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Wanting Cupid Review

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Visual Novel Translation Status (11/22/2020)

Because we have Sekai opened the Steam store for Bokukotsu FD along with announced the release month at December and that we have Kimihane GL VN released, I decided to parodied Kimihane English title (Wanting Wings) by just change 'Wings' into 'Cupid' so that we have 'Wanting Cupid' as this week VNTS Review title. For the info, in Bokukotsu one of the heroine is a fallen cupid who is quite a brocon, and coincidentally Kimihane also has a premise in regard of the angel (Note that cupid here is usually mean the love angel). As for this week, other than those two announcements (Kimihane release and Bokukotsu FD Steam store opened) we have some updates from Sekai and Mangagamer along with usual fan translation updates so overall I can only say that this week is slightly more active compared to the last week, and let's see what I can write for this week as well.

Fruitbat did release Jiangshi x Daoshi Episode 3 with the name of Lady Hexers, and apparently some of the graphic was altered thanks to Valve's request in that they'd ban the VN in the past (Probably because of some contents that was inappropriate in Steam based on their reasoning). I don't know though if it's the last part of Jiangshi x Daoshi or not, although from what I see looks like the developer will continue it. Get the VN if you want to see the continuation of Jiangshi x Daoshi, and have fun. As for Sekai updates, once again we have Steam store for Bokukotsu FD opened along with announced the release month at December later, Amairo Chocolate English version was in second round of QA, and the QA for Dragon Princess was already completed with the current progress for that was to compiling the reports to the developer (In this case Whirlpool). I can only say that I prefer to see the update in regard of Nine Episode 4, but if they need more time to work on that so much that they can't fulfill December release target, it can't be helped I guess. Lastly we also have Zombie VN Volume 0 will be released at December later, so I guess Sekai want to clear their backlog of Zombie VN at this year.

As for Kimihane, from what I can see apparently it's more or less an usual GL VN although apparently the writing is quite good. I don't know much other than the casts did see the angel at their childhood and that they suspect that one of the casts are the angel that they saw in their childhood, so go get the VN if you want to know more about the story and have fun. Since Mangagamer release mean that they'll announce another VN to be released at next month, it mean that they'll do it again and this time we'll going to have Sukehime released at December 17th later. For Mangagamer's updates, currently we have both of Musicus and Hentai Lifestyle are in testing (Which mean that there'll be no 2020 release for Musicus), Jeanne was in programming, and 6th secret project was at both 73% translated and edited. No much to say other than I'm waiting for them to reveal their remaining secret project and see if Mangagamer will release Rance Quest for January later or not, so that's all for Mangagamer's updates.

For usual updates of fan translation, currently we have Eustia was at 57.87% TLC-ed with Licia's Chapter was at 31.33% TLC-ed, Harugi was at 72% translated with Misaki's route was at 16% translated and Yuuna's route was at almost two third (66%) translated, and Loverable was at 92.42% edited. For more updates currently we have Watamasu finished the second pass for all of the translation, and we also have Daybreak Translation finished both of common and Reika's route at halfway translated with common route was translated slightly more than halfway. We also have Oreimo's translator tested the patch before releasing it, so perhaps the time for Oreimo VN to be released is near. We also have surprise update with Spice and Wolf DS VN was fully translated, and as for the VN itself you can play as the nameless MC who apparently was intended as Lawrence stand in and that you're supposed to accompany Holo the titular wolf to a journey for a year. Here's the project page if you interested, although I'm not quite interested though. Lastly we have Pure x Connect make a big update in that they finished translated Moemi's route, and for the progress currently they got 18,743 lines are already translated.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.

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