxious what's going on. Great setting and views, great battles great visuals, very nice characters. Just great.  
Overall Rating: 7/10
16. Five Star Stories ファイブスター物語 [1989-I] Sunrise (Finished 1/1)
Tags: Mecha Action, Drama, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Amaterasu is the god of light, the future emperor of the Joker Star System. Under the guise of young mecha conceptor Ladios Sopp, he is compelled by an old friend, Dr Ballanche, to save his two latest Fatimas Lachesis and Clotho. And so began the stories of the Joker System, as well as Amaterasu's love for Lachesis.
For mecha standards it's better than average one, but I kept forgetting that it's mecha at all as it's basically not needed here. Protagonist dresses as a girl, so subtle boys love hints are inevitable. Synopsis is overly complicated for the story that develops rather straightforwardly. This mix of elements was not particularly interesting to me, so could not enjoy it, but it had nice action moments with laser swords, thus...  
Overall Rating: 6/10
17. Utsunomiko 宇宙皇子 [1989-I] Nippon Animation (Finished 1/1)
Tags: Mythology  Adventure, Fantasy 
In the chaos of the Jinshin-no-Ran civil war of 762, a child with a small horn in his forehead was born. The child's mother condemned him as an oni and cast him away. An elderly shūgenja woman claimed the child and named him Utsunomiko, or 'Divine Child of the Heavens', telling Miko that his horn smybolizes the union of heaven and earth. Miko matured in the wilderness learning the ways of Shugendō, and soon started venturing into villages out of curiosity. He found that the common people of the villages live in poverty and suffering, and began using his spiritual powers to help them. But his anger at the self-serving rulers and their petty power-struggles grew until he came into open conflict with the Imperial Court, setting Miko down a long path as a champion of the oppressed.
Not translated, because who seriously cares about some ancient yokai mythology adventures. Becomes very chaotic as more flying fire breathing magicians show up.  
Overall Rating: 5/10
18. Dragon Ball Z ドラゴンボールZ [1989-II] Toei Animation (Dropped 4/291)
Tags: Shounen Martial Arts, Super Power Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy
Five years after winning the World Martial Arts tournament, Gokuu is now living a peaceful life with his wife and son. This changes, however, with the arrival of a mysterious enemy named Raditz who presents himself as Gokuu's long-lost brother. He reveals that Gokuu is a warrior from the once powerful but now virtually extinct Saiyan race, whose homeworld was completely annihilated. When he was sent to Earth as a baby, Gokuu's sole purpose was to conquer and destroy the planet; but after suffering amnesia from a head injury, his violent and savage nature changed, and instead was raised as a kind and well-mannered boy, now fighting to protect others.
With his failed attempt at forcibly recruiting Gokuu as an ally, Raditz warns Gokuu's friends of a new threat that's rapidly approaching Earth—one that could plunge Earth into an intergalactic conflict and cause the heavens themselves to shake. A war will be fought over the seven mystical dragon balls, and only the strongest will survive in Dragon Ball Z.
Sequel loses in humor a bit, but seems to be more integral with the plot and base for fighting arcs. No desire to watch it further, as cliffhangers after each episode make the most of motivation to continue.  
Overall Rating: 6/10
19. Ranma ½ らんま1/2 [1989-II] Studio Deen (Dropped 3/161)
Tags: Shounen Magical Sex Shift, Martial Arts Comedy, Fantasy, Slice of Life
Ranma Saotome is a top-class martial artist and prodigy at the Saotome "Anything-Goes" school of martial arts. While training in China, he and his father meet a terrible fate when they accidentally fall into a cursed spring. Now, Ranma is cursed to turn into a girl when splashed with cold water, and only hot water can turn him back into a boy.
Things are only complicated further when Ranma discovers that his father has arranged for him to marry one of Soun Tendo's three daughters in order to secure the future of the Tendo dojo. Though Soun learns of Ranma's predicament, he is still determined to go ahead with the engagement, and chooses his youngest daughter Akane, who happens to be a skilled martial artist herself and is notorious for hating men.
Ranma ½ follows the hilarious adventures of Ranma and Akane as they encounter various opponents, meet new love interests, and find different ways to make each other angry, all while their engagement hangs over their head.
Actually, I watched at least a dozen of episodes in the past, but it gets repetitive with episodic format. Nice comedy show, but never considered it a masterpiece, only a temporary amusement.  
Overall Rating: 6/10
20. Tenkuu Senki Shurato 天空戦記シュラト [1989-II] Tatsunoko Production (Dropped 3/38)
Tags: Shounen Action, Fantasy 
A 16-year-old boy named Shurato and his friend Gai happen to be drawn into a gigantic ball of light while competing in the final match of a martial arts tournament. When they regain their senses, they find themselves transferred to a mystic heavenly sphere with a divine atmosphere. It's soon discovered that Shurato used to be the governing king of this world and that he has only been brought to his original state. Shurato is shocked as Gai suddenly turns hostile. After this unfortunate incident, a spectacular yet fantastic drama develops involving the two.
Looks a lot like Saint Seiya with gods fighting with melee weapons. Super boring, but at least there is a female companion for at least some comedy relief.  
Overall Rating: 5/10
21. Idol Densetsu Eriko Legendary Idol Eriko アイドル伝説えり子 [1989-II] Production Reed (Dropped 3/51)
Tags: Idols (Female), Music
Eriko Tamura is Kousuke Tamura, the chairman of Tamura Productions (reknown music company) and Minako Tamura's (former famous idol singer) only daughter. Having talent for singing since birth, she has always loved her parent's media world. Then one day tragedy strikes when her parents get into a horrible car accident, which kills her father and leaves her mother in coma. She is left in her father's best friend, Mr. Uchida's care. Now Eriko must take the path of singing, a path her parents did not want her to pursue. Then her uncle is out to destroy her career. But in spite of all the hardship, she becomes an idol and wins hearts all over Japan.
I try to finish musical anime, but not with this many episodes... there have been at least two idol anime before, but they had only competition and attempt to work/study alongside. Here the study is cast off as a hindrance, and the focus is on exploiting idol by different people. It's curious enough for that reason, but not a masterpiece material .  
Overall Rating: 6/10
22. Tatakae! Chou Robot Seimeitai Transformers Victory Transformers Victory 戦え! 超ロボット生命体トランスフォーマーV[ビクトリー] [1989-II] (Dropped 3/38)
Tags: Shounen Mecha Adventure, Sci-Fi
Set in 2025 A.D., Transformers Victory introduces Star Saber, the mightiest Autobot warrior and the greatest swordsman in the galaxy. Following the defeat of the Decepticons on Earth in the Masterforce War, the villains have begun aggressively attacking other planets in the universe. To counter this threat, the Autobots joined with many other civilizations and lifeforms (including Humanity) to form the Galactic Peace Alliance, with Star Saber as its leader.
Seeking the energy necessary to free his massive Planet-Destroying Fortress from imprisonment in the Dark Nebula where Star Saber sealed it years ago, the Decepticons' new Emperor of Destruction, Deathsaurus (Dezarus), attacks Earth with his Dinoforce, prompting Star Saber and his team to set up residence on the planet.
Guess what - transformers have not become better by now.  
Overall Rating: 2/10
23. Madou King Granzort Mado King Granzort 魔動王グランゾート [1989-II] Sunrise (Dropped 3/41)
Tags: Shounen Mecha Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
In the future, the moon is a habitable place with atmosphere and gravity and also a famous tourist attraction. There are also stories about a "long ears" creature like rabbits on the moon who can use magic. Haruka Daichi heads off to the moon during a summer holiday alone because he likes to see the long ears creature by himself.
However, he get himself dragged into an ancient conflict between two ancient moon races: the "long ears" race and Jado race. Jado race wanted to conquer the universe and resurrect ancient evil powers to seize control of the Earth. Now the "long ears" race and Daichi must seek three warriors who could use magic to release Mado King to fight Jado race and to release "long ears" race's kingdom, Rabiluna, from Jado race.
Another crazy mecha which looks absolutely needless as magic is used for fighting. Anyway, thanks to Sunrise big experience, humor is nice, and SD characters are cute. Personally, as soon as evil empreror appeared before three generals and gave orders, anime was already dead for me.  
