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Alice and Arisu Review



What I can say for this week? Well if I may be very blunt it's very dry here seeing that we only have few updates from fan translation along with a re-release (Otome VN Taisho Alice, which admittedly very important one seeing that it have controversial first release), so I think there'll be no much to talk at this week and thus my VNTS Review here will be short. Anyway welcome to this week VNTS Review and let's see what I can write for this week, and for the title I'll explain it in more detail at PS later (It's very obvious that the title here is from Taisho Alice VN).

As for Taisho Alice, well I did know that it have a lot of messy translation with the infamous one is 'Hiragana and katakana Alice' (To be fair, it's spoken like that in the VN itself, although it's obviously very awkward for non-Japanese though). We also have one VA dubbed the whole VN (Or so that's what I hear), so at least you can relive the nostalgia if you watch the dubbed anime in your childhood (The dub is nice or not is another matter though). In the end, we finally can have a proper translation of Taisho Alice thanks to Verdilish for the translation and JAST for helping with the release procedure, so if you want to play Taisho Alice with good translation then pick the newer version and have fun with it. It's too bad though that it still the first part, but apparently we can finished two route (Red Riding Hood and Cinderella) so perhaps you can play it if you only interested with those two routes.

From fan translation, we finally have Shin Koihime Musou was at 32% edited which is quite a big achievements than it sounds seeing that basically they edited few hundred lines periodically in a week, and for the line count currently it's at 34,595 out of 108,888 lines edited. Other than that, we also have Loverable was at 73.58% edited. Last but definitely not the least, we finally have Eustia was at 85.24% translated with Eustia's chapter was fully translated and currently they working on the side stories with the current progress was at 4.233% translated.

For the last news we have Nekonyan did release patch 1.1 for Aokana in which it's add the additional feature, namely voice bookmark. While this feature is more or less just interesting but not necessary add on to me, it's still nice that Nekonyan add it to Aokana here so at east Aokana player can save some of their favorite voices if they want to. More importantly, this also shown that Nekonyan here manage to deliver their promise from this Kickstarter update, which is very good. Speaking about Aokana, recently we hear that sprite just sort of revive and currently gathering their employee in order to apparently continuing their stalled EXTRA 2. I don't know if Aokana overseas sales help a lot in regard of their revival or not, but nonetheless congratulation to them for their revival.

That's all for this week and sorry if it's quite short at this week. See you next week.

PS - For the title, it's simply based on two Alices in Taisho Alice and what they called in the new translation (Alice (The main hero) and Arisu (The female MC)). Or if you want a comparison, basically it's like Mr. and Mrs. Smith movie except with less assassinate each other.


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