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Bobby Quest 2 Review



Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and for this week title I parodied Dragon Quest by changing 'Dragon' to 'Booby' because we have Funbag Fantasy 2 release so we have 'Booby Quest 2'. For more elaboration Funbag is a big breast nukige and as we know it parodied Final Fantasy, so I decided to parodied Dragon Quest in which it's the biggest RPG franchise after Final Fantasy. By the way it's the second time I parodied both of Dragon Quest and Funbag Fantasy here, and the first time was back at 2016 when the first Funbag Fantasy was released. Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and as for this week while it's more lively because we have three releases, my interest is more leaned toward the updates though (Especially Eustia) because two of the three releases are nukige which to say not my interest here. Let's see what I can write for this week here.

From Cherry Kiss we have nukige Nympho Monster Domination in which it'll tell us that the setting is in the another world, so at least we have another isekai nukige translated here. Go get the VN if you interested and have fun. We also learnt that in Sol Press language Nukitashi meant Busy Wizard LN, or in other word they're not surprisingly delayed Nukitashi until further notice. Well it's not surprising to me was because they still at 8% translated when they announced the release date back at AX, and so far the progress was not like they're ready to fulfill the deadline that they set back at 22nd. It's also a shame that Sol Press apparently more focused on LN and forget to announce the delay on Nukitashi here (Unlike Nekonyan in which at least they announced Senren Banka delay), which is too bad here. For now I just hope that Sol Press will improved themselves in regard of marketing, in which apparently it started to get worrying because they make several mistakes.

As for Funbag Fantasy 2, for the reminder it's Arunaru who localize the title. Since this is also nukige, i would say that I'm not quite interested with it even with apparently it have some interesting story. You may get that though if you like heroines with very big breast, and have fun if you play it. For other updates, we have Uchikano was fully edited, Sona-Nyl was halfway edited, Mugen Renkan image editing was in progress, the testing for Magic and Slash was finished and currently the release build for that was in finalizing process, Sideboob 2 release build was currently in finalizing process as well, and Sukehime was at 81% edited. For the last progress here we have Mangagamer finished the image editing for Matsuribayashi and currently they do some programming work on that, which mean hopefully they'll be able to release it in near future and finally we can Matsuribayashi being voiced and have PS3 graphic (For the info Matsuribayashi was not available for PS2 version because Alchemist decided to make their unique finale for that version). That's all for Mangagamer's updates here.

Other than two nukige that I mentioned earlier, we have Lamunation release in which it's easy to say was the most interesting release to me here. As for the premise, we have Luna who always have fun in a modern looking city along with his twin sister, his childhood friend, and his best friend who is a twin (All characters besides Luna are female for the info). While the writer of Lamunation here (Kepposhi) did have some controversy and that it affected Erogamescape scoring a lot, actually this VN is might be nice if you're in a mood to enjoy some simple VN that have a lot of comedy here. So the best advice that I can say is that would be just enjoy what we have in Lamunation here, and have fun with it because I can see that the writer have a lot of fun to insert many joke and parody (And a lot of meme) there. For additional note here, the price is quite cheap for a medium length VN (At US$ 13 if I remember) so at least you can legally purchase it if you have some money to spare, and not to mention you can have the sex scenes which is always a bonus if we compared it to Noraneko duology. Granted that some featured was cut out because of the price, but at least it's more in regard of technical matter which is fair enough to me here.

Almost forget that we also have some updates from Sekai, in which currently they already have Winter Polaris entering QA and set the release month to December (Good luck for that I guess). Other than Winter Polaris we have Sekai waiting Bokukotsu FD build from the developer, and more importantly they already finished the QA for Tokeijikake 2 and currently they fixing the bug that might be left in the engine. In any case, I hope that Sekai's plan to release Tokeijikake 2 in December will be going well.

From fan translation, we have Mitosukushi Omote was at 59% translated, Loverable was at 73.13% edited, and Eustia show some nice progress. For more elaboration here currently we have Eustia was at 84.56% translated with Eustia's chapter was almost finished the translation progress (At 99.78% translated), and also it was at 69.76% edited with Licia's chapter was already past 90% mark (94.54%) edited. What I can say is that good job to Eustia's translation team, and hopefully we'll be able to have it released at 2020 later.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.


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