Overall Rating: 6/10
24. Juushin Liger Bio Armor Ryger 獣神ライガー [1989-II] Sunrise (Dropped 3/43)
Tags: Mecha Action, Sci-Fi
It is 199X A.D. In Kushiro, Hokkaido, three bodies of Dragonite appear. Possessing overwhelming destructive force, they attack the city. They also awaken the evil Jashin Drago from the holy seal he was trapped in. 200 years ago, Drago was trapped in the seal by a holy warrior with the tattooed mark of the Liger. Assuming that the warrior is dead, Drago and Empress Zara are free to conquer the Earth using their army of biomechanical beasts. Even the Japan Self-Defense Forces are no match for the Dragonites' awesome power. One of the people fleeing is the protagonist, a milquetoast 16 year old boy named Ken Taiga. Unbeknownst to the Dragonites, Ken realizes that he is the descendant of the Liger warrior! In a burst of anger, Ken's Liger birthmark appears, and he rises his palm into the air, shouting the henshin command, "LIGER!!!", which then covers him in demonic long-haired biomechanical armor. Ken transforms into Jushin Liger to fight the evil forces of the Dragonite!
Mecha with monster of the week... nuff said.  
Overall Rating: 5/10
25. Aoi Blink Blue Blink 青いブリンク [1989-II] Tezuka Productions (Dropped 3/39)
Tags: Adventure, Fantasy 
Story of a young boy named Kakeru and his adventures together with a magical blue pony named Blink.
Wow, first TV series of Tezuka Productions, also it's the year when Osamu Tezuka dies, so company becomes a more or less normal anime company after it. So, first of a ll Aoi Blink is a child anime in the genre of fantasy travel, this this regard it's just like Kino no Tabi, just with a pony instead of a bike. Visited towns are truly unique and fun. This anime definitely deserves a masterpiece, but I can't lie to myself - I don't like children anime and travel genre. Absolutely great anime to show to children, though.  
Overall Rating: 6/10
26. Miracle Giants Doumu-kun ミラクル・ジャイアンツ童夢くん  [1989-II] Gallop (Finished 0/49)
Tags: Sports 
Dome Shinjo, a 10-year-old boy who is son of a deceased legendary player of the Yomiuri Giants. From his father he inherited the love for baseball and his great abilities for such sport, although his mother and his older sister try to avoid that he practices it. In fact, his father, before dying, had time to teach him a magical shoot. Dome, after his mother gave him the glove his father used, he makes that shot in a training session of the Giants and is contracted immediately. With the support of the veteran players of the team, this young player will, from this very moment, make the Giants become unbeatable at home and none of the main batters of the Japanese professional league manages to end with his magical shot. Although that does not apply to the games played away, as Dome is just allowed to play at home, in the Tokyo Dome in which his father was consacrated (and the place by which he did chose such name for his son). When the veteran captain of the Dragons manages to bat his shot, it seems that the young boy is finally and definitely defeated, but then he invents another magical shot. New rivals, but also friends (such as Melody Norman, an American girl who disguises herself as a boy because women can't play baseball), will appear in scene, until the arrival of the mysterious Don Carlos, a Spanish ex-bullfighter who plays for the Hiroshima Toyo Carp and seems to have something pending with his father. Will Dome succeed in giving the league to the Giants?
Not translated. Not going to watch non-translated anime of the genres I don't like.  
Overall Rating: 0/10
27. Akuma-kun 悪魔くん [1989-II] Toei Animation (Dropped 3/42)
Tags: Adventure, Fantasy, Horror, Supernatural 
The age of the demons has begun. Dr Faust has foreseen this rise of evil. Unfortunately, he is near death and is unable to personally battle this upcoming threat. Faust entrusts a young boy, Shingo Yamada, to take the responsibility of ridding the Earth of this new evil presence. Faust finds a birthmark on Shingo's forehead that signifies that he is the chosen demon fighter. Faust summons from hell what may be humanity's only hope of surviving: a less than enthusiastic devil named Mephisto rises. After signing a pact in blood to save humankind, Shingo and Mephisto set out to battle the supernatural world.
Not translated. I don't like youkai and I'm fed up with Gegege no Kitaro to such an extent that I don't want to watch its movies. Akuma-kun feels a lot like Kitaro, so I can't enjoy it. Movies of Akura-kun seem to have translation, so will try to like it then.  
Overall Rating: 5/10
28. Shin Bikkuriman 新ビックリマン [1989-II] Toei Animation (Finished 3/72)
Tags: Comedy, Fantasy
Shin Bikkuriman depicts the journey of Pia Marco and his group who travel together until they finally build a truly peaceful world "Shinkawa system". 
Not translated. Show fully depends on gags, so it's kind of useless to discuss it without translation. As for me, characters are way too childish to enjoy.  
Overall Rating: 5/10
29. Youma Blood Reign: Curse of the Yoma 妖魔 [1989-II] J.C.Staff (Finished 2/2)
Tags: Mythology Action, Fantasy, Horror, Supernatural 
A terrible war has ravaged the land, and now, fueled by the blood of numerous fallen warriors the Yoma, demons from hell, emerge once more. A skilled ninja seeks to end the bloodshed these demons inflict upon humanity, but to do this he must fight against his undead former best friend and fellow ninja who was killed in battle and has been resurrected to serve the Yoma.
Your usual ninja vs youkai, hard to make something serious with 37 minutes length.  
Overall Rating: 5/10
30. Riki-Oh: Toukatsu Jigoku 力王 等括地獄 [1989-II] Magic Bus (Finished 1/1)
Tags: Seinen Martial Arts, Super Power Action
A Retelling of the prison arc of the manga RIKI-OH!
The story follows Saiga Riki-Oh, a young man blessed with inhuman strength. After taking revenge against a yakuza boss who was responsible for the death of his girlfriend, he ends up in a maximum security prison owned by a private organization.
The prison is divided into four blocks, each run by a member of prisoners known as the Gang of Four. The first member is a tattooed knife wielder known as Hai that runs his block in a mafia style family system. The second member is a giant man (known as Tarzan in the live action) with incredible strength. The third member is a effeminate fighter named Huang Chaun that is growing Opium in the prison. The final member is a small man that use sewing needles as his weapons.
A super strong prison convict is constantly assaulted , often with dirty methods, but in the end he manages to overcome all difficulties. Nothing of interest to me.  
Overall Rating: 5/10
31. Cleopatra D.C. クレオパトラD.C [1989-II] J.C.Staff (Finished 3/3)
Tags: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
The Cleopatra Corns Group, aka Cleopatra DC, is a powerful financial conglomerate controlling most of the United States economy, almost as powerful as the US government itself. At the top of the organization is the beautiful, smart and brave Ms. Cleo, the Group's young, talented Chairman. This is good--it means she can handle the repair bill when that airplane crashes into her bedroom. With stolen artifacts, corporate kidnappings, and top-secret cyborg projects gone awry, her luck only gets worse from there.
Three rather disjointed stories with not enough charm added to make it viable.  
Overall Rating: 4/10
32. Fuuma no Kojirou: Yasha-hen 風魔の小次郎 夜叉篇 [1989-II] animate Film (Finished 6/6)
Tags: Shounen Martial Arts Action, Fantasy
Hakuo Academy was once a respected school where many students dreamed of being admitted. Now, its rival academy Seishikan is on a mission to assimilate all other schools, and Hakuo Academy is its next target. Supported by the fearsome Yasha clan, Seishikan students frequently visit Hakuo's campus to assault and forcibly convince their best students and athletes to transfer to Seishikan.
Desperate to preserve their legacy, Hakuo Academy enlists the help of Kojirou Fuuma—the only member of the once-legendary Fuuma clan still living in their ancestral village. Kojirou will stop at nothing to defend Hakuo against the Yasha clan, whom the family has feuded with for generations. But will that be enough to stop Seishikan's aggression?
Just battle royale between schools, nothing complex or particularly interesting.  
Overall Rating: 4/10
33. Explorer Woman Ray EXPLORER WOMAN RAY (エクスプローラーウーマン・レイ) [1989-II] AIC (Finished 2/2)
Tags: Action, Adventure 
She's an archeologist AND a black belt and Ray Kazuki will need her brains and her brawn as she plunges into a thrill-filled adventure. Ray's examining an exciting new archeological discovery: a legendary temple located in an isolated area of the world.
