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Adabana: Big Mismatch in Japanese Folktales Review



Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and as for this week I think I can say that it's still an active one like last week with two (Short) VNs being released by Aniplex back at 19th. Other than Aniplex VNs, we also have some updates from both fan translation and Sekai along with two sudden VNs releases. Overall while I did say that this week is still an active one, it's slightly less compared to the last week. Anyway let's see what I can write for this week, and I'll explain the title at PS later.

Once again we have Irotoridori update from Sol Press, in that we have that was at almost finished with 98% translated along with 87% edited. We also have Sekai did announced their four new secret projects, although looking back when their secret project could be not available for English at first like Amairo Chocolata or might be one on non-VN I wouldn't trust the projects until they reveal it (For the record their third secret project was at 60% translated). For the remaining updates from Sekai, we have Nine Episode 3 was at 40% translated, Amairo Chocolata was fully edited, Kimagure was at 40% translated, and Island Diary was fully edited. I'll just hope that they'll reveal the secret projects at AX Lite latter (If they decided to attend it), and that's all for Sekai's update.

From fan translation we have Eustia was 90.31% translated with side stories was at 37.13% translated, new fragments from Matsuribayashi PS3 version was fully translated, 6,637 out of 43,896 lines from Pure x Connect was edited, Taimainin Yukikaze 2 was at 70% translated, and Kud Wafter all age was at 71.4% translated. We also have a sort of update from Tsurezure in that Irru did say that they still working on it, albeit not like before because each of the members did being busy. More importantly Irru did say that his goal is to release Momiji's patch by this month (June), so let's see if we'll be able to see it released or not at 30th later.

For the aforementioned sudden releases, we have both of Kirakira Star Idol Project Nagisa and Palais de Reine. I don't know much about Kirakira Star Idol Project Nagisa other than it's a VN with the setting of idol industry where the MC is the idol manager, although I know that Palais de Reine developer itself is KOGADO. As for Palais de Reine, while we have female MC we won't have another GL VN like Nurse Love duology or Yumeutsutsu, but instead we'll going to have the female MC having a romance with one of several male love interests (Apparently the number of love interests is seven). Yes Palais de Reine itself is an otome VN, and in this case we also have the goal to gain the trust from all of the people in her kingdom seeing that she's basically still not prepared to rule the kingdom and yet she must do it seeing that her older brother is missing and her father is already passed away. Not quite interesting to me as of now, but if you like otome VN with the focus of building the kingom then you can get it at Steam and have fun.

Like I say earlier, we have Aniplex decided to enter VN market and back at 19th they released both of their first two VNs. Seeing that Sony recently being infamous for the excessive censorship and that Aniplex is a part of Sony, we should know well that there's no way that those two VNs will contain sex scenes even in the original version, so you shouldn't worry about the censorship. I'll try to talk about Adabana first, in that it's the 6th Liar-soft VNs to be translated after Inganock, Sharnoth, Forest, Gahkthun, and Yurirei. For the premise, we have a pair of mysterious male warrior Kurofude and an amnesiac girl Shirohime who trapped in the realm called Adabana. Together they'll travelling through the Japanese folktales in that some of those did have distortion and their task is to fix the distortion, and from there hopefully they'll be able to solve the mysteries that surrounds them. If you interested with dabana thanks to Liar-soft usual art, you can get it from Steam and have fun (Although apparently Sony did block this on Europe for some reason).

About ATRI, I know that the writer is Kono Asta who did write two Pulltop's VNs that was released for overseas censored (Konosora and Miagete), SCA-DI also work at this, and that the developer of this VN is Frontwing. While I admitted that I'm interested with whether Frontwing will work together with SCA-DI (And Makura) again to localize Sakura no Uta or not, actually ATRI itself did have some interesting concept in that the setting is basically a drowned Earth with only a small part of land was habitable. Although our focus obviously wouldn't talk about the drowned Earth much though, but rather we'll going to have our MC Natsuki who somehow find a robot girl in underwater laboratory who was apparently a relic from the past. The robot girl itself has a name, and the name is Atri. From there Atri decided to serve Natsuki as a way of returning the favor for salvaged her from underwater. In any case, you can get ATRI from Seam if you interested with it and have fun, and at least Aniplex here didn't block ATRI for Europe unlike Adabana.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.

PS - For this week title, I parodied SmPC movie and that I changed 'SmPC' with 'Adabana' and 'picture book' with 'Japanese folktales', because both works are basically have the characters getting lost in the chaotic story and it's up to the characters to fix the problem.


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