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Kozue's Bizarre Adventure Review



Visual Novel Translation Status (08/09/2020)

Foreword - Looks like we finally have VNTS again even though the format is different, so I'll link it like back in the past. I hope that Zakamutt can keep it up.

Welcome to this week VNTS Review and since I recently see some Jojo meme (And check some of the anime along with the manga), I decided to parodied the franchise in question by changing 'Jojo' into 'Kozue'. For the info Kozue here is the MC of Kozue's Strange Journey that was released by Kagura Games, and for the reminder strange is the synonym of bizarre while journey is the synonym of adventure. As for this week, what I can say is that after some active weeks this time it's quite calm in that there's only several updates along with one release, so yeah it's more or less just average week here although at least we have IxShe Tell exact release date announcement. Let's see what I can write for this week as well.

As for Room No. 9 that Mangagamer just released, it's more or less a BL VN with the premise that Daichi was trapped in a hotel together with his male lover and in order to escape he must do several tasks that was assigned to him in that the choices are pretty much telling them to hurt each other. No much to say other than at least it should be good if we look that the writer is also wrote well-received BL VN No Thank You (I know that the name is a punny one), so get the VN if you interested and have fun. Of course with this Mangagamer announced their next release, and in this case it's WanNyan in that it's doggirl and catgirl nukige. Except that it turned out that the heroines are turned out to be just normal human who cosplayed to work at the cafe, and it's also the case back at Macchiato. As for the release date, it'll be at September 3rd later so feel free to note the date if you want to get it. I'll try WanNyan later, if only for the sexy alternative costumes that the heroines wear lol.

Sekai have some updates, in that they have Slobbish Princess was fully translated, Kimagure was at 65% translated, and currently Nine 3 was waiting for the build approval. No much to say other than I hope that it mean they already prepared the release build for Nine Episode 3, and that hopefully they'll be able to release it at this year if possible seeing that Valve can be quite random in their approval. Speaking of Valve, they allowed Bokuten to be sold on Steam again after Mangagamer did some modification to the game file by changing the hidden 18+ CGs into blank files, so perhaps the hidden 18+ CGs in the game file of Steam version is really the problem.

This week we have Trip being busy with his move, so unfortunately there's no Ginharu progress at this week. For other updates, we have Miotsukushi Ura was at 83% translated, Shin Koihime Musou was at 35% edited, Loverable was at 89.66% edited, Harugi was at 60% translated with Branch route was past halfway (64%) translated, Eustia was at 93.70% translated with side stories was at 59.10% translated, and Reflection Blue was at 60.6% translated with Miki's route was past three quarter (77.2%) translated along with Shiki's route (The longest new route of Summer Pocket for the info) was at almost a quarter (24.1%) translated. Forgot to inform that Alka decided to hold Kud Wafter translation in order to be focused on Reflection Blue, so we must wait if you looking forward to Kud Wafter.

Turned out that Nekonyan decided to have IxShe Tell as their next release instead of Hello Lady. While granted that I didn't have problem with the release, I did think that Hello Lady would be Nekonyan's next release seeing that it's almost close to the completion back then. Well perhaps we'll going to have Hello Lady as their next release after IxShe Tell, so let's wait and hope that we'll see it at this year. As for the release date of IxShe Tell, it'll be at 28th later so obviously note the date if you've been waiting for it. What I can say is that at least the art is quite good if anything else, and just expect this as pure moege. Almost forget to say that we have the Steam store for this as well, so you can get IxShe Tell from Steam in case you using Steam.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.


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