As always, she has with her a strange mirror that belonged to her father; a mirror that may provide access to a vanished civilization. On the excavation, Ray meets Mai and Mami Tachibana, freewheeling pubescent girls who heedlessly court danger. And danger they find, in the form of Rig Veda.
Veda's after a big prize: Ray's mirror. But she will have to stop him at all costs, because if Veda gets his hands on the powerful object, he will possess secrets that could lead to disaster.
Basically, treasure hunter adventures like Lara Croft or Indiana Jones... super boring for me.  
Overall Rating: 4/10
34. Hoshi Neko Fullhouse Star Cat Fullhouse 星猫フルハウス [1989-II] Artland (Finished 4/4)
Tags: Comedy, Romance, Sci-Fi 
This slapstick comedy is about three pretty girls struggling to earn a living as pilots of the Iron Goblin delivery vessel. The computer answers back, the space pirates are on their tail, and romantic entanglements with their clients cause friction in the trio. The final episode throws the alien Eterna race in to the mix.
Pervy robot, good humor, intrigue of humankind captured by robots from the start, no clear structure from the start - I definitely enjoyed these OVA more than expected ! One little hilarious space harem comedy with right enough length of two hours to not get intrusive.  
Overall Rating: 7/10
35. Toki-iro Kaima 朱鷺色怪魔 [1989-II] Mushi Production (Finished 4/4)
Tags: Shounen Horror
Each episode of the "Toki-iro Kaima" OVA was bundled with a corresponding manga volume and CD single. The idea was that you first read the manga, then watch the OVA, and then conclude your "experience" by listening to the CD. This set of 3 mediums of entertainment was branded as an "Original Comic Video," and "Toki-iro Kaima" appears to be the only "Original Comic Video" that was ever made.
Not translated. As OVAs correspond to just one third of experience, it's hard to recommend. Main theme is fight with youkai. Overall, lots of cringe.  
Overall Rating: 4/10
36. Shougeki Shinsengumi 笑劇 新選組 [1989-II] (Dropped 0/1)
Tags: Historical Comedy
A slapstick OVA featuring super deformed members of the Shinsengumi members
Not found.  
Overall Rating: 0/10
37. City Hunter: Ai to Shukumei no Magnum City Hunter: .357 Magnum シティーハンター 愛と宿命のマグナム  [1989-II] Sunrise (Finished 1/1)
Tags: Shounen Action, Comedy, Mystery
A beautiful pianist comes to Tokyo for a charity concert, and City Hunter is there. But music isn`t his forte; he wants lessons in the language of love. Desperation becomes the word of the day as the bodies start dropping. A foreign dignitary is assassinated in cold blood. Secret agents scour the streets for a missing microchip. Diplomatic infighting swirls around the upcoming concert, and City Hunter is the only hope!
Traits of characters are showed in exaggerated manner, so it was more interesting to watch than the series. Overall still just above average.  
Overall Rating: 6/10
38. Sengoku Kitan Youtouden Movie Wrath of the Ninja 戦国奇譚 妖刀伝 劇場版 [1989-II] (Finished 1/1)
Tags: Martial Arts, Samurai Action
The year a comet races across the sky, splitting the heavens, from the depths of the Earth the dark god shall arise once again. Then, the dark evil lurking in the shadows shall come out of the depths of Hell and show itself in the present world. The emotions of the blade of the wind shall collect at the source of the blue light. And the three blades shall become one, vanquishing evil.
The year is 1580, and the unholy armies of Lord Nobunaga Oda steadily spread across Japan. Narrowly escaping the slaughter of her clan, a young ninja steals into the shadows. She is Ayame, the last of the Kasumi clan, and the dagger she wields is one of three, mystical blades. She is joined by Sakon and Ryoma, renegade ninja and the possessors of the sacred sword and spear. Now, these shadow warriors must unite their weapons and skills to fulfill `The Prophesy of the Enchanted Swords` or die trying..
My main problem is that I already saw the three OVAs. Even then I considered that it would look better as a movie. There are probably some improvements now, but I can't evaluate the plot I had already seen, differently.  
Overall Rating: 5/10
39. Hengen Taima Yakou Karura Mau! Nara Onryou Emaki Karura Mau Movie 変幻退魔夜行 カルラ舞う! 奈良怨霊絵巻 [1989-II] Toshiba Entertainment (Finished 1/1)
Tags: Shoujo Mythology Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Horror, Supernatural
Shoko and Maiko Ougi are apparently two ordinary schoolgirls in pursuit of graduating and having fun. Shii-chan is the more serious while Mai-chan is more fun-loving. In reality, the two sisters are powerful exorcists from the Karura temple. Each wields half the power...Shii-chan can "see" the spirits, and Mai-chan can banish them. This is the movie adaptation of a spooky series with heavy emphasis on traditionally Japanese occult themes.
So let's see - I don't like youkai, exorcism, occultism and horror. Would I like this movie? To my surprise it also got some sunny scenes with merry music and even humor. And then usual gorefest begins.  
Overall Rating: 5/10
40. Ultraman USA ウルトラマンUSA  [1989-II] Tsuburaya Productions (Finished 1/1)
Tags: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi 
The lives of three stunt pilots (Scott, Chuck, and Beth) are changed when they gain the ability to transform into three new Ultra-beings, and form the Ultra Force, to battle four giant Sorkin Monsters.
As far as I can see the problem with this show is in... everything? .  
Overall Rating: 3/10
41. Lupin III: Bye Bye Liberty - Kiki Ippatsu! Lupin III: Goodbye Lady Liberty ルパン三世『バイバイ・リバティー危機一発! [1989-II] Tokyo Movie Shinsha (Finished 1/1)
Tags: Seinen Adult Cast Action, Adventure, Comedy, Mystery
In this adventure, Lupin III tries to erase the files about him in the world police network. He finds out about the Ultravirus, a computer virus that controls all others and its location is only known by a little kid. Meanwhile, he steals the Statue of Liberty to look for a diamond the size of a football that is said to be hidden somewhere in it. Apparently, the diamond and the ultravirus are somehow related...
A bit unusual due to initial retirement, but moderately interesting part.  
Overall Rating: 5/10
42. Konchuu Monogatari Minashigo Hutch (1989) 昆虫物語みなしごハッチ [1989-III] Tatsunoko Production (Dropped 3/55)
Tags: Adventure, Comedy, Drama
A remake of the 1970's version.
Remake it all you want - it's not getting better story-wise.  
Overall Rating: 5/10
43. Angel Cop エンジェルコップ [1989-III] D.A.S.T. (Finished 6/6)
Tags: Detective Action, Sci-Fi
Sometime in the future, terrorism in Japan has become commonplace, and the police have become almost as brutal as criminals. A member of the Special Security Force known as Angel, is the best of the best, stopping at nothing in her fight for justice.
Things get interesting for Angel and her partner, Raiden, when they begin investigating a series of murders in which the victims were known criminals, killed in very unpleasant ways. This trio of killers known as Hunters, is a group of psychics that have banded together to hunt down the lowest scum in the city and bring them to justice.
After a couple of encounters between the cops and the psychics, two of the psychics begin to think that maybe they're not the good guys after all; but the third prefers killing to morality. Augmented by cybernetics from a mysterious source, this third hunter heads out on a killing spree, with the Special Security Force as the first target.
Even with help from the other two psychics and her newly cyborged partner (after an unfortunate accident), Angel is going to have her work cut out trying to find the rogue psychic and the organization behind the Hunters.
It's terribly horrible, or maybe horribly terrible. Boring beyond redemption.  
Overall Rating: 3/10
44. Baoh Raihousha Baoh the Visitor バオー来訪者 [1989-III] Pierrot (Finished 1/1)
Tags: Shounen Gore, Martial Arts, Super Power Action, Sci-Fi
An innocent young man, Ikuroo, has a parasite known as Baoh implanted in his brain by an evil organization, Doress. The parasite makes him nearly immortal and gives him the ability to transform into a really powerful beastie when he's in trouble.
Doress intends to use him in some sort of ploy for financial success, world domination, or something along those lines, but when they're transporting him on a train, a young psychic girl, Sumire (who's being held by the organization due to her abilities), sets him free and the two escape together.
Of course, Dr. Kasuminome is the mad scientist behind the whole Baoh thing, and he isn't about to let his test subject get away and he has considerable resources (including some superpowered lackeys, as well as a small army) at his disposal.
Generic story and execution. I like graphical style, and maybe someone can like gore, but that's it.  
