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Executive Screaming Show Review



Visual Novel Translation Status (08/16/2020)

Foreword - Since we have VNTS at the main page, I'd add the link like usual above and therefore technically I made an early VNTS Review. As for Mimei, I would say that it really slipped past my radar so I'll try to talk about it at next VNTS Review, although I don't know much though other than it's written by True Remembrance author.

As for the title, well I just combined the role that the heroine have from the nukige that was released by Cherry Kiss back at 14th (Bitchy Boss Bimbofication, which to say quite an unique localized name) in that the heroine is being an executive in the company and that the MC didn't like the heroine along with Gore Screaming Show that suddenly show some progress, so we have 'Executive Screaming Show' as this week VNTS Review. As for this week, let me blunt in that this week is quite dry seeing that we only have some updates from fan translation along with two smaller release, and it's just too bad that there's no Otakon thanks to an obvious reason (Pandemic). While I did say that the releases is only small releases, I'm sure that some people like the releases so at least I can still say that some people may found this week update is interesting. With that done, let's see what I can write for this week as well.

For the aforementioned Cherry Kiss release, once again it's pretty obvious that the release is a nukige. As for the premise, we have our MC was being pressured by his female boss who work as an executive and quite unpleasant to the MC. Although of course being the nukige the MC have the way to reverse the situation, namely that he'll hypnotized his boss into a woman who like to have a lot of sex. So easy to say that there'll be a lot of the MC have sex with his female boss. Go get the VN from either Cherry Kiss or Steam, and have fun. We also have Collar x Malice Unlimited release was advanced from 21st to 13th, and obviously it's Collar x Malice fandisc. Not much to say because it's a fandisc of an otome VN that was only available at the console (And to this day there's still no PC version of Collar x Malice), but if you fans of Collar x Malice who own Nintendo Switch and want to see more of it then go get the VN and have fun. If anything else, at least I can say that Collar x Malice MC is quite good looking.

As for this week fan translation updates, let's see one by one. For Eustia, currently it's been at 94.43% translated with side routes was at 63.85% translated, and we also have some progress in the editing as well with the current progress was at 93.76% edited with side stories was past halfway (59.53%) edited. After a week break thanks to Trip being busy with the moving, we have Ginharu progress with Yuzuki's route was at 24.45% translated and for the overall it was at 66.3% translated. For Harugi, currently Branch route was at 65% translated. We also have Alka finishing the translation on Miki's route and currently they continuing work on Shiki's route, so currently Reflection Blue translation progress was past three quarter (75.4%) translated with Shiki's route was past halfway (58.8%) translated. For the rest of the updates, we have 15,982 lines from Pure x Connect were translated, Miotsukushi Ura was at 89% translated, and Gore Screaming Show was showing some sudden activities with current progress was at 15.59% translated.

That's all for this week VNTS Review and sorry if it's been too short here. See you next week.


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