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Gochuumon wa Neko Desu ka? Review



Visual Novel Translation Status (11/29/2020)

I'm sure that you realized that I parodied Gochiusa franchise, only that I changed Usagi' into 'Neko' because we have Nekopara 4 released few days ago and obviously Nekopara 4 here wouldn't deal with rabbit (Translation Note: Usagi mean rabbit). Speaking of Gochiusa Sol Press did manage to license the manga version of it, although looking from their recent performance I understand if the people have doubt on Sol Press. Welcome to this week VNTS Review and as for this week I can say that it's still like last week with several updates from both of Sekai and Nekonyan along with Nekonpara 4 release. Other than that, of course we still have the updates from fan translation as usual even though it's not as much like back at last week. So overall I guess I can say that this week is quite average one to a degree, and let's see what I can write for this week as well.

While I did say that Sekai did have several updates, in practice it's just the announcements of the exact release date for their three short VNs. Those three VNs are Zombie VN Volume 3, Bokukotsu FD, and Zombie VN Volume 0. For the release date, it'll be at December 15th later which to say are coincide with several other releases at that week (ie Riddle Joker and Sukehime). While granted that the releases are not either Daybreak or Nine Episode 4, I guess it's good to see that Sekai finally cleared their backlog a bit. For Nekopara 4, it's more famous because of the art by Sayori that was apparently cited as good looking, and I can say it is considering back when I played Labyrinth of Touhou I use sprites mod with her arts on Touhou characters because I find the arts are good looking (I didn't know the arts in the sprite mod that I use are her works when I did play it). As for Nekopara 4 here, the premise is that our MC decided to go to France in order to get better in cake making because his father was disapprove the MC bakery. In any case, we should know that we play Nekopara here only for the catgirls and not for the story. Go get Nekopara 4 on Steam if you want to play more Nekopara, and have fun.

As for this week fan translation, currently we have Shin Koihime Musou was at 38% edited, Yuuna's route from Harugi was at 69% (Nice number) translated, and Eustia was at 58.03% TLC-ed with Licia's route was at 32.17% TLC-ed. No much to say, so that's all for this week fan translation updates.

For Nekonyan update, we have Kirikoi started the QA (At 1% right now), Clover Days was at 60% edited, their 1st secret project was at 65% translated, and their 2nd secret project was at 27% translated. They also has one more secret project with the current progress was fully translated and edited, and while I did suggest Harem Kingdom back at Nekonyan's Discord I guess the more reasonable guess would be either Tenshin Ranman or (Hopefully not) some VN that has available translation. In any case, Nekonyan said that they'll reveal the projects at either January or February, so let's see it later. Lastly currently they've been struck with payment processor problem at their own shop so that it can't be used, although since unlike Mangagamer at least it won't stop them to release Riddle Joker because Nekonyan still has several other shops.

That's all for this week and sorry for being late here. See you next week.

PS - I know that we have Ryuusei World Actor was released by (Unsurprisingly) ShiraVN at Johren (DMM owned store) today, although I decided to save that topic for my next VNTS Review. What I can say is that at least the character arts are looking good (Same artist as Koichoco), although obviously art here won't do much to save Kinugasa's inability to end his story properly.

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Thanks for the weekly blog review!
Only just realized we can comment in the blogs. Hehehe.
Good to see Sekai/Denpa's backlog starting to clear cause they have a LOOOOT and it's hard to tell when they'll be able to clear it out.
Sad at NekoNyan's payment processor. Hopefully things work out for them since more effort is needed to release now.
Highly anticipating Riddle Joker and Secret Project 3 (which I hope is Tenshin Ranman or a previously dropped TL that was picked up and translated).
I am also really sad at the comment of Kinugasa considering he's done amazing work on YouZitsu LN. I suppose there are some nuances specific to VNs that make it tough for him to write a scenario. Although I can't believe he's balancing YouZitsu while writing scenarios for VN.

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