Overall Rating: 4/10
45. Kyoushoku Soukou Guyver (1989) The Guyver: Bio-Booster Armor 強殖装甲ガイバー [1989-III] Visual 80 (Finished 6/6)
Tags: Super Power Action, Horror, Sci-Fi
Shou and his friend, Tetsurou, stumble upon a strange orb-like mechanism, the Guyver Unit, in the woods. It physically bonds with Shou and turns him into the alien soldier, Guyver. His mission is to protect the Guyver Unit from the Japanese corporation known as Chronos. They are after it and two other units just like it. To retrieve the object, they send out vicious monsters known as Zoanoids. So no one is safe in Shou's life; not even himself.
Very few mecha can receive 6 from me. This is half biomecha, half superhero, but I treat it the same. I can't deny that directorship and graphics are good. It lacks complexity and interesting characters to masterpiece level, but it's a high quality action series.  
Overall Rating: 6/10
46. Shin Captain Tsubasa 新・キャプテン翼 [1989-III] Nippon Animation (Dropped 3/13)
Tags: Shounen Action, Sports
Shin Captain Tsubasa takes place at the International Jr. Youth tournament (U-16) in Paris, France. After defeating the Argentina Jr. Youth, Italy Jr. Youth and France Jr. Youth teams, Japan Jr. Youth reaches the final against the powerful West Germany Jr. Youth team. The giant goal keeper Müller, the ace Kaltz and Europe's best player Schneider offer the Japan Jr. Youth team an extremely hard final match.
I did not notice anything new apart from that it's almost pure sports now with initial humor seeming to be gone, plus team kinda starts anew as it has not won European cups or even Japanese cup yet.  
Overall Rating: 5/10
47. Gosenzo-sama Banbanzai! Long Life To The Ancestors 御先祖様万々歳! [1989-III] Pierrot (Finished 6/6)
Tags: Psychological Avant Garde, Comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi
The Yomota family is small and typical: father Kinekuni (42), mother Tamiko (38), and son Inumaru (17). One day, a beautiful girl appears at their front door, calling herself "Maroko Yomota," granddaughter of Inumaru who travels back in time with a time machine to visit her ancestors. Even with Tamiko's strong objection, Kinekuni and Inumaru welcome her to stay with them, and the structure of a happy family has begun to collapse.
Absurdist gag comedy that probably inspired such titles as Zetsubou sensei. As with most absurdist gag sketches, majority is bad, but some are nice, single ones are great. There may be many opinions on it, so in the matter the score depends on whether I could enjoy it or not. And I could not. A lot of attention is required, a lot of irritation builds up, but without a proper reward for the viewer.  
Overall Rating: 6/10
48. Legend of Lemnear: Kyokuguro no Tsubasa Valkisas Legend of Lemnear Legend of Lemnear 極黒の翼 バルキサス [1989-III] AIC (Finished 1/1)
Tags: Action, Adventure, Fantasy 
The young and beautiful Lemnear's home village is destroyed and her brother is taken away. Lemnear swears to kill the evil wizard Gardin who is responsible for the disaster. With her allies Lemnear goes on a journey to take her revenge. She doesn't know, though, that there is someone above Gardin...
A beautiful small fanservice fantasy anime. Ecchi tag is must have here. Nothing much, but enjoyable enough.  
Overall Rating: 6/10
49. Akai Kiba: Blue Sonnet 紅い牙 ブルー・ソネット [1989-III] Tatsunoko Production (Finished 5/5)
Tags: Shoujo Super Power Action, Drama, Sci-Fi
Sonnet is a cyborg/esper from a harsh background and now trained to be the ultimate warrior and most powerful weapon in the world. She is sent to Japan to watch Komatsuzaki Lan, who is thought to be controlled by the rage of the esper Akai Kiba (Crimson Fang). Lan is a quiet girl who knows she's different from everybody else and starts to show signs of Crimson Fang after coming into contact with Sonnet. In the course of fighting with Lan, Sonnet starts to rediscover her humanity. At the same time Lan has to fight to retain her humanity and control the Crimson Fang.
Average in everything and not particularly interesting action.  
Overall Rating: 5/10
50. Ariel Visual ARIEL (エリアル) VISUAL [1989-III] J.C.Staff (Finished 2/2)
Tags: Mecha Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi
To save the Earth from alien invaders and their giant monsters, Dr. Kishida does what any other red-blooded mad scientist would do: he builds a giant robot—the ultimate feminine fighting robot!
Unfortunately, his grand-daughters refuse to pilot it! Apparently, they've got more important things to do than becoming teenage super-heroes. Besides, how are you supposed to study for your college entrance exams while getting beaten-up in battle?
Fortunately for Dr. Kishida, things aren't too well for the invaders, either. According to their reports, the Earth was the perfect target: lush, peaceful, and relatively defenseless. Theoretically, the planet should've surrendered long ago. Now, the war is at a standstill, the dreaded Accounting Department is warning about the serious cost overruns, and the head of the home office has arrived from Galactic Headquarters to personally oversee operations. Has Headquarters decided to unleash, The Audit—or do they have something even more evil in mind?
The fate of the world rests upon two people: Aya Kishida, one of the doctor's granddaughters, who may have to give up prep school to pilot the mighty (and lovely) ARIEL; and a mysterious alien named Saber Starblast, who may have the power to defeat the invaders once and for all...
Another mecha opposes another alien invasion, nothing to see here, really.  
Overall Rating: 5/10
51. Midori no Neko The Green Cat 緑の猫 [1989-III] Tezuka Productions (Finished 1/1)
Tags: Mystery 
The story is a mystery about a green cat and a private detective who investigates where it came from. The cat was thought to be good luck, but eventually brought misfortune to all those who come in contact. The story was taken directly from the 5th subtitle of the 1950s Lion Books manga.
It does not look like it has touch of Osamu Tezuka as it's a rather tasteless short movie without  intrigue.  
Overall Rating: 4/10
52. Hi-Speed Jecy High Speed Jessie ハイスピード・ジェシー [1989-III] Pierrot (Dropped 3/12)
Tags: Action, Sci-Fi 
Jecy is a young man on a quest for revenge; he lost his parents to the hands of the organized crime syndicate called the Bismark House - a group on a hunt to acquire a product called ‘lyzorium' at any cost. With incredible abilities such as increased speed and agility, Jecy travels through space with a girl named Tiana; Fork Green, a priest of the Heartland religion who kills criminals slowly to send them to heaven; and a living ship called Paolon. However, Jecy's revenge won't come easily - a woman named Jera, her bloodthirsty little brother Cross and a number of other adversaries stand in their way!
Surprisingly bland action with nonsensical development.  
Overall Rating: 5/10
53. Yajikita Gakuen Douchuuki やじきた学園道中記 [1989-III] J.C.Staff (Finished 2/2)
Tags: Shoujo Martial Arts, School Adventure
Shinokita Reiko and Yajima Junko are second-year high school students who travel from school to school fighting bad guys, ninjas, yakuza and corruption. At this high school they encounter a secret ninja order and a corrupt administrator, as well as a tragic death in the distant past. With the help of Kotetsu, a skilled ninja, they set the school to rights, but not before leaving several broken hearts behind.
Undercover kunoichi defend school from real ninja. It does not get much more complex than that, so...  
Overall Rating: 5/10
54. Cinderella Express シンデレラ エクスプレス [1989-III] (Finished 1/1)
Tags: Seinen Comedy, Romance, Ecchi
Everyday salary man Shimano Yuji meets and beds a pretty young girl at his bachelor party. Meeting her again at his wedding, he realizes that he has just began an affair with his sister-in-law.
Not translated. Nothing really to remember, bland movie focusing on a loli.  
Overall Rating: 4/10
55. The Borgman: Last Battle Sonic Soldier Borgman: Last Battle THE·BORGMAN LAST BATTLE (ザ・ボーグマン ラストバトル) [1989-III] Production Reed (Finished 1/1)
Tags: Mythology Action, Sci-Fi
It has been three years since the end of the series. Ryo works for NASA as an engineer on a large rocket project. Anise, fellow Borgman and lover, has been reduced to flipping burgers in a restaurant. So naturally, when she gets a letter offering her a professional job in a big, Japanese, high-tech project, she jumps at the chance. Ryo, however, is as indecisive as ever and so she leaves for Japan without him.
Chuck Sweager, the third Borgman, is a police officer, as is his girlfriend Miki. When she witnesses a fight amongst several cyborgs she tells Chuck, who says flatly that it cannot be possible, since the only living cyborgs are Ryo, Anise, and himself. But she convinces him and they investigate. Anise arrives for her new job, and when they meet for dinner they explain the situation to her. Anise volunteers to sneak around the Heaven's Gate project, which they believe to be the source of these new cyborgs. Ryo, meanwhile, is en route to Japan to go after his girlfriend. Accompanying him is Hussan, one of the two surviving researchers on the Borgman Project, who has been asked to appear before the Tokyo Police to help investigate. Once the entire cast is in Japan, things begin to get complicated.
Much more serious than the series, so can give it a boost above which it can never elevate though.  
Overall Rating: 6/10
56. Shin Mashin Eiyuuden Wataru Majinzan  真魔神英雄伝ワタル 魔神山編 [1989-III] Sunrise (Finished 2/2)
Tags: Mecha Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Set a few months after the original series, Wataru is called into action once again!
Dragon Ball Z presents characters as juveniles rather than kids as earlier, so niche of similar anime with kids kinda gets free. And Wataru with SD characters and almost exact copy of Bruma is the most close imitator. But its target audience is children, so despite all the flashy action and gags I just can't find it interesting for me.  
Overall Rating: 5/10
57. Seishun Fuufu Monogatari: Koiko no Mainichi 青春夫婦物語 恋子の毎日  [1989-III] Nippon Animation (Finished 1/1)
Tags: Seinen Organized Crime Comedy, Drama, Romance, Ecchi
In a story that flits between serious drama and comedic farce, Shinjuku gangster Sabu and his young wife Koiko try to live a normal life, despite the interferences of gang politics and criminal deals. After she saves his life, Sabu's gang-boss, Tominaga, falls in love with Koiko, and sends Sabu into increasingly more dangerous situations, hoping to cause his arrest, and thus obligate himself to "take care" of Koiko while Sabu is in prison.
Not translated. Rather unpleasant OVAs to watch as protagonist yakuza Sabu constantly nitpicking about everything to his wife, wife being cheerful and dressing a bit bright and yakuza boss Tominaga speaking only about Sabu wife all the time. I doubt that anyone would watch this anime, so in the end boss learns to treat Koiko as a person and stops thinking about her as an object, Sabu checks out from  clinic because of wounding just in time to save Koiko from another gang. The only existing quality of video is very bad.  
Overall Rating: 4/10
58. Midoriyama Koukou Koushien-hen 緑山高校 甲子園編 [1989-III] Animaruya (Dropped 0/10)
Tags: School, Team Sports Comedy, Sports
The story of students of a baseball team from Midoriyama High School, who will participate in the 66th National Championship Tournament of Senior High School Baseball in Japan.
Not translated. And do not watch untranslated anime of genres I don't like.  
Overall Rating: 0/10
59. Moeru! Oniisan (OVA) 燃える!お兄さん (1989) [1989-III] Pierrot (Finished 2/2)
Tags: Comedy
Kenichi Kokuho continues his life in the big city.
Each OVA contains 2 stories, so there are 4 stories overall. I don't consider it fun when people get constantly hit or a mansion gets destroyed to the stones room by room.  
Overall Rating: 5/10
60. Mandalaya no Ryouta: Kukidani Onsen Enshou Soudou Tan まんだら屋の良太 丸鬼谷温泉艶笑騒動譚 [1989-III] Takahashi Studio (Finished 2/2)
Tags: Seinen Comedy, Ecchi
Ryouta is the son of the hot spring inn Mandaraya. He is in love with his female childhood friend and classmate Tsukiko who he likes to tease. But youth demands having an affair with some relaxed lady staying at hot springs inn here and now.
Basically, Ryouta with constant boner does all kinds of obscenities like flipping skirts, peeking in hot springs, flirting with clients, and eventually scores first unwillingly with some granny, then after witnessing a lot more kinky situations around has more luck. That's it...  
Overall Rating: 4/10
61. Meikyoku to Dai Sakkyokka Monogatari 名曲と大作曲家物語  [1989-III] Walkers Company (Dropped 0/8)
Tags: Historical, Music 
Brief lives of some composers, including Beethoven, Schubert, Mozart, Chopin, Vivaldi, Johann Strauss, and Tchaikovsky. Bizarrely, the obscure Stephen Foster, composer of "Beautiful Dreamer" and Jeanie with the Light-Brown Hair, gets a whole episode to himself, probably thanks to being top of the hit parade when Commodore Perry's gunboat diplomacy opened Japan in 1853, while Bach and Handel are forced to share.
Not found.  
Overall Rating: 0/10
62. Ishii Hisaichi no Nanda Kanda Gekijou いしいひさいちのナンダカンダ劇場 [1989-III] (Dropped 0/2)
Tags: Martial Arts, Space Comedy, Sci-Fi
The Underground People desire to leave their overcrowded cavern and seize control of the surface world, but they never quite succeed. A second episode, Christmas Aid, soon followed, in which the brainless Undergrounders' second futile escape attempt is set to music by the popular group Yukadan. The first volume also included two unrelated stories by Ishii: 101 Ninja and Ken-chan's Space Exploration Adventure.
Not found.  
Overall Rating: 0/10
63. Majo no Takkyuubin Kiki's Delivery Service 魔女の宅急便 [1989-III] Studio Ghibli (Finished 1/1)
Tags: Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy 
Kiki, a 13-year-old witch-in-training, must spend a year living on her own in a distant town in order to become a full-fledged witch. Leaving her family and friends, Kiki undertakes this tradition when she flies out into the open world atop her broomstick with her black cat Jiji.
As she settles down in the coastal town of Koriko, Kiki struggles to adapt and ends up wandering the streets with no place to stay—until she encounters Osono, who offers Kiki boarding in exchange for making deliveries for her small bakery. Before long, Kiki decides to open her own courier service by broomstick, beginning her journey to independence. In attempting to find her place among the townsfolk, Kiki brings with her exciting new experiences and comes to understand the true meaning of responsibility.
Watching it for the first time. As expected, only good for children and newbies in anime. Makes another borderline masterpiece.  
Overall Rating: 7/10
64. Dragon Ball Z Movie 01: Ora no Gohan wo Kaese!! Dragon Ball Z: Dead Zone ドラゴンボールZ オラの悟飯をかえせッ!! [1989-III] Toei Animation (Finished 1/1)
Tags: Shounen Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Piccolo is training at a barren cliff when a handful of mysterious enemies attacks and defeats him. These same enemies then go to Mount Paozu to steal Gohan Son's "Dragon Ball." Upon arrival, not only do they defeat Gokuu Son's spouse and father-in-law—Chi-Chi and Gyumao, respectively—but they also kidnap Gohan in the process.
Feeling something isn't right, Gokuu rushes home, only to find Chi-Chi lying on the ground as she explains the situation. He then goes to Kame House and borrows the Dragon Radar in order to locate the Dragon Balls and, with them, the enemies and Gohan.
First movie is surprisingly amusing and integral, but I heard that it's the best of the Dragon Ball Z movies.  
Overall Rating: 6/10
65. Kidou Keisatsu Patlabor the Movie Patlabor: The Movie 機動警察パトレイバー the Movie [1989-III] Studio Deen (Finished 1/1)
Tags: Detective, Mecha, Military Drama
The Babylon Project is a massive renovation of Tokyo's neighborhoods, including the creation of artificial islands in the Bay. Utilizing "Labors," or robots created for the express purpose of doing work, architects and construction crews are able to more efficiently progress development of the overhaul. When a key figure in the Project's conception is found dead after committing suicide under mysterious circumstances, Captain Kiichi Gotou's Patlabor police unit is tasked with getting to the bottom of the bizarre situation.
As several Labors begin to go haywire and a hacked AI program endangers the people of Tokyo, young pilot Noa Izumi and her Patlabor Alphonse work under Gotou's orders to save the city and the entire nation from a massive biblical conspiracy.
It's definitely better than spineless OVA series, but in the end it all comes to the feeling whether I could enjoy it or not. Or not.  
Overall Rating: 6/10
66. Little Nemo Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland リトル・ニモ [1989-III] Tokyo Movie Shinsha (Finished 1/1)
Tags: Adventure, Fantasy
Based on the classic Nemo comic strips by Winsor McCay. A pioneer of animation, McCay created the first Little Nemo animated movie in 1911.Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata were attached to this project at first, but left due to "creative differences." Ray Bradbury is also thought to have left the project in its earlier stages.Little Nemo - Adventures in Slumberland is the first Japanese anime to receive a national (wide) U.S. theatrical release.
The film opens with the young boy Nemo experiencing a nightmare in which he is pursued by a locomotive. Upon awakening the next day, he goes with his pet flying squirrel, Icarus to see a parade welcoming a traveling circus. However, Nemo is unable to see the circus since his parents are too busy to take him. Later that night, Nemo imitates sleepwalking in an attempt to sneak some pie away, which acts against a promise he had made earlier to his mother, who catches him in the act and makes him run back to his room empty-handed. Upon actually falling asleep later that night, Nemo is approached by figures from the circus parade. The circus organist introduces himself as Professor Genius and claims that they had been sent on a mission by King Morpheus, the king of a realm named Slumberland. The mission involves Nemo becoming the playmate of the princess, Camille. Although Nemo initially has reservations about interacting with a girl, he and Icarus decide to set off to fulfill his mission after being persuaded with a gift box of cookies from the princess.
Long things short - everyone left so studio just made an ordinary movie for kids and even showed it in USA, which for me equals a black stamp for being an absolutely toothless work. Reminded me the earliest Toei movies like Gulliver's Space Travels, and - believe me - it's not a praise.  
Overall Rating: 5/10
67. Kankara Sanshin かんからさんしん [1989-III] Tokyo Animation Film (Dropped 0/1)
Tags: Historical Drama
A film about the Battle of Okinawa during the last days of World War II.
During the World War II island hopping campaign there was a fierce battle on Okinawa that devastated the population and ravaged the land and left a mark on the populace of the Okinawan people forever. After the war Okinawa was under the control of the United Stated Military. Without any goods and extreme scarcity of Natural resources the Okinawans were in a desperate day to day survival for the basic needs of life. The Okinawans however, despite their dire situation used song and dance to lighten their spirit and make the best of the situation. But with the loss of almost everything of value on island due to constant shelling bombing and fighting between the Japanese and American all the regular sanshin (an Okinawan musical instrument and precursor of the Japanese shamisen) had become very scarce and hard to find. The American were supplying the Okinawans with powdered milk among other items to help keep starvation low. And from those cans of food they would find a way to bring music back to the people again.
Not found.  
Overall Rating: 0/10
68. Tezuka Osamu Monogatari: Boku wa Son Gokuu 手塚治虫物語 ぼくは孫悟空  [1989-III] Tezuka Productions (Finished 1/1)
Tags: Adventure 
A semi autobiography of Tezuka Osamu.
Son-Gokuu is a monkey who was born from a stone and is endowed with magical powers. He gets carried away and goes on a rampage until at last Buddha confines him within Mt. Gogyo. Saved by Sanzohoshi, Son-Gokuu accompanies him on a journey to India. But on their way, monsters lie in wait for them.
A touching autobiography tale with a new look on Son Gokuu and a new reference for phoenix. I don't see how people familiar with Tezuka Osamu work can stay indifferent.  
Overall Rating: 7/10
69. Kidou Keisatsu Patlabor: On Television Patlabor: The Mobile Police - The TV Series 機動警察パトレイバー ON TELEVISION [1989-IV] Sunrise (Dropped 3/47)
Tags: Detective, Mecha Comedy, Sci-Fi
In the future, advanced robotics has created heavy robots ("labors") for use in a variety of functions: construction, fire-fighting, military, and more. However, though the robots are only machines, their operators are also only human—and humans sometimes turn to crime. Since a heavy labor unit can be a dangerous weapon, the police of the future are set to fight fire with fire, using advanced patrol labor units, "patlabors." This is the story of the Second Special Vehicles Division, a motley crew of patlabor policemen and women doing their best to fight crime and live a normal life.
Series bring Patlabor back from Movie level to initial OVAs level as it benefits from longer serious stories much more than from comedy SOL with short stories.  
Overall Rating: 5/10
70. City Hunter 3 シティーハンター3 [1989-IV] Sunrise (Finished 13/13)
Tags: Shounen  Action, Comedy, Mystery
Ryo Saeba is a "sweeper" know as the City Hunter. He and his sidekick Kaori Makimura are hired to solve problems that the police can't (or won't) handle. When he's not keeping the streets of Tokyo clean, Ryo is chasing the ladies, and Kaori chases after him with a giant anti-ecchi hammer.
I liked that in this season traits are like in previous Movie, or exaggerated. Also it is probably one of the first anime that has 13 episodes in the season not out of necessity, but out of choice. This way it's much easier to have a central theme and not fall into episodic hell. Still show is episodic in nature and is on self-repeat, nowhere close to a mastepiece.  
Overall Rating: 6/10
71. Yawara!  [1989-IV] Madhouse (Dropped 3/124)
Tags: Combat Sports, Martial Arts Action, Comedy, Drama, Romance, Slice of Life, Sports
High school student Yawara Inokuma lives a completely happy and ordinary life. She aspires to an average lifestyle as a delicate young lady with a handsome boyfriend in the near future.
Unfortunately for Yawara, she has an undesirable prodigious talent in Judo, a modern martial art that is neither feminine nor fashionable. Moreover, Yawara is the only granddaughter of the seventh dan Judo master Jigorou Inokuma, who expects her to become a Japanese Judoka superstar of the '90s.
Yawara cautiously hides her strength from everyone to maintain a normal reputation but is often pushed to situations when she must exercise her Judo skills. Observing Yawara's immense potential from the shadows, Kousaku Matsuda, a sports reporter from a substandard paper, is willing to do everything he can to bring her into the limelight.
Always hated Yawara , both the game and the anime. Absolutely tasteless senseless shoujo SOL with antics instead of comedy.  
Overall Rating: 4/10
72. Jungle Book Shounen Mowgli The Jungle Book ジャングルブック・少年モーグリ [1989-IV] Nippon Animation (Dropped 3/53)
Tags: Adventure, Drama 
After his parents died, Mowgli is raised by the Wolf Pack of the Seeonee Forest led by Akela and other wild animals such as Bagheera and Baloo. The young boy goes through several heartwarming, bittersweet, and life-threatening adventures as he seeks after his true purpose in life. And one of many dangers he has to face is the man-eating tiger, Shere Khan...
Only has official dub which means it's a spineless toothless maximally boring show for kids. Can't recommend it for adults for sure.  
Overall Rating: 4/10
73. Jungle Taitei (1989) ジャングル大帝 [1989-IV] Tezuka Productions (Dropped 3/52)
Tags: Adventure, Drama
Leo (a.k.a. Kimba in the U.S.) is a young ambitious lion cub who takes his father's place as emperor of the jungle when is father is killed by poachers. Even though his father's fate was met by the hands of humans, Leo is one of the few animals in the Jungle that doesn't fear or feel hatred toward humans. He is not alone either, he is guided by friends of his father to help create the best animal kingdom there can be.
How come it's not marked as for kids, seriously? What on Earth can interest an adult here...  
Overall Rating: 4/10
74. Teki wa Kaizoku: Neko-tachi no Kyouen The Enemy's the Pirates!: The Cats' Banquet 敵は海賊 ~猫たちの饗宴~ [1989-IV] Production I.G, Madhouse (Finished 6/6)
Tags: Comedy, Sci-Fi 
Apulo (a cat-like space alien with the ability to lock a human's emotions) and Latell work for the Division of Space Piracy (or DSP for short). The two of them are extremely destructive in their solving of DSP cases. They are attempting to stop Youmei the space pirate from exploiting Computer Aided Thinking for his own nefarious plans.
Why is it so bad, seriously? Only absurd and no meaning till half 5th and final episode. Not recommended.  
Overall Rating: 4/10
75. Mahoutsukai Sally 2 魔法使いサリー2 [1989-IV] Toei Animation (Finished 3/88)
Tags: Shoujo Comedy
During Sally's coronation ceremony in the magic world, she hears her human friends back on Earth are in trouble. Despite the warnings from her parents, she escapes to Earth to help her friends. Because she was caught using magic in front of humans, she had to erase her friends' memories. Now Sally will remain on Earth so she can regain Sumire and Yoshiko's friendship while helping other humans in trouble.
Original was surprisingly interesting and memorable. This one is totally wrecked and made for kids only. A shame.  
Overall Rating: 4/10
76. Seton Doubutsuki Seton Animal Chronicles シートン動物記 [1989-IV] Eiken (Dropped 3/45)
Tags: Adventure, Fantasy
Documentary in which the achievement of Ernest "Black Wolf" Thompson is settled in different Episodes. Every single episode is a documentary in which one sort of Animal is described.
I remember reading Seton Thompson books as a kid - of course all of them were about animals. Actually, some of these 45 animal stories were already shown as movies in 60s-70s. I consider it to be show only for kids. It usually has some restrained animal undergoing hardships.  
Overall Rating: 4/10
77. Momotarou Densetsu 桃太郎伝説  [1989-IV] Knack Productions (Dropped1/51)
Tags: Adventure, Comedy 
Momotaro travels with companions Kaguya-hime and Kintaro and aims to defeat demon king.  
Just one episode is translated. It's a parody on pretty much everything folklore and what not. Humor is ok.  
Overall Rating: 5/10
78. Kariage-kun かりあげクン [1989-IV] Toei Animation (Dropped 3/59)
Tags: Seinen Comedy, Slice of Life
From putting his head of department to embarrasment by announcing to everyone that he has haemmorrhoids through the PA system in a public park to making a whole district dissapointed by putting a notice that there will be a fireworks display, and apparently the only "display" is him holding one small fireworks, Kariage-kun tells the amusing everyday life of, well, Kariage-kun.
His typical victim is his head of department, although anyone (or anything) can become a prey to his irony or sarcasm. The story began and ended with no special beginning or endings, but it is arranged chronologically (in the sense that it follows seasonal changes).
Not translated. Comedy SOL is one genre the Japanese excel at, and this is one of the most prominent examples, sadly, not translated.  
Overall Rating: 6/10
79. Ys Ys イース [1989-IV] Tokyo Kids (Finished 7/7)
Tags: Mythology Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy
Mythical beasts lay siege on the people of Esteria, who have raised an army to fight back. The beasts are relentless and seemingly have no end to their numbers, while the population of defenders dwindle in every skirmish. Even in the town of Minea, where the people are safely nestled behind castle walls, the constant attacks have left them hopeless. It is then that a prophecy is made, proclaiming the arrival of a brave young soul that could be the one who will bring their salvation.
Ys follows Adol Christin, an adventurer driven by wanderlust towards the island of Esteria, who washes up on shore after a shipwreck. Following the guidance of the fortuneteller Sarah Tovah, he and his allies will travel the island in search of the legendary tomes known as the Books of Ys. It will be a long and perilous journey, but if fate is truly at work then Adol will certainly be the hero who returns peace to Esteria.
I absolutely hate game series, because I always play at hardest available difficulty, and Ys at hardest becomes an unforgiving crazy piano with exact timings. Anime is not responsible for that, but it inherits some giant enemies (giant centipede in anime revoked a lot of horrible memories) and simple concept of chosen hero and the need to save princess by gathering 6 Ys books. Story and personalities are too simple to aim at high scores.  
Overall Rating: 5/10
80. Midnight Eye: Gokuu II Goku II: Midnight Eye MIDNIGHT EYE ゴクウII [1989-IV] Madhouse (Finished 1/1)
Tags: Seinen Super Power Action, Adventure, Mystery, Sci-Fi
Goku, the lone wolf private detective is back, contracted by Yoshiko, a mysterious, beautiful and very afraid woman, to find and save her brother, Ryu. Will Goku be able to protect Yoshiko from her step father's soldiers long enough to find her brother? Meanwhile Ryu, the unfortunate subject of a military experiment gone bad, leaves a trail of bodies behind him and has no intention of being found or saved by anyone. Will Goku have to kill the man he is supposed to save? Will even his omniscient cybernetic eye and sceptre be enough to help him defeat this indestructible killing machine?
Even better impression than first Gukuu, again above average, but still far from masterpiee material.  
Overall Rating: 6/10
81. Project A-Ko 4: Final Project A-ko: Love & Robots プロジェクトA子 -FINAL- [1989-IV] Studio Fantasia (Finished 1/1)
Tags: Mecha, Super Power Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi
In Iraq, a group of archaeologists discover ancient relics that prophecize the coming of a superior race and the end of all civilization. Meanwhile, back in Graviton City, as A-Ko and B-Ko's rivalry over Kei intensifies, Mr. Daitokuji sets up an arranged marriage between Miss Ayumi and Kei. Furious over the engagement, both A-Ko and B-Ko do whatever it takes to prevent the wedding from going through. Little do they know that another alien fleet is on its way towards Earth.
Only first original movie was memorable, and I consider Finale to be return to the roots - enough fanservice, humor, personal relations and especially global city destruction. It makes finale watchable, but not above average.  
Overall Rating: 5/10
82. Seijuuki Cyguard Cybernetics Guardian 聖獣機サイガード [1989-IV] AIC (Finished 1/1)
Tags: Mecha Sci-Fi, Supernatural
A freak accident unleashes a demonic spirit within researcher John Stalker - transforming him into Saldo, a mythical cyber-beast fueled by hate and evil.
A chaotic mix of mutants, mecha and gore. 40 minutes is not enough for anything but action here.  
Overall Rating: 5/10
83. Assemble Insert アッセンブル・インサート [1989-IV] Studio Core (Finished 2/2)
Tags: Detective Comedy, Sci-Fi
A criminal group known as Demon Seed terrorizes Tokyo with its vast armies of mecha. The local police is afraid to confront them, but one person stands in their way: Maron Namikaze, a 13-year-old idol singer with a catchy voice and unbelievable superhuman strength.
A hilarious parody on all the anime of 80s, a great decade finale. Enjoyment is what matters, and it delivers indeed.  
Overall Rating: 7/10
84. Aoki Honoo 青き炎 [1989-IV] Artland (Finished 1/1)
Tags: Seinen Drama, Romance 
Ryuuichi Kaizu, intelligent, ambitious, and dedicated, but at the same time cunning and immoral young student receives present from girl Emi Naito, who comes from wealthy family.
Realizing that being in relationship with her can help him reach his goals, he decides to make her his, without her even being aware she is just another woman he is using.
Story is simple to emphasize as much H as possible.  
Overall Rating: 4/10
85. Shuten Douji Shuten Doji - The Star Hand Kid 手天童子 [1989-IV] AIC (Finished 4/4)
Tags: Mecha, Military Action, Sci-Fi
As a baby Jiro was delivered to his foster parents by a massive oni, who said he would return for Jiro in 15 years. When the time comes Jiro must contend with enemy oni, dark cultists, and their minions while attempting to protect both his parents and girlfriend from their depredations. Ultimately he must embark on a journey through the past, future, and other dimensions to embrace his destiny as Shuten Doji reborn.
There is enough originality, but in the end just could not enjoy it with all the ecchi, oni and time shifts.  
Overall Rating: 6/10
86. Gall Force: Chikyuu Shou Gall Force: Earth Chapter ガルフォース地球章 [1989-IV] AIC (Finished 3/3)
Tags: Mecha, Military Action, Sci-Fi 
The year 2085 and the only winners of the last war were the machines. Years previously the human race discovered the ruins of an ancient ship beneath the moon's surface and used the knowledge gained to create weapons of war. Eventually these weapons turned against mankind, seeing them as a threat and deciding the only way to stop these war loving humans was to destroy them. Heavily influenced by the 1988 Terminator movie, this new series focuses upon Sandy Newman as she leads a band of warriors in an attempt to reclaim the earth from the machines. If they can reach a group of unlaunched nuclear missiles, they can take out the machine`s headquarters located in Australia.
Can be called the best part so far, but suffers from poor directorship and ends in an absolutely enragingly nonsensical way.  
Overall Rating: 6/10
87. Makaryuudo Demon Hunter 魔狩人  [1989-IV] Studio Fantasia (Finished 1/1)
Tags: Gore, Mythology Supernatural
Yama Rikudo is not your average teenage girl. With her trademark duo horn-like tufted hair, she’s really a kind of demon policewoman, charged with the duty of protecting Japan from demonic monsters that’ve gone AWOL. Even when her demon superiors try and pull her off the job, because demon-human relations are getting too hot for her to handle, she will stay and fight with her giant scythe, because, while disguised as a high school student, she has fallen for fellow student Sho Kurogane. Now she must save Sho, and his friends, from the evil plotting of the school’s eternal youth seeking, soul sucking, Headmistress.
Very chaotic and weak youkai OVA.  
Overall Rating: 4/10
88. Dog Soldier ドッグソルジャー [1989-IV] animate Film (Finished 1/1)
Tags: Seinen Military Action
When an American scientist carrying a cure for the AIDS virus is kidnapped by an arms merchant, John Kyosuke is forced back from retirement. He accepts the challenge to regain possession of the anti-serum. He finds out that some of the people he is after are closely related, which gives his conquest a whole new meaning.
Too short, hasty, unremarkable.  
Overall Rating: 4/10
89. Umi no Yami, Tsuki no Kage Darkness of the Sea, Shadow of the Moon 海の闇、月の影 [1989-IV] Visual 80 (Finished 3/3)
Tags: Shoujo Super Power Drama, Horror, Romance
Ruka and Rumi Kobayakawa are twin sisters in love with the same man, athletic upperclassman Katsuyuki Touma. Rumi seems supportive of Ruka's fledgling romance with Katsuyuki, until the twins are infected with a strange bacterium that transforms Rumi's personality and gifts the twins with terrifying psychic powers. Now Rumi will stop at nothing - or no one, that gets between her and Katsuyuki, including her own twin sister...
Combine  shoujo, esper powers, horror and poor execution, and you'll get the result score.  
Overall Rating: 4/10
90. Dokushin Apartment Dokudami-sou 独身アパートどくだみ荘 [1989-IV] Takahashi Studio (Finished 3/3)
Tags: Seinen Comedy, Slice of Life, Ecchi
Based on the manga by Takashi Fukutani.
It's five perverted, disgusting, ecchi heavy, but not ecchi focused stories. Since focus is on the story and stories are varied and unusual, there's not telling how each ends. In the end I kinda liked it, especially tanuki.  
Overall Rating: 6/10
91. Bouken Shite mo Ii Koro 冒険してもいい頃  [1989-IV] Knack Productions (Finished 3/3)
Tags: Seinen Comedy
Follow a cast that makes pornographic movies. The loves and loyalty it creates and the friction it causes.
The focus of the OVAs is H, and that makes it hentai by definition. Comedy is mostly antics. And since it's hentai, I'm not rating those.  
Overall Rating: 0/10
92. Choujin Locke: Lord Leon Locke the Superman: Lord Leon 超人ロック ロードレオン [1989-IV] Nippon Animation (Finished 3/3)
Tags: Super Power Action, Sci-Fi
It is the year 336 of the Space Century on the planet of Sieren, and in the state of Innex, Flora Rain-who is blind-is employed at an elementary school. Flora is adored by her students, the principal of the school, and all the town’s people, and enjoys a peaceful life in the town.
By chance, she meets a strange youth named Locke. Locke has numerous superpowers, although he is very discreet about them and gives the impression of being an ordinary youth.
One day, Locke is visited by a Military man, Major Caliann, who requests Locke’s assistance in their investigation of Lordleon.
Lordleon and his space pirates have attacked the enterprise Astoria Concern, but the chairman, Great Georg, didn’t report the incident to the Union. The Union (aware of the attacks) thought this was very strange, and decided to investigate Lordleon with Locke's help.
Locke the Superman was a horrible anime Movie about espers in 1984. This one is only slightly better, which does not make it break from the mediocrity either.   
Overall Rating: 5/10
93. Bucchigiri ぶっちぎり [1989-IV] Nippon Animation (Finished 4/4)
Tags: Delinquents, Team Sports
To all his schoolmates, Jin comes across as a hot-headed class clown from typically barging in late and sleeping the whole way through to always responding to any situation with reckless stupidity. The fact that he used to be the charismatic leader of a legendary biker gang has turned into an urban legend; however, after starting a rivalry with the captain of the school baseball team, he and two former members, become their star players. But it's not long before his past catches up to him...
Not translated. Some yakuza and romance, lots of delinquents and sports... nothing out of the ordinary, just winning some cups.  
Overall Rating: 4/10
94. Ogami Matsugorou おがみ松吾郎 [1989-I] Kodansha (Finished 1/1)
Tags: Shounen Martial Arts, School Action, Romance
Based on the same name manga by Itou Minoru, serialized in Kodansha's Weekly Shounen Magazine. Matsugorou Ogami is clumsy man who can only fight and express his kindness with force. But he falls in love with Koume who is a high school girl...
Not translated. Very bland. As expected, girl tries to civilize the hooligan, but in the end his strength is required to protect her.  
Overall Rating: 4/10
95. Kangetsu Ittou: Akuryou Kiri 寒月一凍 悪霊斬り [1989-IV] Magic Bus (Finished 2/2)
Tags: Martial Arts, Samurai Action
Popular Edo illustrator Ichiro Kanzuki rescues a woman who is being attacked by several ronin. The woman is the servant of the Satake clan who is given a mysterious tarot card having a link to the secret of the Satake clan. At the same time, in Edo, the daughters of merchants who are purveyors of the Satake clan are being spirited away one after another, and there is a murder of Jinnai Takeda, a senior vassal of the Satake clan. Kanzuki at the request of Jinnai's daughter Kaori decides to search for the killer and in the process gets involved into feud for the Satake clan leadership. 
Not translated. Actually, very similar to Shinshuu Sudama-hen - same yoshiwara, same killings - a mix of gore and nakedness. The main change from that is bigger tilt into comedy and better plot. Overall, just a gory historical detective action without anything outstanding to watch it for.  
Overall Rating: 4/10
96. Time-Patrol Bon: Fujiko F. Fujio Anime Special - SF Adventure 藤子·F·不二雄アニメスペシャル SFアドベンチャー T·P[タイムパトロール]ぼん [1989-IV] Gallop (Finished 1/1)
Tags: Action, Adventure 
A Japanese schoolboy, Heibon, is enlisted in the efforts of the time patrol to keep the past out of trouble.
It must be marked as anime for kids as protagonists and their acquaintances are kids, they easily fly through time breaking all possible physics laws and enemies are caricaturish and defeated in comedy manner.  
Overall Rating: 4/10
97. Isewan Taifuu Monogatari 伊勢湾台風物語 [1989-IV] Mushi Production (Dropped 0/1)
Tags: Historical Drama
On September 26, 1959, Super Typhoon #15 (also known as "T5915", "Vera", or "Isewan Typhoon"), struck the coast of Japan with the maximum wind speed of 305 km/h, causing over 5,000 dead or missing plus over 30,000 injured, the heaviest casualty caused by a single typhoon in Japan in 20th century. This animated movie was produced on the 30th anniversary of the tragedy in order to commemorate the dead and survivors.
Not found.  
Overall Rating: 0/10
98. Hyper-Psychic Geo Garaga Garaga ギャラガ HYPER-PSYCHIC-GEO GARAGA [1989-IV] Aubec (Finished 1/1)
Tags: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi 
The year is 2755. As a result of a system malfunction, the cargo ship XeBeC goes off-course in a warp gate and ends up within the orbit of the distant planet Garaga. After crashing on Garaga's surface, the crew must find ways to survive from hideous monsters, rabid ape soldiers, and a race of mysterious psychics.
A lot of unmemorable characters, total craziness with esper generals, rushed ending don't leave this anime a chance.  
Overall Rating: 4/10

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By the way it should be 'Anime' instead of 'VN'.

Anyway as for Chinpui it's quite ironic that Doreaemon like character here is the mouse and if you read Doraemon manga then you know that Doraemon has extreme phobia toward mice, and by the way I did remember the ending song of it seeing that turned out it's aired in Indonesia (I don't watch the series though). For Ranma 1/2, I only know the premise that the MC will turned into female if he splashed with hot water, it's bordering gag series, the main couple like to bicker a lot because of the author, it's also aired in Indonesia and in Animax (It didn't had Indonesian sub when it's aired in there though), and it has some pervert joke. Lastly for Dragon Ball Z, let's just say that Toei add Z in the title because Toriyama did write this very differently compared to his earlier Dragon Ball writing, and in here Toei will milk Dragon Ball for all of it's worth including lengthening some scenes in one episode in which such practice is still can be seen in One Piece.

That's all for what I can say in regard of 1989 anime.

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